Leroy Merlin Cabinets 2017 | sliding doors

Cabinets with sliding doors Leroy Merlin are our heroes now EspacioHogar. Cabinets with sliding doors, wardrobes without installation that can help you improve the space of a stay. We show models Leroy Merlin.

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Leroy Merlin Cabinets 2017 | sliding doors

Cabinets with sliding doors are increasingly requested because they allow you to have more space in the room. This type of cabinets can have space for different types of storage and save all kinds of items: bags, ties, underwear, shoes, belts.

One of the most interesting aspects of Leroy Merlin is that you can find cabinets of different sizes, colors and materials. In addition, this shop stands out as having affordable prices, which you may find interesting if you have a limited budget.

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Leroy Merlin sliding doors 2017 | Trends

Models with sliding doors should be added that the wardrobes They are the most versatile because they are in an alcove of the room and the close are flush with the wall. Do not lose surface in the bedroom. They can be very spacious but you can lighten them visually in light colors with mirrors and so on.

Formerly, the wardrobes were seen as a kind of auxiliary cabinet or closet to be at home when not want to take up too much space. Today, thanks to models like these from Leroy Merlin, we can say that the concept has changed a lot and already have models like you see above which includes as we see, with sliding doors who they are now our protagonists.

If you do not have wardrobes have to resort to a compact furniture cabinet, They occupy surface in the room but you can choose them in bright colors or with mirrors so you do not subtract much space. With sliding doors, like the model you see above, you have to avoid taking up space whenever you've the door.

In small apartments where a cabinet can be positioned against another or near a door sliding door allows you to use the entire surface of the closet without the door opening or closing takes up space. You have them in one or two leaves and best of all is that some of these doors can be fitted to lockers you already have at home so that you only find the door type that suits your closet.

Cabinets Leroy Merlin sliding doors can be also different colors, not only conventional tones sold in other firms. You can choose them with a doors classic or modern design. In fact we can buy, and now we will see in detail, loose doors to include them in the closet we already have at home sliding.

If instead you prefer to purchase a wardrobe sliding doors that is completely, Leroy Merlin have all kinds of cabinets in different finishes wood, such as cherry, maple or oak. Combined with mirrors pastel, wood, lacquered acid glass, mirrors. You have them in different styles to suit any decor, from rustic to minimalist.

sliding doors as Leroy Merlin

As you can see Leroy Merlin has become a specialist for this type of cabinets, and with the models, we can choose also those who have combination of tones and even materials.

Although simple models in wardrobes with sliding doors are the most recommended for bedrooms without definidio decorative style, there are also models with a design more elaborate, with metal details and in tones so fashionable in interior decoration as blue.

Alongside these models that we have shown Leroy Merlin cabinets with sliding doors, we can get well with models of doors that are custom made. To get the as sliding doors in Leroy Merlin we have to follow these steps:

  1. You must take steps closet, both the width and height
  2. Choose the model and color of the profiles. You can choose between three types of profiles (classic, modern or shooter) and five colors (oak, cherry, white, wenge and aluminum).
  3. We must now choose boards for doors that are 10 mm thick, of the more than 50 models available in cutting service Leroy Merlin.
  4. Decide what type of installation you want to do. Straight or Japanese-the board is divided into quadrants so you can combine it with glass, mirror, various types of boards, etc. If you choose the latter have to report the number of divisions you made the right boards to outages. In this case you may purchase profiles H. You can also combine in one smooth closet doors Japanese style.
  5. Once you've decided the profile and composition, the boards are cut to size you need.
  6. Also, you can acquire progressive brakes that make the soft close and increase the durability of the door.

Thus you'll get home cabinets completely renewed and will remain as if they were new. This is a perfect choice and we recommend if your budget for a change of wardrobe is not very high. Sliding as Leroy Merlin doors are not very expensive (they can and can buy both models also for our bedroom closets and cabinets models are children.

sliding doors Leroy merlin: Fotogalería 2017

In this gallery you can see the designs of Leroy Merlin for this year 2017, both sliding doors in different color, design and style as you make it much easier to find just the one you need.

To see the gallery just click on the image and if you want to see even bigger, just click on the image again:

sliding doors Leroy merlin: Fotogalería previous years

Then you go to to see sliding doors cabinets previous years:

Creating sliding doors: video

Moreover, in Leroy Merlin will also advise on how to place the doors and so you can see how it's done, I leave you this video that the easiest way and a series of steps do not explain.

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