The catalog of curtains and blinds Ikea 2017: OCTOBER

Ikea blinds and shutters 2017 where the latest trends are going to make an appearance for conjugating perfectly with the decor of your home, thanks to the wide variety of models and fabrics that have available at the store.


Ikea is one of the stores that are ordered by customers and practical value largely successful and where trends are obvious price, although one can always find timeless models.

The same is what we will see in this article focused on the blinds, where you can find models varied designs and where we will see one of the sections that certainly stands out, in the 2017 Ikea catalog.

Ikea Blinds 2017 | news OCTOBER

This section of the article we are going to show all new Ikea has been launched from January to October. These developments go beyond the typical products that keep online and take after creating the catalog.

As going to be able see from the pictures, there are developments regarding curtains, blinds and curtains. Although we are only going to focus on the blinds.

The net curtains They will be a fundamental part of any stay because it allows the passage of light but in a more mitigated form, what is right for privacy and reduce the brightness but not excessive. Similarly, estores gonna get that kind of translucent fabric that lets in more clearly.

In turn, you can find solid colors or opt for simple geometries and patterns to change the dynamics of decorating your house.

Ikea Blinds 2017 | Advantages of choosing a shade of Ikea


The blinds are a modern and comfortable option to refine the light, have more privacy and also decorate the windows. At Ikea you Blinds that can adapt to any space. Blinds that have the best designs and the latest trends.

Among the prices for these curtains from Ikea We have the lowest around 4 euros which they are also simple models in colors like white. While the most expensive, with different opacity and varied colors are sold for about 60 euros. On the other hand the price average would be around 15 and 45 euros, and the truth is that we can choose from a wide variety of models.

Leroy Merlin blinds at the best price

Another reason why it is recommended to keep an eye on the Ikea blinds are the prices. There are shops where it can be expensive to access some blinds, while Ikea you can find them accessible prices although the quality may not be premium.

Fabrics Ikea blinds

Moreover, you can also appreciate the fact buy the fabric that you like both Ikea and other textiles shop, and make home or to arrange for someone.

You find estores &# 8211; or fabrics &# 8211; which they are great for different home stays, both the kitchen and the living room or bedroom because of the opacity of the fabric with which they are made.

Valoréis then it is important that the type of tissue depending on the stay, it is not the same as a blind for the bathroom window one for the kitchen (we recommend this article &# 8220; how to choose curtains for the kitchen&8221; where we talk about the most useful) tissues.

Easy assembly and installation

In turn, the following advantage to consider is that Ikea blinds are ready for you to make the home assembly without great maneuvers.

Of course, you also have the option of hiring a service to get it done let matter of taste! If you say the move home, you will find the typical Ikea instruction for you to make at home easily.

Ikea Blinds 2017 | Ideas and proposals

white Blinds

When you go to buy your estor look at the Installation System It is requiring the same, because there are different types. In turn, another detail that you have to look is the fabric and raising and lowering mechanism, it also will vary with the option of mechanically or manually upload.

In this store you are going to find a variety of colors including, in addition to different patterns, textures and fabrics to choose. Perhaps the trend is currently marking the white.

In this case it depends on the decor you have chosen and the colors of your home, appreciates the fact of choosing a simple blind that harmonizes or, conversely, consider the possibility of choosing a contrasting color and is the predominating by stay.

Blinds color

Thus, the color of the blinds can be chosen depending on the decorative style and the color you have in the room furnishings or stay where you want to place the blind. You'll be able to choose models bright colors like fuchsia or purple, or if you prefer a white shade as we saw earlier.

also think that as I mentioned, the trend is white so if you have a living room or bedroom in this color and you add one shade of the same color, you get everything it look more spacious and bright. Yes, you will see that there are different textures and fabrics, so choose a white color does not have to be a bit bland and humorless.

prints estores


On the other hand, we can also opt for those that are models of curtains featuring prints, but these are too opaque. Blinds ideal for the bedroom.

In this gallery we leave other proposals that are trend in models Ikea blinds 2017:

Ikea Blinds | 2017 models

As for the models estor Ikea, will you be able to find different opacities. This will be essential for those who wish to put a curtain in a bedroom and placate the light at dawn, like the ones you want blinds for the area spring summer and have extra insulation to reduce temperatures in the wee hours of sun exposure .

In turn, also you are going to find plain fabrics and Blinds cell type or pleating. That said, we will show you the different models that are going to find at most stores

Estor Ikea Model TEPPLUR


Their total width includes hardware 104 cm. It is a thought for estor fully filter the light, It has a special coating to completely prevent the passage of light. With wall fitting cables, for increased child safety.

This model estor Ikea has a system side winding. Facilitates open or close the blind to the desired height and you can find it in white, black or gray.

Ikea Blinds: Model INDANS

Ikea Blinds | 2015 models: Isdans

Its total width including fittings 64 cm, has wall fitting cables, for increased child safety. It has a lateral winding system. Facilitates open or close the blind at the desired height. White color.

    Ikea Blinds: Model ENJE

    Ikea Blinds | 2015 models: ENJEtotal width including fittings 65 cm. Estor model that filters light and reduces reflections perfect if you watch TV or use the computer. With ironwork features wall cables, for increased child safety.

