Low consumption bulbs equivalence

Espaciohogar we speak now of which are energy-saving bulbs, and considering that these are very necessary when it comes to caring for the environment at home, we offer you the table of equivalence between the light bulbs and those that are bulbs.


The use of light bulbs


The use of light bulbs has become commonplace in most homes, but while there are many people who buy them in order to not spend as much, you have to know that also they last longer than conventional, and although they are more expensive, they can extend their life up to ten times more than any other bulb lasts.

Although bulbs low mercury consumption, and this is something that many people are concerned because it is dangerous to health, we must note that the amount you have one of these bulbs is little more than five milligrams, less than three grams of mercury that gets to have a thermometer.


Yes five incandescent bulbs you replace five light bulbs equivalent (28W) consumer can expect to save about 50 euros per year electricity. And most importantly, you will reduce the emission of greenhouse gases in 340 Kg.

More notes to the difference we will make a comparison of equivalences below so you can see what is the use of a type of bulb and the other.

Low consumption bulbs equivalence

We have said that many consumers now opt for the use of bulbs consumption and constant light increases, it has made them increasingly popular in every home. The Energy saving lightbulbs save electricity and lasts longer but what is this really true? ..

According to the studies that have been done to these types of bulbs, it is said to mean models have a life of 7,500 hours longer than a traditional bulb. Espaciohogar you can see now table of equivalence in watts of light bulbs and traditional.


The light bulbTraditional or conventional watts s are Red. The Energy saving lightbulbs in green.

Voucher &# 8230; say, I will change light bulbs corridor, bath or kitchen by others low consumption. Thus saving me and also last longer. But how do energy saving light bulb It is the most appropriate ?. The Energy saving lightbulbs They are not cheap, what is the best for me? These questions are common when buying saving bulbs.

Choose from low energy light bulbs and traditional bulbs

light bulbs

For you to decide between not choose or light bulbs, you elaborarmos a list of its advantages in detail:

  • saving electricity (Between 80%)
  • Duration up to 8 times higher.
  • They are cold light bulbs, unlike traditional bulbs that give off a lot of heat (energy loss)
  • Using light bulbs you contribute consumption reduce the gas emission greenhouse effect.
  • While the price of low energy light bulbs is superior, savings and time the hace'en economic reality. You can find offers light bulbs, and light bulbs white label with good quality at affordable prices.
  • There are light bulbs of various types to suit lamps and spotlights. Some are just small thread or coarse thread. With different designs, traditional energy saving lamp linearly, others have followed different designs easier to adapt to lamps and sconces.
  •  Saving bulbs shaped candle, or imitating the shape of traditional bulbs. Light bulbs balloon shaped, spiral.


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