The catalog of kitchens Xey 2017

Catalog Xey kitchens can be completely inspiring you to find the kitchen design that is perfect for your home. You're going to see different colors kitchens, doors with different handles to choose but always the same style, straight lines and elegant for a modern kitchen.


Y is a firm that has all kinds of furniture and decorative elements, for any corner of the house, although specialists in kitchens, which is the issue that brings us here today. The various designs that have the general collection and finding can follow this 2017.

He Catalog Xey It is distinguished by sleek models without geometric designs on their doors or unnecessary reliefs, their designs are based on the functional and therein lies its beauty.

In turn, this collection we see the current trends represented in their kitchen designs from the use of neutral colors more vivid colors, the inclusion of wood elements to make these spaces it look more natural.

2017 catalog Xey kitchens: Knobs

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In addition to its modern kitchen designs, we also find interesting details such as door handles.

You can choose the type opening the doors of the kitchen but what makes the difference Xey are kitchens that have no handles and one-touch automatically opens the drawer and one just has to stop pushing him slightly.

2017 catalog Xey kitchens: Materials

Another aspect that attracts the attention of the Xey kitchens is the variety of materials that you can opt for when choosing the design of the kitchen, allowing the kitchen feel more personalized and own.

Possible options are laminate, but also laminates (a material that is becoming increasingly popular) as well as polylaminates, which have many models in dull tones or as lacquer wood wood- -Sheet of returning to be a tendency for all types of cuisines.

2017 catalog Xey kitchens | modern designs


The first thing we found to consult the catalog of kitchens Xey is that the firm has large models, almost all framed in the current trend of kitchens with modern design, but also to have a marked minimalist style. 

In kitchens Xey also highlight models They are simple and very functional in its design. Thus we find furniture that have a hangnail frontal machining on the upper edge of the door, so that a slight tug can open and close our kitchen furniture without wasting time.


Later we are going to talk about colors but you see as many of the models from their designs, as essential feature colors such as white. In addition, kitchens Xey They are arranged so that we can get integrate in all areas of the house, as we can see in this image.


The truth is that even though the minimalist style is imposed in this catalog of kitchens but apart from that, we can see how the company actually does is to opt for kitchens to make our life easier, and thus we can emphasize that none of his designs is charged, it is more even have the minimum of elements and furniture, but always betting on all those who are essential in any kitchen.


As you can see in addition to the minimalist designs they are also inpiran to be modern versions of other styles such as rustic, or those more traditional kitchens where wood is ever present.

2017 catalog Xey kitchens | Colors

Then we are going to show kitchens Xey Catalog you can find in different colors. It is important to note colors depending on the space available and size of the room, as already we discussed in other articles.



One of the first colors you want to show on kitchens Xey to its catalog, is gray color, a tone that seems to prevail this year for the whole house and you see how good it is in a space like the kitchen, both furniture and their appliances.

you have this interesting proposal also stands out for having in Xey with twinkle in lacquering, but you can also buy the same color and other materials that will make it slightly off.



The beige tones is another trend in interior decoration, so you can not miss among the proposed color for catalog Xey kitchens.

You see that the firm chooses beige is very soft, for furniture and It combined with a tone somewhat off the walls. This same model kitchen with a slightly more rustic, you can also find in other colors, so if you think that is too soft can choose to buy in gray, brown and even red.

White color


White is as an essential color for a kitchen space, so you could not miss a catalog of Xey in also highlights that have decided to present models of kitchens that are of a pristine white combined with the softness of other shades, either beige or softer wood.

Also thanks to this color, kitchen models like that you have above, are better integrated into spaces like the dining room. Notice that the original fact of having cabinets and oven cooking as if stuck in the library.

Color white and red


And for those looking tone that is more striking, we can find combinations of kitchen models that combine seamlessly red next to black or white that make the space look much more modern.

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