Brico Depot catalog Bath 2017

If you are looking for reforming your bathroom with shower enclosures and shower trays, bathroom furniture, toilets and faucets with a fresh and modern style and at low prices every day may help you find what you're looking for in the catalog Brico Dépôt since in this store have all type of products relating to home and always with incredible deals. You want to know what they have now for the bathroom? For in Espaciohogar you offer them all. Then the best deals for Brico Depot bathroom.

Brico Depot catalog bathrooms 2017

there is no single catalog yet Brico Depot bathrooms but we have monthly deals to get an idea of ​​the possibilities of reforming the bathroom that can be found in this shop. Photographs and offers we show below belong to the last booklet which will run Brico Depot in June.

In this little booklet you will find offers bathing like screens, an essential item when it decided to close the bath or shower change. There are different sizes and shapes, which will be easier to find the suitable for your particular bathroom.

Following what we mentioned before, this time you can see how there are different shower trays, both in materials and shapes and sizes.

Another fundamental aspect is the toilets, sinks and bidets. It is important to note that you can find more complete games that will harmonize stay, which you can customize and there are different colors at your disposal.

Last but not least, the different cabinets and storage systems with which you can have for your bathroom. Not all have to be classic, seek what you like best, from putting furniture at ground level to high or just put shelves.

Brico Depot catalog bathrooms: previous years

Since this year there are a number of products Brico Dépôt fixed bath in which we detail now:

bathrooms-Brico Dépôt-22.02.2016

Toilets in Brico Dépôt

You can find everything from toilet to toilet. The most interesting is always at Brico Dépôt starting prices. Have a toilet for 29 € that trouble, it can be a great investment. They are not all known brands in the market and the most advanced design.

bathrooms-Brico Dépôt-2016-2-32

Shower Screens

It is very unlikely that if you're going to make a reform consider the shower curtain (although it has its advantages if space is very small or do not like cleaning windows). Always try to choose a screen that is not completely transparent, will be easier to keep it presentable.

bathrooms-Brico Dépôt-2016-2-43 bathrooms-Brico Dépôt-2016-2-52 bathrooms-Brico Dépôt-2016-3-00

Shower trays and bathtubs in Brico Dépôt

In addition to the screens, you can choose from different shower trays. From the white of life to new non-slip materials that mimic slate porcelain. As with shower curtains, bathtubs have disgraced, but think carefully before discarding bathtub and checks that does not happen neither of these two things:

  1. You'll have children soon. Early is no problem, but with a couple of years the shower is much less fun and just around a day in the field, you have to put the Kids @ soak for scab to soften before rubbing.
  2. If you like hot baths to relax water. They are absolutely magical.

bathrooms-Brico Dépôt-07.03.2016

And hydrotherapy shower faucets in Brico Dépôt

always it makes thrilled to have hydrotherapy at home&# 8230; but then you never use it. This is modern life: busy. But with these prices Brico Dépôt offers, you can give yourself to put squirts in your shower.

bathrooms-Brico Dépôt-03.15.2016

Brico Dépôt sink faucet

From the simplest of elements we are for less than 7 € to faucets with cascading water fall. Our recommendation is always a good simple product.

bathrooms-Brico Dépôt-24.03.2016

Brico Dépôt bathroom furniture

One of the innovations that have come to our attention in this new catalog is the possibility of combining your own furniture to your liking, choosing interior doors, sink and mirror. A very interesting and with a price that has nothing to do with a sink as option. Of course, the options are limited.

bathrooms-Brico Dépôt-2016-3-33 bathrooms-Brico Dépôt-2016-3-42

Bathroom furniture combinations and large formats

You can also find all this year vertical combinations of matching furniture with sink and mirror. Although they have a very big deal, and are dispensers and elements of public toilets and hand dryers available.

bathrooms-Brico Dépôt-2016-3-50

Baths offers specific Brico Dépôt

In the current catalog of Brico Dépôt offers you can find a whole page of offers to renovate your bathroom. Shower enclosures, shower trays and a set of furniture at a really low price.

And now we leave you with the last special bath that has brought Brico Dépôt. Will give you ideas and prices of many combinations.

Special catalog of Brico Dépôt baths

Brico Dépôt occasionally presents us with a special dedicated to something concrete: planning, heating, air conditioning&# 8230; Here we leave you with the last of his Special Brico Dépôt bath.

