Conforama Catalog 2017: Offers October

Conforama 2017 catalog, where you can see online all offers and designs for you to see what is the best style for your home.

Conforama It is a large area with very competitive deals on furniture, decor and appliances. The main feature of Conforama is that they have modern furniture and design with some of the lowest prices. Some of the products offered require assembly, but you always provide the transportation and assembly at home.

Conforama Catalog 2017: Offers October

A few days ago we told you about that you podíais find sofas Conforama with 50% discount, as well, are in the final stretch of this offer and remind us with a new brochure so you can see what sofas and armchairs can be the piece perfect for your stay.

What kind of sofa or chair you dream about? Conforama launches a catalog with armchairs and sofas in different colors, fabrics and sizes to reaffirm their statement that the sofa you dream is there.

Also, you can find sofas and armchairs with up to 50% off the price. You can see them all here:

Conforama Catalog 2017: Offers September

In the catalog that we present below you can find discounts on different items that you can come sensational to organize your home for the new year: sofas, beds, desks, chairs&# 8230;

You will see a lot of colors and designs that are going to have at your disposal.

2017 Conforama Catalog: August Offers

Summer Sale

Conforama catalog that we present below will be available until August 24th. In it, you can find great summer discounts, so you can put your house ready for the next course.

You have camitis?

From July 20 you can find these discounts on mattresses and are valid until next August 24, so the summer becomes a great choice to make changes at home and enjoy a perfect mattress for your back.

Below you can see all the offers and prices depending on each brand:

Conforama Catalog 2017: July Offers

Attempt end rebates

Conforama announces the final shot of its sales with discounts reaching up to 70%. In this catalog you are going to have available 8 sheets of discounts for different areas of the home, with a large variety of products and the ability to find what you need with a great price.


June 29 to July 20, 2017 you'll enjoy this catalog offers where you can find the best prices of the year with a 70% off in various articles and sections of the home.

One of the great classics Conforama, sofas, will also be with good discounts. Throw in items like mattresses, bedroom furniture, appliances, etc. Here you can see all the details of it:

Rebates are ahead

Conforama has launched a new brochure for this month in announcing that were ahead of rebates to prepare some advanced offerings. In the brochure you will see a wide selection of products for different areas of the home: kitchen, bedroom, living room, etc.

Conforama until June 29

In the new catalog of Conforama you'll continue to find interesting offers for reoganizar your living room sofa or change to have a new dining room.

In turn, an important section will be the section of the garden, where you can find all kinds of related sofas for outdoor items:

Conforama Until June 15

The new catalog will be valid Conforama from May 18 to June 15, You can find the best deals to buy or renew your couch.

In this brochure you will see different types depending on size sofa, fabric or material, color, functionality, prices&# 8230; A wide range of possibilities at your disposal. You can see it by clicking here:

Conforama Catalog 2017: May Offers

This new catalog of Conforama will run until May 25 and in it are going to be able to find some very interesting offers, such as a discount up to 50% of a selection of mattresses known brands such as Pikolin, Flex, Bultex, among others.

In turn, as always, you will also find deals on items as associated with this store such as sofas or furniture for different areas of the home.

You can see everything in more detail below:

Conforama Catalog 2017: April Offers

What do you ask for spring? The new Conforama catalog offers for April Item comes loaded with interesting prices: bedrooms, mattresses, cupboards, sofas, garden furniture, lighting, household items, kitchen&# 8230;

The variety of products will be very wide during the month of April and is so great as another moment to catch up with household items. In addition, one of the pages are going to be able to see how offer 5% discount for the next purchase if you sign up for the newsletter.

Then you go to to see the catalog April offers full:

Conforama Catalog 2017: March Offers

As a temporary offer and completely irresistible only 17 to 19 March are going to have the possibility of getting 10% Off to buy your sofa. A Happy Father's Day in style.

Conforama's new brochure is now available and are going to find it as interesting as sofas offers up to 50% off, plus chairs and chaise longue that you may be the most interesting.

In turn, you are going to also be able to find all kinds of decoration for the living room, with tables of different materials such as wood and dimensionFits or aluminum, etc.

Also vias can find furniture for living rooms, the kitchen, the bedroom and even appliances.

Here you can see all the other items on offer in the full prospectus:

Conforama Catalog 2017: February Offers

This February Conforama has launched two leaflets with offers and, in both cases will be valid until 23 February.

Brand new offers we are going to find in this booklet is that besides offers mattress that you will see in the following catalog of this month (it is a little further down in the article), are going to also find everything you need to rearrange and redecorate your bedroom.

Then you go to to see what these new offerings:

He second catalog this month I announced that I have below:

Conforama catalog-February-2017

The new catalog will run Conforama 2017 until February 23 and his proposal is making us feel so comfortable at home to give us a maximum lazy to go outside.

