Modern tree decoration Christmas: Ornaments Christmas Trees 2017

Christmas decoration is now focusing all our attention because Christmas is coming and we want to give you the best ideas for decorating the Christmas tree this year.

We can look at the latest trends, and say that white is worn, the silver, the purple and transparent jewel-like ornaments but also continue the traditional, red, green or Scottish ornaments. In you more about decorating Christmas trees.

We leave you with a few ideas Modern decoration Christmas Trees. And then we'll give you a few tips for decorating your Christmas tree.

Modern decoration Christmas Trees

To decorate a Christmas tree, we need only consider it nice for our home, that represents well the Christmas spirit of our house and fun for the whole family. Considering these parameters, let's look at some ideas for decorating Christmas trees.


We can opt for two styles of decorating Christmas trees. If we want something more colorful and full of details and embellishments or more simple and elegant a few different colors and simpler. Depending on these parameters, we must follow some advice or other, but this depends entirely on our personal taste.


Although tree decoration Christmas classic, is based on many bright colors, with many glitter and lights, we can also see in recent years other decorating trends that guide more the style of these trees same style decorating our home.


There are some advantages and others will call them disadvantages of each of these two aspects of decorating Christmas trees. In the first, full of color and trim, stylish ornate and showy, it can be the ideal solution for those who have children at home option, because for them it is much more fun and we can take the decoration of the Christmas tree as a activity for all family.


However, a disadvantage of opt for that style decor is that It takes longer to put on and remove the Christmas tree  and also it will not fit too well with the decor of the rest of the house, giving it a little vulgarity, although in a more cozy and classic way.


On the other hand, if we chose to make a simple and sober decoration, we also find some advantages and disadvantages we have to take into account to know the positive and the negative of such Christmas tree decoration.


One of the best things make a simple decor, is that it took less mounting and dismounting the Christmas tree every year, which We do save a lot of time. We also have the Christmas tree does not highlight both among home decoration, so it is aesthetically more flattering to our house.


Another good thing is that, if we use a few ornaments to assemble the Christmas tree decoration, we can change them more easily when we get tired of the colors that we used and not spend much money.


On the other hand, this type of decorating Christmas trees, usually Most boring for kids they want to fill all color. So if you have kids at home, it is what you'll probably go for other more lighthearted and fun style so that they can fully enjoy the holidays as they are the protagonists.


Another thing we also have to keep in mind when decorating our Christmas tree is that not all have to have the same shape, be the same color, have the same lights or be the same size. Depending on the need of your home, you can choose a Christmas tree format or another.


Just as we must first decide whether we real Christmas tree or an artificial Christmas tree. Both types of Christmas trees also greatly influence decorating Christmas trees.


If we have a live Christmas tree, we can opt for a decoration more connected to nature. For example, in recent years it has become very fashionable decorating Christmas trees with flowers and corsages shaped Christmas balls and Christmas star.

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In addition, we must consider that this type of trees, is better do not buy decorations too heavy to decorate, since its branches are weaker and can break them or make them appear more falls, giving the Christmas tree one aspect of battered and old.


On the other hand, if we buy artificial Christmas tree, decorated inspired by nature it might be somewhat rare because the branches would emphasize too plastic bring such trees. But the advantage is that we can put all kinds of ornaments because their branches are very resistant and always look good.


Then let's talk about classic elements necessary or for decorating Christmas trees. Among them, the tinsel, Christmas balls, Christmas stockings, lights Christmas tree, stars, snowflakes and other dolls that help us decorate the tree.


Begin explaining the Christmas tinsel as typical Christmas tree decoration complement. We can find many types, shapes and colors but always seems to surround the tree completely from the base to the top.


The espumillón is often bought with some color matching balls with Christmas tree place to go to, but we can also see Two color combinations. For example, the tinsel silvery and balls electric blue.


So it is also possible to place different colored tinsel on our tree. For example, we can combine a loop around the tree or a color, and another loop of another color; or use a color at the base and another color at the top. Now we can also find tinsel that change color throughout your body, even creating gradients. This depends on the type of decoration you want to give the Christmas tree.