    Ikea Blinds | 2015 models: ENJE-estor-green

    ENJE-blind-azul__0110670_PE261093_S4 ENJE-blind-azul__0099957_PE259494_S4

    System side winding. Facilitates open or close the blind at the desired height. Color: dark gray, light, white, purple and green blue.

    Ikea Blinds: Model ULLAJAKSA

    Ikea Blinds | 2015 models: ullakajsa
    Width 120 cm. Modern estor featuring cable fitting wall, for increased child safety. System side winding. Facilitates open or close the blind at the desired height. White print and very small so that combined with any decor.

    Ikea Blinds: Model LISELLOTT

    Ikea Blinds | 2015 models: Liselott
    It width 120 cm and has wall fitting cables, for increased child safety. System side winding. Facilitates open or close the blind at the desired height. Printed in white and gray flowers.

    Ikea Blinds: Model HOPPVALS


    AWIDTH up to 155 cm and is one of the longest, ideal for large bedroom windows of all kinds. It has a remarkable characteristic, which is that the air trapped within the honeycomb structure creates a insulating layer, so that it can serve to save on heating when winter comes.

    It is also a model estor insurance for children if we consider that the cord is hidden and also allows us to mitigate the overall light level, preventing them see inside the room from the outside. Easy ride both the wall and ceiling.

    Ikea Blinds: Model SCHOTTIS


    One of the best models that Ikea has in its section estores is the Schottis model because it is not only the cheapest (not reaches four euros each), but also It is the easiest ride of all, as it is attached to the window frame easily and without the need to make holes.

    We can buy it if necessary and can close the blind in the desired position with clip included. It also includes a small Velcro so you can close the blind completely pasting to the bottom of the window frame.

    Ikea Blinds: Model DISKODANS


    If you are looking for a modern estor, the model Diskodans certainly convince you not only by its striking colors to have red or fuchsia. It is a curtain model features a special coating that completely prevents the passage of light.

    To buy it we can do it with the desired width and also has strings so that is another very safe for children model and we can put it without problem in your bedroom.

    It can be mounted on the window frame either inside and outside and also in the ceiling.

    Ikea Blinds: Model RINGBLOMMA


    To finish in the Ikea blinds models for this 2016, we want to show this model is quite long and has the ability to reduce the overall level of light, thus preventing look inside the room from the outside.

    You can block the blind at different heights, thanks to the magnets so that the tables will be longer or shorter depending on how is your window.

    The Part of fabric is machine washable and he has a drawstring at the top so you can hang directly from a curtain rod. In addition you can hang the curtain with hooks included.

    If you want to find more models dand the curtains from Ikea that we have seen since come in different colors, you leave them in this Photo gallery:

    Combination of blinds and curtains

    curtain Blinds
    The blinds are becoming increasingly fashionable and feature modern, attractive and full of possibilities to decorate a room option without having to invest too much money. However, many people think they must choose between putting Blinds or curtains in their windows, having doubts when choosing between one possibility or another. But this is not true and, in fact, is very easy combining the use of blinds and shades to create attractive mixtures to leave your guests with their mouths open.

    Blinds help maintain privacy letting the light

    When we want to ensure that no one can see us on the street, generally we have two options, which is either close the curtains or blinds. However, although they are actions that give you a privacy Total also imply that prevent you see the outside or enjoy natural light inside the room.

    This does not happen with the blinds, which allow you to have more privacy when you wanted it, while still have natural light inside the room and a lovely decorative frame with both sides of the curtain flanking the window. An ideal choice for any occasion!

    perfect for curtains in the bathroom or kitchen complement

    Bathrooms and kitchens are rooms for the use given to them, require special curtains as a easy to clean, raincoats or are short enough so they can not come into contact with fire or water. This may limit our decorative options, which can alleviate greatly blinds.

    The material they are made blinds usually waterproof and fire retardant, so it can extend more than traditional curtains, offering a beautiful decorative support. Thus, the combination of curtains and blinds can help give even more style some spaces that can be somewhat empty without them and can give you more choices in an area where the circumstances and utility sometimes take precedence over design.

    blinds curtains
    The blinds can replace the blinds

    The traditional blinds They remain widespread and are usually the most common means used to prevent the passage of light, increase the sense of privacy of a room and help protect the house from the cold during the coldest winter months.

    However, often blinds take valuable space, because they need a durable structure for its work and, at the same time take away too much light, ending the feeling of having an open space, clear and stylish look that is often in homes with modern decor.

    If this is the case, you can do without the blinds and combine your curtains with a stylishs dark estores, so that when you get down, you provide some privacy and darkness without completely isolate the outside without requiring the installation of a sturdy structure that spoil the whole.

    The combination of both are original compositions

    The union of curtains and blinds gives you the opportunity to create an original decor, modern and full of contrasts, allowing you to make precious mixtures using only could get no curtains or blinds separately.

    Thus, if you wish, you can create contrasts between the colors of the curtains and blinds of the elect, decorations combine to form more complex patterns or even play with your guests after disguising your blinds and then presenting them with the naked eye with your curtains on your next visit.

    You have a whole world of possibilities to discover! Seize it!