The big bet of this month will be the mattresses, with all kinds of materials and hardness levels so you can find the mattress that fits your needs, so you can have that bed you've always wanted and enjoy it.

Conforama catalog-February-2017-3

Along with mattresses we find somiers and canapes, so you can keep everything and, of course, talking about comfort could not miss offers sofas and armchairs.

Here you can see everything in detail:

Conforama Catalog 2017: January Offers

conforama-2017 sales-

In January we find rebates, that sweet moment where we can find all kinds of items at Bargain Prices cheaper than ever.

How could it be otherwise, Conforama has also joined the rebates and, in this article, can find all offers for this month:

Conforama Sale 2017

Conforama Catalog 2016: December Offers


Offers that we present in this article also correspond to December but only on dates 15 December 31, why we had two different catalogs during this month to enjoy at home offers.

This catalog brings all kinds of offers at Conforama, from TVs to coffee machines, stereos, irons, vacuum cleaners, refrigerators, microwaves, dryers, washing machines, cookers, and so on.

Then you can access the catalog to see what offers are all this month, just click on the first image to scroll through page by page:

Conforama: Offers December 2016


In December Conforama also preparing for Christmas and, this time, launch promotions holiday home to enjoy family.

In the brochure we present below going to be able to find information about various places sofas, matching arm chairs, tables and desks, bedroom, bedding, and so on.

If you want to know more about these offers, just click on the image to see the complete catalog:

 Conforama: Offers October 2016


Looking for a new couch for the next movie moments and relax at home? During this October you will have the opportunity to access offers all kinds of sofas in the Conforama store.

Different sizes, features and materials from which you can choose to give your perfect sofa.

You can see all offers by clicking here:

Here you can see other catalogs that will run Conforama until 27 October:

Conforama: Offers August 2016

The latest deals August are already here 14 days in which Conforama has crazy prices in its stores for very specific items.

Now you can take a look at the catalog by clicking here (valid until August 25, 2016)

Conforama: Offers June 2016

The catalog offers we will show below is in effect from 2 June to 16 of the same month.

Conforama: May Monthly Specials Salon

The new brochure Conforama enters into force May 19 to June 2, where you can find offers up to 50% on everything you need for living.

The best April in Conforama focus on kitchens and much more

Conforama Catalog 2016: March Offers

This month's offer can find in Conforama are for the most important rooms of our home: bedroom, living room and kitchen. Salon, of course, highlights the wide range of sofas and tables that can be the perfect complement to enjoy relaxing moments.

In addition, this time, makes it a very interesting nod to the decorating the different rooms putting in cabinets offer room tables, charts and even busts for the bedroom.

If we go more offers there for the bedroom, as you see above beds there you can attract attention but also offers mattresses. And finally, offers and household appliances this month.

We propose as a gallery visit:

Conforama Catalog 2016: Special Kitchen


Conforama has prepared a special catalog of kitchens for the year 2016, where we see a range of items and sensational furnishings for all types of cuisines.


Colors, shapes, designs, space, comfort&# 8230; it is always necessary to bear in mind the actual space available to organize and furnish our kitchen.


With that in mind, we bring you the This catalog Special Cookers 2016 so you can quietly watch designs that are trend this season.

Just click on the image will display that you can see it as a magazine:

Conforama Catalog 2016: February Offers

In February we offer we can find a special on deals on mattresses, structures and bedding with everything you need for your bedroom. That would be nice echarais an eye on the deals that are in wardrove If you are thinking of changing the style of the bedroom, or sofas For the salon.

As above, so you can see all the offers and models this month, we leave the complete catalog to which you can access by clicking on the image:

Conforama sales in January 2016

How time flies! We are now in 2016 and come the January sales. Christmas has been a familiar and very intense moment, and I want to get back into the routine, regain fitness and put our house up with offers of discounts.

Conforama deals 2015

Christmas offers 2015 Conforama

Many offers in this catalog of 32 pages dedicated to Christmas promotions, you can see them by clicking here:

Offers for November 2015 Conforama

In these weeks of autumn, Conforama is celebrating its anniversary and encourages us to buy and equip the house for cold and comfort.

October 2015 Conforama Catalog

By October we combine a brochure dedicated to sofas offers, but with other options to complete the whole house.

The Back to School of Conforama It is marked by the opening of new stores with special promotions associated with these new centers.

Conforama catalog September 2015

Conforama catalog review the opening of the new shop in Rivas, Madrid.

In addition to a promotion voucher € 500 every hour with the opening of the new store, the weekend from 18 to 20 September, will be the weekend without VAT Conforama.

