Outdoor flooring without works

The warm weather arrives and with it the desire to hang out enjoying the sun, nature and good company away from home, so today we speak of outdoor flooring that we install in our homes without any work. Ideals, do not you think? Let's give you options that are also very modern, easy to install and above all are soils that are currently decorating trends between 2015 Let's it !.

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They are vinyl floors as though these for interiors which will also explain how they are placed in this post:

Vinyl flooring


Outdoor flooring not ideal for gardens or terraces that are installed in kit form works. Wooden tiles, composite, or Jatoba Ipe, are ideal for change the look of your terrace or garden. Espaciohogar, today we talk about outdoor flooring tile that we can install without work and without being any handyman.

Outdoor flooring without works

Creating spaces with outdoor flooring


If you have a space outside as a garden, terrace or patio can now achieve narrow spaces easily thanks to the tiles outside. With these delimitas spacing according to your needs and the best tiles is very well preserved.

They are fashionable and are trend because we can not just install them ourselves, but that imitating wood design makes them very attractive to the outside. These soils are usually treated,  so that They can go without problems which for example mojemos if we are in the pool, or the sun impinges on them. If made of natural wood, they would rather mangled so committed to them without hesitation.

Outdoor flooring without works

Ideas that arise after placing these soils:


Once we begin to put these soils, pavers, and see what the end result outside our terrace or garden, we start thinking about ideas that will fit the type of soil you have from now. Ideas how are you.

  • A place where tiles put a pergola, an arbor or barbecue.
  • A space with tiles where you have an inflatable pool, or sunbathing area
  • An enclosed space with tiles where children play
  • Habilitas a place to practice yoga or pilates in the garden.

How to choose a type outdoor floor tile?

as-choose-one-floor-type outer-tile-

There is easy several factors to consider to hit your floor outside. Think about all that once put this type of soil, the entire space will be completely renovated. Maybe you had before natural wood, or is a lawned what you're going to cover. When you're done with your floor tiles you will see even comor small gardens or terraces are more spacious and uniforms.

aZA Anyway you should not cover it all with these tiles. In fact, the space cover is one of those factors you should consider When you put one of these outdoor flooring. Normally usually placed in a space outside having much transfer step, so that better to choose a floor high shock resistance as Jatoba, Ipe or composite which is a floor made of synthetic resins.


Best to choose a treaty that is resistant ground is that you will save you having to apply a protective layer. There are outdoor flooring that are created especially for that once placed just need care. They are those made of Sirari, Jatoba, ipe or composite floors. If you bet for a natural wood floor, as precious pine floors, You will definitely be beautiful but will spend more money in the long run because of all the maintenance required because it is advisable treat at least 2 times a year to be preserved as the first day.

exterior wood tile

When choosing an exterior wood floor it is also very important to be resistant to fungi and other wood insects. The hardiest are Jatoba wood, the IPE, and Composite. However other soils have good protection such as Sirari but are not as strong. Pine have a low average protection for fungi and insects of wood.


That they are more or less heavy or dense and more resistant is another key to these soils. Maybe outside they look lighter, and even seem you're treading parquet, but in its placement inside must be strong and with sufficient density to hold for a while, or are fine for the garden or terrace are not too high. Of all soil types, we can say that the Jatoba, IPE and composite are the most dense and heavy pine tiles (like those pictured above) are the lightest.

outside terrace

Finally, remember that once placed must decorate your garden or terrace according to the floor chosen. You should think about what furniture you oquieres and thus get an outside like you've always dreamed of and in fact, as you are seeing all these photos.

When installing the floor


  • Remember if the soil is grass or dirt must be leveling sand and placing antihierbas mesh. If the floor is concrete that has some slope to ensure that if it rains is pending for the waterfall.
  • Place crossbars at regular intervals in the direction of the slope, the maximum distance between transoms depend on the thickness of soil
  • Place the boards to the studs, you can help with string for proper alignment. Leave about 5 mm between slats for better ventilation.
  • Cover ups visible edges with slats bolted every 30 cm.

Video how to install an exterior wooden floor:

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