Where I can get rubber eva?

The EVA is one of the most used in crafts and decor, as children and adults can use it to get items that can be fun in rooms materials.


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  • Where eva rubber buy?
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What is EVA?


The EVA is a product widely used for crafts, which often results in the rubber eva also often used as material for creating decorative items, and can serve to give a personal touch to your home.

As one of the main advantages of eva gum is a moldable and easy handling material so it is common to see Children use it for other school work, but also it serves to decoration sets and theater as well as educational and creative crafts. Rubber eva has come to replace the clay: not dirty, it is not dangerous, is much more manageable, it does not spoil if it gets wet, the colors do not mix, etc.

The EVA may also be known by the name of the art craft in often used. This name is the  &# 8220; Foamy Art&8221;  It used to develop designs and projects a more professional or perhaps much more elaborate level. We can find real artists in this art of foamy.

Eva gum is a really functional material because not only can bend, fold, cut it and give it the way we want, but we can also wash water if we want, is not a toxic material can be painted with all kinds of painting, Apply any glue or hooking bright, stickers or glitter fill. Therefore, we say, it is very useful for all kinds of crafts and decorative elements material.

This is a material that also has widespread use to objects or surfaces, thanks to the elastic and spongy texture to having. For example we can use for some quilted soil, quilting bars or other elements and thus prevent them from being hit and damaged. That is, besides craft, rubber eva also functions as a protection and safety elements.

Where eva rubber buy?


At present it is very easy to find the rubber eva, not only you find stationers stationery or sections of any supermarket if you can not find it in the Chinese bazaars where you can find them at prices they can resultarte economic. However, in our opinion it is best to buy it in stores and specialty stationery stores, where you will surely find eva rubber highest quality and variety, for example in different colors or with different shapes, such as hearts or animals, to make crafts with kids. You can also find eva rubber other features, for example with glitter.

Eva rubber can be purchased in different colors and shapes. You can buy it single serve packs or 10 for you to be more economical. When crafting with rubber eva would typically be whole templates of different colors. These templates have an approximate measure of 70 x 50 centimeters, although you can find them in other sizes. Normally these plantila ranges from 7 to 10 euros each, depending on the store. The best thing to do is to compare prices because lately everything is equated.

Of course, you can also buy rubber eva at any craft store or online sales of general merchandise, such as rubber eva you can find no problem as well known stores like Ebay or Amazon


The last thing I can recommend is that you go to a specialty store and proven reputation in the field of school supplies or craft. And the next thing is to get down to work. Do you think you can do the designs with rubber eva show below?

Manalidades videos with rubber eva

As we have said throughout the article, the EVA is an ideal place for both children and adults, when making crafts materials. It is becoming more likely the foamy art, which is based on creating designs with this type of material, and the Internet can find numerous examples and tutorials for your own designs. For example, in the video that we show below you you can learn to easily perform a lollipop with rubber eva.

If you're a little braver or already are quite introduced into the foamy this art, maybe you can try a slightly more complicated design. For example, in the following video you can learn to do step by step very cool swing with rubber eva. It is a comprehensive tutorial but here's something &8220; pro&# 8221 ;, though following certain steps you have no problem.

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