We can also place two tinsel of different colors to intertwine with each other and mix along the entire tree. For this idea is best to choose colors in the same range so as not to produce a contrast too strong.


Another essential decoration element Christmas trees are Christmas balls. Then we will give you a advice and tips to choose the color and properly balls your Christmas tree.

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Christmas balls can be glass or plastic. Christmas balls tend to be better because glass colors and details are better, but are also more expensive and run the risk of breakage. Although it should not happen if we are careful and keep from newsprint to decorate the Christmas tree next year.


On the other hand, although the plastic Christmas balls are lower quality, they are also cheaper and is very unlikely to break. Thus, if you do not want to spend money they are perfect for decorating Christmas trees and can also change them more easily if we get tired of using the same colors every year.


As for the shape of balls, they can be larger, smaller and not necessarily be round. Decorating Christmas trees can be done with Christmas balls different sizes and formats to give an eclectic touch to the tree, but we can also choose original Christmas balls and use only that type for a more modern and elegant decor.


For decorating Christmas trees can also be used Christmas socks. Although these are usually hung on the chimney, large size, we can also put some smaller hanging from our tree, To do this, you can bind them a small string and tie them to the branches.

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Also a very important element of decorating Christmas trees, are the lights. The lights give a different touch our Christmas tree and make it much more striking and festive. Read on to discover the best tips on Christmas lights.


The first thing to decide is whether we want the lights are more discreet or shine in the limelight Christmas tree. Depending on this, we have to choose lights larger or smaller for decorating Christmas trees Christmas.


We must also opt for lights of different colors or lights that only have a color like yellow or orange light. We can even find lights Christmas colors like red or blue. Note that many of these lights we buy, have various positions when switched on and many have the option of normal light (yellow) and different colors.


To place the lights on the Christmas tree decoration, it is necessary to place the tree near a plug we have at home. Therefore, we recommend first measure the cable that connects them and check that arrives perfectly to the current; then move the tree with all the trimmings is heavier and can break some.


After assembling the tree (or just bring it home if natural) the first step lights should be placed. The reason is because they should be placed more inward element of the branches, near the trunk so that from afar the light emitted but not the way it looks.


Although this is only when we bought the classic small-format light bulb, because its shape is not too nice and better than clogging leaving only exposed light projected. However, we can now find all kinds of lights, with different and very beautiful forms that serve as an ornament more. Very original are those having format Snowflake.


After placing the lights, we can put the other elements of Christmas tree decoration. Remember that You should not always have the lights by producing energy expenditure as well as some risks that exist if too much, especially if we talk about a Christmas tree warming.


We recommend you turn on the lights only during the important moments of the holidays, such as Christmas own dinner. Also, buy ones that have saving mode position. This consists of an intermittent flashing lights, which consume less and do not heat both light bulb.


Other products of classical decoration Christmas trees are the Christmas stars. These do not stop being curious in Christmas trees because its meaning is of Christian origin course, this being the star that guided the Magi from the East to the manger in Bethlehem where the baby Jesus was born.


Say no is curious because the Christmas tree is a pagan tradition which comes from the Greeks, then the Celts and later the British. In ancient cultures fir branches were used to ward off evil spirits, nothing to do with the Christian origins of Christmas stars.


However, it is now very common to use Christmas stars on Christmas trees. They can place them around the tree as an ornament or pendant can also place a big star at the top.


Perhaps the two decorations that we propose, the more Christian and more makes reference to Christmas Day as birth of Jesus, is to place the star on top; it represents better how star she guided the Magi.


Another of the most popular options for Christmas star for decorating Christmas trees are those tridemensionales. If you want to learn to do yourself dimensional stars for Christmas tree, You have to see this article:

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Then we will see some examples of tree decoration. You can get ideas for decorating Christmas trees simple, with more ornaments, of one color, two color and every style you can imagine. Scope out the notebook and take notes!


