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Ikea is the queen among firms selling furniture and accessories to decorate the house, but also noteworthy that always have complete bedding collections that stand in their duvets. Now you can and prepare for next season Fall-Winter with these duvet covers that will be best for warmth and also decorate your bed at last with fashion prints and with the best quality. Then Espaciohogar, we show you everything you need to know about the Duvet Ikea.


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Duvet Ikea | 2016 models


The duvet covers are covers that used to cover the nordicos and usually they are usually made of fillers such as pen to thereby provide more heat when we cover ourselves with them. They are indispensable in our room during the colder months, to give us warm at night and, why not say, also give you a much more room wing welcoming atmosphere.

One of the firms where we can find a good price duvet covers is IKEA. In Ikea we can find a wide variety of models that match the decor of our bedroom, so we can buy the filling Nordic interests us (depending on whether you want eg feather or synthetic) and cover with the cover or bags sold in stores like Ikea.

duvet covers de-ikea

With the Duvet Covers will get your bedroom look to the last every season. You think you can change it every winter depending on trends or if for example we painted the bedroom walls a certain color. It will be easier and linens combine with other colors.


Think that now much are stamped on the bedding so do not hesitate when buying a duvet cover as we show below and between the models displayed various patterns as well see in the above models Have you seen yourself as much wear floral prints and geometric and abstract style ?.

How are the Ikea duvet covers

As you know, IKEA is one of the most important decoration firms (if not more) largest and most important in the world and its huge stores are getting practically everything. In the section devoted to the bedroom you will also find a huge number of options, also with regard to duvet covers. These are the types of cases that you can find at IKEA, depending on the type of bed for which they are designed:

individual cases: Those cases that can be used for single beds and they usually have a size of about 90 cm. This type of case They have a wide variety of models in Ikea, taking prints of all types and styles as this you see in the picture above where we find a pattern of leaves is also further curtains, so we can easily combine with linen drapes.

  duvet covers de-ikea-2015-model-smorboll

We can also say that the covers are single beds that can become much more varied and also these are the beds that we usually find in youth and even in children's bedrooms. Ikea has special sections that find covers and bed for bedrooms of your children, but also can suggest to models that are as nice as this you see above. Its about Smorboll model case with polka dot print very &8220; cool&8221; which like any teenager. This model is also found for double sleeves of which I speak below.

We have this other item that you'll be interested in:

Quilts for children in Ikea

double sleeves: On the other hand, you also have many options as regards double covers. As you can see in the picture above, the Nordic double cases are those that are used to place on beds that are double or also known as marriage. You see that in Ikea you can also find designs where patterns are quite striking and, of course, our cover will also have a pillow cover and thus make all combine as a whole.

duvet covers de-ikea-2015-model-varart

For those who seek a dual model duvet cover that is somewhat softer light in your print or you can buy el Vartal model, which also tell us from Ikea that is made of cotton percale, a dense fabric of fine yarn with a fresh and pleasant feel to get in the notes to bed Nordic heat in winter but you have not noticed more because of sheath that is too thick.

Nordic sleeves Ikea are characterized in fact so precisely because They are usually made in cottons that are soft to the touch and nothing heavy. Nordic thinks of itself, albeit feathers, is already heavy. Sure you do not wish your cover will add weight &# 8220; Extra&# 8221 ;.

This will be the two types of nordidas cases we have in Ikea to choose from although I mentioned that the firm has a large display of colors and patterns for them.

Before buy you a case for the Nordic your bed you will have to take into account factors such as the decorative style that we already have in the bedroom or we want to give. Duvet covers not only serve to provide heat during the coldest months of the year, but also to give your room that warm and cozy atmosphere that both are looking for.

How to choose the duvet cover


Let's see how you can choose the best duvet cover for your bedroom, of all the models that you are going to find in Ikea. The Duvet covers are a success since they began to be marketed and sold previously by the Norse in what is known as quilt and that made us having to opt for one type of cross-country without knowing whether it was appropriate and also limiting which could vary bedding and bedroom decor.

  • Now we cover we can choose the Nordic want and much better that we can use as a quilt or bedspread when it's not cold and we want the bed is well decorated.
  • On more than one occasion when want to have your bed linens with decorative resulting simply take over your case Norse, so remember is always better to consider what colors and type of furniture we have before buying based on Ikea.
  • Note that the duvet cover should go together well with the other elements of the room, of course with other decorative elements of the bed. Indeed, the ideal is that upholstery covers go to match the duvet cover.
  • To choose the duvet cover we must consider, as I said before, the decorative style that we like although the idea is to choose one that has colors or pastel tones and often combined with everything.
  • We must also take into account if we fill them with a Nordic it is microfiber or feathers because the effect of the beds will not be the same and perhaps the pattern chosen is too bulky.
  • Nordic comforters are lighter though bulge a little while those who are filling synthetic they are easier to handle and It will cost us much less cover with our chosen case.
  • The last advice we can give is to forget classicisms. IKEA have very cheerful and original duvet covers. As I have already said, the prints lot, especially those of abstract motifs carry, so no need to opt for a smooth duvet cover.

Photogallery of Ikea Duvet Covers:

Then you have an interesting selection of some of the IKEA duvet covers. If you want to see more, you can go directly to the IKEA website where you will find catalogs with all products that have at your disposal.

I leave you video of Ikea duvet covers:

In the following video you can continue to see more about the bedrooms and covers IKEA, never to be afraid of monsters at night.

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