Sofas and sollones in the first double-page catalog with discounts up to 50%.
In August 2015, the catalog offering us Conforama is dedicated to rest, but not only that, we also have offers kitchens, appliances and televisions. For every taste.

Conforama Catalog August 2015

In July 2015 Conforama catalog of 12 pages you will find deals and discount product ranges all products: sofas, appliances,&# 8230;

Summer sales | Conforama catalog in July 2015
Catalog offers June 2015 Conforama
May 2015 Conforama Catalog &# 8211; best deals
Conforama Catalog April 2015

On the cover of this catalog dedicated to the colors of spring we can find very interensantes offers. A front room at 50% discount, TV 48&8221; Samsung with 100Hz refresh (the basics are 50Hz) € 449, medium sofa with chaise lounge for less than 400 €, a mattress Flex for less than 200 € and above all, we announce a WEEKEND WITHOUT VAT.

conforama cover-catalog-April-2015

In the following pages we hit a good binge sofas all shapes and colors. From the very succored sofa beds for a small guest room for up to 129 € sofas cornerbacks lucky can only afford a lounge the size of my entire house. Best of sofas Conforama is they have a great price. The I bought my house in Conforama, a model similar to that of 599 € you can see below is a great pleasure to rest and to stretch your legs.

conforama sofas-catalog-April-2015

We continue browsing the catalog and we found a couple of pages with multiple items. chairs office at a price that you only find in IKEA but something cuter, watches to decorate (a good watch can give life to the wall of your kitchen or your living room, I would never in a bedroom that always sound something). Floor lamps, one of which, the € 49.99 is cute, and other typical office items such as shelves. Remember that you can click on the picture to enlarge. On the second page, we find sets for living room. Prices are overwhelming. There is also a pair of mirrors for € 100. It always amazes me caretes are mirrors, it is something that must be assumed. It also happens with chairs, something mildly monkey, are almost 200 € the chair.

Now we turn to the rest area. Conforama has options for dfull ormitorio and canapes and mattresses.

conforama bedrooms-catalog-April-2015

The wardrove Conforama are beautiful and are similar to those of IKEA prices. When you've tried it, liked it better mounting system IKEA and robustness, but Conforama itself will fashion and IKEA goes to his ball, so it is always a good choice. In do you cook and kitchen tables also have variety at very small prices.

conforama cabinets-catalog-April-2015

I have not bought yet home appliances Conforama, but if you catch a good range of well-known brands, is as good an option as MediaMarkt or any other. A couple of tips: do not be too stingy with appliances easily because you are ten years ahead of put up with them. If you look at a washing machine, check if you can program runs an hour, or at least the role of lifelong &8216; Float&8217; leaving the clothes soak before the last rinse and spin, so you will not get home to remove the washer He will smell the clothes &8216; cathedral&8217;. With the refrigerators for me it is essential to check the ability of freezer. If you live modern life and do not have time to cook, the freezer is your only ally that is great. Over the ovens and pyrolysis have mixed feelings. I felt little when I needed until the latter furnace oil smeared me almost the entire surface and have not yet managed to remove it entirely. Os for kitchens I recommend gas induction or not &8216; vitroceramic&8217;. The glass ceramic with red lights seems very heavy cooking. It has heating and cooling times to be reckoned with.


Ay, who had a garden at home. I do not complain that you can have a terrace or balcony. Wooden furniture rattan or close this well llenito catalog of options, accompanied by the best appliances that only last one day.

conforama garden-catalog-April-2015

Conforama Catalog March 2015

Conforama is one of the most interesting places to buy furniture and decoration stores good price. A few years ago it came to complement IKEA providing other most common but also very competitive prices styles. They are especially interesting to us their collections of sofas and bedroom furniture, which have incredibly competitive prices.

Conforama furniture sometimes are mounted and sometimes come with instructions for assembly. You can order transfer and assembly rate varies according to the distance and asked prices.

Conforama Catalog February 2015
Conforama Catalog January 2015
  • On the cover we have discounts up to 70% on a modular lounge furniture.
  • Sofas discounted up to 50% in the catalog Conforama in January 2015
  • Sets for living room furniture and dining tables with chairs with discounts up to 65%. Only until January 21, 2015 in the January sales Conforama 2015.
  • Lighting and bedding with discounts up to 50% in the catalog Conforama January 2015.
  • Everything you need for bedroom furniture and swivel chairs. Discounts up to 50%.
  • Beds, couches and mattresses on sale of Conforama 2015.
  • Kitchens offer in January 2015 in the catalog Conforama cuts.
  • Large appliances, refrigerators and washing machines with up to 30% off. Conforama catalog in January 2015.
  • On the back cover of the catalog Conforama televidores Find yourselves very interesting descuentes, as a television 40&# 8243; 249 €.