For example, in the photo you see above it is a perfect idea for a children's room and the kids will love. The key to Children decorating trees It is to use a lot of color and is smaller than the classics so that they themselves can decorate and place where they like.


We can also opt for more Christmas trees elegant and sophisticated, they bring a Christmas air to our house but do not clash too much with our decor. If you like this idea, all you have to do is decorate all of the same color, with ornaments that are not too large.


If you do not want to spend too much money on buying a tree artificial or natural Christmas, you can also resort to recycle some things you have at home or you can find without spending money. For example, the tree you see in the picture above, is made entirely of sticks.

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This Christmas tree decoration we see in the photo below depicts the holiday spirit very well by using the red (color Christmas star) and imitating white snowy Christmas tree. It is also the Christmas tree decoration of classical malls in these dates.


If you like the classic style Christmas tree decoration, you can mimic a tree like this. The key is to choose two or three colors that we like or match the decor of our home and buy all the ornaments in those colors. Many more tree ornaments carry more classic look we see in movies.


But if you prefer a more modern idea and you're tired of traditional Christmas trees or want to change the style of your home during those days, you can get a tree like this: a live and different color. To turn away more than classic, buy ornaments in colors that are so typical of Christmas as pink or turquoise.


A color that blends in any tree and you can not miss on the Christmas tree decoration is gold. For simple decoration, buy a tree traditional green and colócale some Christmas balls in gold. If you choose different golden tones, It will give more movement to the tree and be better.


As for the ornaments you will choose for decorating Christmas trees, I recommend taking a look at this we see in the picture below. This is not typical ornaments, otherwise having different shapes (heart, diamond, angel&# 8230;) and make the Christmas tree is more attractive and modern. Bet for new proposals!


Ties are also very important at Christmas and we see on all sides: decorations, gifts, table settings, etc; why he could not miss in decorating Christmas trees. The classics Christmas ties They are red, but can also place gold or silver and will be just as beautiful.


This Christmas tree decoration we also particularly nice. The silver highlights a lot about the dark green of spruce and reminds us of the Christmas cold in winter. In addition it is simple and refined.


Although this Christmas tree decoration is a bit risky and very different from what we're used to seeing, it may be a good idea for small tree in the kitchen or even to acclimate a restaurant or a dinner at home. To be really nice, choose classic utensils. To make a classic utensils just a normal golden dye and scrape a little worn with wool to give it effect.


Finally we wanted to remind you that if you Gunning for a live Christmas tree, you have to be aware that their branches are not as strong as plastic, so the decorating Christmas trees usually it based on lightweight ornaments.


Once you've seen a few decorated Christmas trees, we leave a few tips to decorate your Christmas tree to perfection.

Colors in decorating Christmas Trees


Christmas arrives before we tell proposals to decorate your Christmas tree. If this year you want to decorate the tree differently here certainly you find some idea. White takes a lot silvery colors, like snowflakes on the tree, but They will also take many trees decorated in blue tones.

Pendants, stars, balls are this color trend so you can already start buying. This type of trees are great in living rooms or spaces decorated in a style that is modern, or even the minimalist currently leads both.


On the other hand, a lot of trees to be seen along very &# 8220; home&8221;. Trees have a strong retro character so that we can choose shades like brown or ocher, that mixed with gold and chrome metallic finishes, aluminum, silver added brightness and are fashionable in Christmas decoration .

Colors in decorating Christmas Trees 2015 Color purple

Silver white and bright colors. He Purple color, purple, mauve, combined with white trim or silver, are also trend. He Color is perhaps the big news this year as a tree decoration refers and can great stay home if we have a modern decor, or even a minimalist decor.

Colors in decorating Christmas Trees 2015 colors

In the photo above you have a tree decorated differently using purple, yellow, blue and white colors.  Complements the decor one Christmas wreath where bands have used the same colors as the tree. In addition it also carries the Christmas tree decoration pink, magenta and yellow tones. Christmas tree as the centerpiece, table lamp and decorate in the same tones.