Brico Depot bathroom furniture 

If you are looking for a bathroom cabinet that is economical and the functional, I recommend everything they have at Brico Depot because in this store you will find furniture with sink mirror and wardrobe which they feature a modern design and at incredible prices.

In elegantasímos white or shades like black or brown these bathroom furniture have the distinction of being of a size to also You'll save maximum space.

Brico Depot showers

The showers are not currently in promotion, so you have to approach your store to check prices.

For those you who are thinking about changing the shower or tub, Brico Depot in now betting that are shower screens or doors for shower and also they have super discounted prices.

If you have a shower and little space, with one of these screens will prevent the water springing out and above all allow your bathroom get to have a fresh and modern style.

Brico Depot store also has screens for those with a bathtub and are tired of the curtains and even small hydromassage cabins with which achieve greater relaxation.

Brico Depot Taps

Taps that are currently in development are the following image. Click to enlarge.

These kitchen faucets then no longer in promotion, but their prices will be similar.

  • And if you're thinking change your taps, as it is a good idea if you've decided to put a bathroom cabinet that is more modern, Brico Depot you have them in every imaginable style and with prices do not exceed 60 euros (for the most expensive model).
  • With brass body and zinc handle, taps in bathrooms Brico Depot to adapt to any type of bathroom.
  • In addition the company also has ensure that the water comes in from conditionings either with hot or with chlorine Osmosis water thermos devices.

Brico Depot bathroom

At this time, no showers or toilets deals.

  • We have already seen that section Brico Depot Bathroom, have what it takes for us to have a bathroom as complete. In all of the above, we can add the wardrove matching bathroom furniture, the health, the set and shower faucets or columns for whirlpools.

Trends for decorating bathrooms

If you're thinking about reforming your bathroom or changing some parts of it following the latest trends in decoration, we assure that Brico Depot You will find everything you need to get a bath that is to last. Brico Depot in you have to offer a wide variety of options and, therefore, we want to help you choose things showing some of the latest trends for decorating bathrooms.

Brico Depot Bano
Back to nature. One of the main trends in decorating bathrooms that have been observed in recent months is linked to the return to nature. After several years in which prevailed baths modern inspiration, now is trying to recover more natural decorative elements that convey tranquility and serenity. To do this, there is nothing better than using furniture and objects made of natural materials such as wood, stone and bamboo. In Brico Depot catalog you can find a lot of elements that allow you to give this to your bathroom, as numerous wooden furniture, to name just one of many examples at your disposal.

Innova worldwide showers! Although many people still prefer a traditional approach, increasingly it is trying to innovate in this regard. In this area, they are becoming fashionable models with different accessories showers and saving a larger amount of water. Furthermore, it is also intended that such showers give more control to the user as to the flow, temperature and pressure of the water ejected, being at the same time easy to use. In this sense, Brico Depot offers a wide variety of showers away from the usual conventions, allowing you get new features and at the same time, decorate your bathroom the latest fashion.

Individual tubs still reign. In recent years, individual baths have attracted the attention of many decorative bathrooms where space permits. We define individual tubs those not combined to a shower, holding elements both sections. Therefore, if you want to have a bathroom that is the latest fashion, includes a shower and separate bath to give greater functionality and splendor to this outstanding room in your home. In Brico Depot catalog you can see a wide range of showers to choose from and its shops you can also choose from various models of individual bathtubs. Whatever your desire in this regard, Brico Depot in you what you need.

Playing with mirrors. Mirrors are a great choice for any room is brighter and look bigger. The bathrooms almost always have mirrors, but usually only one, over the sink. However, it has become very fashionable in recent times put many more mirrors throughout the entire bathroom, so that the light reflects on them and create a greater feeling of spaciousness. So do not forget them. Brico Depot in you can find many types of mirrors that will fit the needs of your bathroom, so you get to have a great bathroom with the lowest possible investment.

Storage has become vital. While having space to store all kinds of things it has always been very important at other times has boosted the use of shelving or racks, in recent times has been chosen to present open spaces where order is vital. Therefore, it is very important to have furniture with a large storage capacity and vision to set aside all kinds of everyday objects that are always in a bathroom. In Brico Depot catalog you can see a lot of bathroom furniture to choose from, from high cabinets of different colors to auxiliary comfortable furniture with useful drawers that will surely serve to achieve this goal. Sure Success!

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