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The Modern kitchens They are one of the best alternatives that you have today. A life full of chores and the short time in disponéis home, often they do not allow you to spend much time in it and spend the time it deserves. Technological innovations give us the opportunity to do everything what we do not reach, and thus be able to devote to other tasks and activities. The kitchen should be functional, simple, practical and organized but without leaving aside a nice design, a space to convey the warmth of home that were in those kitchens of the past.


Modern kitchens 2017

If you have not yet decided on the style best suited to your kitchen decor, we'll show you some amazing designs decoration Modern kitchens, you will serve as inspiration for the renewal of one of the areas of the home that more is being modernized and updated in recent tiempos.Veamos now modern kitchens and some ideas for decorating.
The design of your kitchen is one of the most important decisions you must make when decorate your home. The reason is simple: You can not change the style of your kitchen so easily because the appliances and require installation of a plumbing service. Right now, it is usual to create a modern kitchen, straight lines, high gloss, stainless steel. If you are not very risky, we recommend that the valoréis white is the color least gets old.

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Modern kitchens Blancas 2017

He White color It is one of the dominant colors in decorating, especially if you ye rejoice in a small kitchen. This color will help you achieve a visual effect very powerful, and is that a much larger small kitchen look.
White color, as well as providing a much wider space, it helps increase the reception of light and gives a sense of cleanliness, these being next to the amplitude, the keys to choosing this type of cuisine.
Blank kitchens remain the reference to take into account when decorating this space. But beware, too much white can become something cold. Ideally combine white with other bright colors to bring some vitality, as we leave then and you can see in the gallery white kitchen if you continue reading.
The white color can combine with all possible colors, because it has the virtue of enhance the colors you have around you.
If yours is to be bold, you can use a Color something alive or strong (in furniture or appliances) or, if you are more classic, you can use it neutral colors breaking how boring it can be to use a single white and bringing class and style to the kitchen, as in this case, using neutral wood color.
-Modern-white-different-materials kitchens
In addition to combining well with all colors, white blends well with all materials. Wood, granite, vinyl, &# 8230; They are materials that can make perfect combinations with white.
The white kitchen is also suitable for any decorative style of your house. If ye Gunning for rustic the wooden furniture painted in white, combined with flowers or accessories wrought iron. If you are looking for a Nordic air You can use the white lacquered furniture in straight lines. for a more retro style You can combine pickled white wood in combination with the glass material and tables placed on the walls, tiles retro style &# 8230; as we see in the picture below.
-Modern-white-retro kitchens
For one modern or minimalist interiors you can decant you lacquered furniture having finished with gloss or matte. Can combining this color with accessories aluminum or steel finishes, obtaining a modern result.
The walls They may also be of this White color, and you may have one smooth or wall tiles. In the ceilings It is also successful although this color is due avoid soil. For them it is best to use white but with gray or sand color touches.

+ modern kitchens bright white and color

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Gallery of Modern Kitchen White 2017

Modern kitchens Colors 2017

As many of you know and you may have noticed, the colors have an effect on us. Now we see the ideal for the kitchen colors. As you know, in this area of ​​the house we find a color that transmits calm, to encourage creativity and promote sociability in this environment. Let's see what colors are suitable for this purpose:
If you opt for employing a range of cold colors as may be the blue, purple or green, the feeling will pass on to the kitchen is clean, efficient and, above all, reliability. These colors give the sense of professionalism in the kitchen. Example:
By contrast, warm colors as may be the orange, red or yellow create more comfortable spaces. With these color shades are going to make your kitchen transmit joy, life and, above all, warmth. With these colors much is gained in proximity, however security is lost. Example:
The best option is combine colors to get a neutral and successful outcome. If combináis colors kitchens are going to get the same effect that we have spoken to the two types of colors that we talked about before (cold and warm colors), a contrast that can be very, very interesting. But with this, we are not saying that you begin to combine colors&# 8221; like crazy&# 8221 ;, ideally use them as we show below:
Colors that you choose, one must be the principal serve as a basis for the kitchen. Another will go to a situation high school, It is the perfect complement to the main color, and the third will be the most striking color, only used in small strokes in the smallest elements of the kitchen.
Thus, the first two colors should be almost similar or belong to the same branch of colors, using them for color Main elements of the kitchen such as countertops, appliances, furniture warehouse, &# 8230; He Last striking color It will be of the opposite palette that we used as primary and secondary, and we will use in small boxes, watches, small appliances, &# 8230; One of the great advantages of this type of distribution is that when you want to change the style of cooking only have to change the most striking elements of the kitchen by a different bright color that you had.
According to the lighting and space, It is important if you have one small kitchen or dark is that apliquéis Light colors in the kitchen pastel, lavender, pale pink or ocher having white base for transmit clarity and increase the feeling of spaciousness. A clear example:
By contrast, large kitchens They may opt something darker colors. You can combine the bright colors at different levels to create a sense of depth more than interesting.
Now we leave you with gallery photos of colorful modern kitchens 2017 so you can get some idea of ​​how to put your kitchen:

Kitchen Gallery Modern Color 2017

Modern kitchens with Island 2017

If you have in your kitchen enough space to place islands, you're in luck, because the kitchen islands They become a very practical element within the same time to transform the space into a much more modern place thanks to contemporary touches that convey the islands.
To succeed with the election of the kitchen island and take full potential, ideally you to follow the tips that we give below:
The island must have enough space to circulate around it in comfort and spaciousness. The ideal distance between the island and the rest of furniture or furniture is 1 meter, more or less. For this reason it is why kitchen islands are complements for large kitchens.
The market for kitchen islands offers you a variety of models with various types of functionalities. Remember that your kitchen should be divided into 3 zones (cleaning, storage and cooking). If at the end you escogéis a kitchen island, try one of these 3 zones is within the island. Besides, the ideal height to eat it is usually between 90 cm, more or less, and if you're going to use it as a bar to an American kitchen would be the perfect height, more or less, 110 cm. In the market there are islands with adjustable feet is very important to exchange functions.
There are kitchen islands storage drawers the space in which, in addition, you can put your legs. An ideal place to turn this island into a place of family reunion or friends space. If you are going to choose the kitchen island for baking or cooking, you will have to remember that you have to pick a good hood.
The illumination plays an important role in this type of modern kitchen with island. This work area must be completely cleared and receive enough light so that it is fully illuminated, tried to avoid leaving areas with some shade. Ideally direct light out.
Kitchens with islands resistant They are those that are made from Stainless, laminated or aluminum. You should turn the timber, unless oil are ready to give every few.
Once the advice is finished, we leave you with a gallery of modern kitchens with islands:

Photo gallery of modern kitchens with islands

Modern Italian Kitchen 2017

Now for the Italian modern kitchens. The traditional Italian style kitchens They are best known kitchens in the world. They tend to project a family atmosphere and above all, welcoming that will invite guests to cook and prepare recipes Grandma, The lifetime. Then we leave designs with traditional Italian cuisine.

Italian modern kitchens 2017 &# 8211; Traditional design

As you can see, Wood is an element that is much in the designs of Italian kitchens, providing a Rustic style kitchen. It is normal that modern Italian cuisine is usually large, and reflects the passion and love they devote Italians to pasta and cooking in general, hence their recipes are so popular around the world: You can see its typical recipes Italy here.

Italian modern kitchens 2017 &# 8211; model Amélie

This is the kitchen model we see in the photo above. He AMELIE design is the famous Raffaello Pravato made for the famous firm Scavolini. Here appear different materials provided very good quality, such as solid wood frames set, granite countertops in vitrified stoneware and masonry.

Italian modern kitchens 2017 &# 8211; Design plywood furniture

East cooking style combines technological elements to help make the recipes and, at the same time, it is easy to maintain. It is very resistant to shock, burns, and other typical problems that may arise in the kitchen. This is a kitchen with a very traditional look featuring innovative technological elements, as shown in the picture.

Italian modern kitchen 2017 &# 8211; retro design with green furniture

Reappears again wood as a main element of Italian cuisine, however in this case the this finish is lacquered in an aqua hue. The color used is the most appropriate for vintage American kitchens but often see much today in this type of cuisine. These have been the most common designs of Italian kitchens, now we leave you with a gallery of photos with modern Italian kitchen designs.

Photo gallery of modern Italian kitchens 2017

Small modern kitchens 2017

Distribution of a Modern kitchenette It is very important because depending on how you distribute appliances and furniture get gain space. The color most used in modern kitchens is small White, for its visual effect of looking like a larger space, In addition we promote the light and the clean feeling.
If the kitchen is not very small we can put a bar or island to open the kitchen to the living and dining room without walls, so get larger spaces. In many studios and lofts they are widely used as separators American bars.
Storage space is very important in a small kitchen, the cabinets and wall units They have much prominence because we can save a lot on them.
The latest craze in home and small elements of modern kitchens is the use of appliances and stainless steel furniture. Usually associated with the metallic color hygiene and cleaning why this trend is so powerful.
In the next gallery you can see more examples of small modern kitchens, with all the ideas so you can decorate your kitchen.

To see all small modern kitchen, we suggest you visit the following article in which we explain extensively all about small kitchens, with photos and videos so that you can help pick the small kitchen you desire.


What are the main advantages have modern kitchens?

Currently, there are plenty of different models Modern kitchens. Its popularity has made the users who wish to have a have a wide variety of colors, models, features and different features to choose from. But in general, what are the characteristics that make modern kitchens are so desirable?
First, and as it can not be otherwise, it is your innovative design what attracts the eyes of potential buyers. Currently, the kitchen is no longer a separate space away from the eyes of visitors and is more integrated with the rest of the house every time, so you have to impress people I see her as much as the rest of the decor. Therefore, the kitchen must not only fulfill the functions associated with it, but must also have a style in keeping with the rest of the house. Thus, this type of modern kitchens, with careful design, its gleaming surfaces and its overall design to be aimed at both functional and pleasing to the eye, are a great option when designing the overall decor of your home.
Modern kitchens also have in mind the function as entertainment space. Following what we have mentioned in previous lines, kitchens are no longer dedicated solely to perform functions related to food spaces, but they are also places of sociability. Therefore, modern kitchens are also characterized by the presence of functional countertops and prominent islands with stools and matching chairs that allow you to cook, eat and save different objects in a unified way. Thus, the attention given to such designs feature kitchen as a place of socialization has won the hearts of many people, who have chosen this type of cuisine to incorporate into your home.
The surfaces of modern kitchens are often resistant and, especially, very easy to clean. With such fast life that we currently, we appreciate that one of the dirtiest areas of the house can be cleaned quickly and easily. Therefore, the materials of which are often made modern kitchens are characterized by being able to easily clean and be much more resistant to stains, shock and moisture than others star in more traditional designer kitchens, such as wood, for example. Thus, modern kitchens not only have a design more in line with current trends, but our hectic lifestyle also fits more easily than other models.
The modern style also gives the opportunity to have kitchens with built-in furniture and combined, which makes them perfect for small homes that must be exploited to the last chink possible. Modern kitchens are greatly versatile and adaptable, which makes them ideal choices for those houses where lack of space is a major problem. The islands often replace conventional tables in designs of modern kitchens not only increases its storage capacity, but also adds a new place where to place appliances that sometimes do not fit into the usual design, such as an oven or a dishwasher.
Also, the variety of existing models adapt to different spaces, making it possible to add or remove items as required space without designing suffer, something that happens with more traditional styles, accusing much the lack of some key aspects . Finally, Modern kitchens They are extremely versatile and efficient and can provide, depending on your preferences, from a mobile island that you can set aside to make room if you wish to incorporate touch appliances, through the possibilities offered from an ecological point of view and thrifty than other models can not give you.
Therefore, its full adaptation to the needs linked to modern life have made this type of cuisine become the preferred choice for an increasing number of people, especially the younger ones.

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