In the tree we can place such ornaments imitating red flowers of the Poinsettia. In the lamp type necklace chain a Pretty in pink with ornaments of the same color. The rustic wooden table full of flowers in pink and red.

Sometimes we do not decide and suddenly want a tree that represents a traditional Christmas and at the same time modern one. You can get both options if you bet on colors that are basic but at the same time as the latest trend white, red and gold. That is why now choose the decorations and red tones that can not miss on your Christmas. Certainly all the decoration you see in the image above belongs to new Christmas decoration Zara Home.

Ornaments and garlands on the Christmas tree decoration:


Regardless of color, we can not overlook the ornaments that hang on our Christmas tree. Ornaments we can buy or that we ourselves can do as this beautiful dove ornament made out of felt.

Nor can we forget the star crowning the Christmas trees we will see in detail below. Or put such a nice pineapples as photo. natural, green, red and brown colors that create a decoration with a rustic touch while still being elegant.


You can also bet on traditional ornaments which are usually pineapples as we have seen and as we will now see the balls, but you can also choose others that are more original. For example we pendants that represent all kinds of forms that have to do with Christmas and among these we can highlight those see above, Leroy Merlin again Do not you look nice ?.


¿What about hearts? They are also fashionable for decorating Christmas trees so you do not forget them and commitment to those who are rustic, like this wood for example.

novogodishna_elka4 novogodishna_elka16

If you like original decoration, a Christmas tree "snowy", If you have a minimalist living room in colors black or gray and white you can be beautiful and with little ornaments.  White tree next to another picture of a Christmas tree decorated with ornaments classic but in black and silver combined with the rest of the Decorated in neutral colors. On the other hand, you can not miss on decorating our Christmas tree traditional balls we want them to devote a special section.

Decoration-trees-de-Christmas-2015-ball-red Decoration-trees-de-Christmas-2015-garlands-plated

I do not want to forget the wreaths (Or espumillón) as they are always essential in any Christmas tree. Just do not seem to take much though if you want to put some better choose those that presented in shades like silver.

Balls in the Christmas tree decoration


The balls are essential in all Christmas trees. Carry much tone as mentioned above (gold, ochres, metal, blue) but also if you have to choose one with which you just necesitéis much to decorate, I will definitely recommend the white. In Leroy Merlin have white balls with bright motifs how are you you see above.


Christmas trees classic, which They never go out of fashion. Decorated in red, green, gold and white tones would be nothing without the traditional Christmas balls. If you are looking for the most it takes this year bet also by color but how are you we see details above.


In fact I recommend you give you balls as you see here. An assortment of various colors with which you will obtain that your Christmas tree acquires a special glow.


The golden balls Christmas also never fail, but also they carry a lot this year in combination with other pendants or decorative elements that can be of an ocher tone. Try hanging balls of different sizes and you will see as your tree takes on different dimensions in itself.


All that are balls in matte tones and the bright time, also will raze this Christmas. Thus we can buy them in the color you want but always tell by looking that details as we see above, whether drawings, stripes or what I say matte effect or glossy effect (perhaps with glitter). Thus you will succeed in your tree to be the most modern of all.

Stars to crown the Christmas tree decoration


Also we speak especially of the stars crowning the trees. Not all are equal and within these we can find trends that fit what most currently leads. Thus we can choose for example a star in a gold or bright tone and you will allow successful way to crown a tree that is more classic like the above.


If you snowfall tradition goes, you can choose a star on a white, perhaps with some detail of gold, or perhaps even transparent. With a star like you see above, your Christmas tree will stand out like never before.


For those of you decantéis for a decoration that is more original or modern, nothing like star and even striking prints like polka dots colors. Note: All these stars to crown the Christmas tree you will find them in Leroy Merlin.

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Christmas tree decoration photos

Now we have talked about all kinds of ideas, let us now see many more pictures about it. With decorated trees and ornaments you can hang this year.

Video Christmas tree decoration: