More than 100 photos of ideas for kitchen 2017

If you are thinking of putting a kitchenette at home, do not miss the gallery of images that we bring in this article, are pure inspiration for ideas for your kitchen.

Image: pinterest

Image: pinterest

A few years ago, the American kitchen was considered a style of cooking that used to be in houses small dimensions, since this type of cuisine is characterized by small footprint and expect it to have everything necessary for cooking and eating.
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American kitchen
Today, as you can see in the images that we present throughout the article, American kitchens are used in all accommodation, both large and small dimensions.

This is because one of the trends that has been very present is unify the kitchen the living room or kitchen with the dining room, which has become American-style kitchens in a sensational opportunity to have a dream kitchen.



In addition, one of the most interesting and attractive features offered by American kitchens is that they allow you be cooking while you chat with your guests, all in one space.

We could say that, in this way, the kitchen becomes the key site on which a home is created, it is the social space where everything is spoken and everyone meets.



What are American kitchens?

Before starting what styles of American kitchens we can have at home, we must explain that this type of cuisine is usually the main feature integrated into the living room or dining room of the house, allowing our usual and everyday life can adapt to a fast pace.

American kitchen-62

In fact, there are many people who bet on American cuisine, because as I mentioned before, allows save space and they are very functional. Perfect if, for example, we live alone, we do not usually stain in the kitchen too and also want to have an environment that is more welcoming.

Charming Country Kitchen Style Kitchen Island Lighting Kitchen Island Table - Nambah

Charming Country Kitchen Style Kitchen Island Lighting Kitchen Island Table &# 8211; Nambah

Currently, we can find an infinite amount of appliances and furniture we can use and adapt for American kitchens because they are of a somewhat reduced in size.

American kitchen-61

American cuisines can also adapt to decorative style having our room, because if they are well placed in them, we must follow a decorative sense to do everything to be the same design.



Colors kitchenette

Choosing colors kitchenette as easy or as difficult, it depends on who you speak, as the fact of choosing the colors of any other cuisine.

Specifically, recall that it's important to have on mind the style of the house and the kitchen, the size of the space available and the amount of light entering the room. These three aspects will determine what kind of colors are most suitable because, if we have a small space a dark color or black colors will not provide feeling of spaciousness.

kitchenette colorful



If you like your kitchen talk about you, your favorite colors and tones you happy life Do not cut in decorating colors!

We have selected two photographs that are a clear example of how you can get the kitchen look radiant, striking and fun with colors and varied tones.



You can choose from the most intense colors or choose pastel colors if you prefer a kitchen to spend a little more unnoticed.

kitchenettes white

He white or light tones They are one of the options tend to favor any stay. Easy to combine with other shades and colors, always generating feeling of light and space but, being a color that is easily dirt.

American kitchen-39

We can go for kitchens notes also include color as we present in the article, these can be added through the furniture, appliances and decorative objects that enhance the stay.



kitchenette in black

Light colors that are in fashion does not mean that we do not find American kitchens in black or dark colors.

American kitchen-41

True, to get it to look a spectacular kitchen with furniture in black is imperative that we are talking about a spacious and large kitchen, because black tends to generate the feeling of absorbing the colors and light.

American kitchen-45

Therefore, we also recommend that whenever you optéis for black colored furniture included by lighter elements enhance light areas. If you look at the picture, here we can see how they choose lamps in white or pearly gray furniture.

Kitchen American style small apartments

rustic or traditional style

Many small houses and flats, opt for a rustic style that usually gives them a much more welcoming image, so that our kitchenette may be of the same style and to do what better than to bet on the furniture are made of wood .

Minimalist style

For those of you a small apartment in which you do not desire to have a decoration that looks overdone, perhaps the best option is to opt for the minimalist decor.
kitchen americana9
This style may also be present in the kitchenette, since we can bet on having only necessary appliances and also find in small serving sizes for that environment than &8220; minimalist&8221; copper sense.

Modern style

The modern style is perhaps a style that many people are targeted and when the current technology is in keeping with that style. It is also why we can &8220; dress&8221; our American cuisine with a &8220; look&8221; Modern also can be also marked by the choice of colors are very vivid and they give a very original air around the living room of our house.
American kitchen 2
You see the possibilities of being able to have a kitchenette at home not only will have a specific function but also as far as style and design are concerned, we must say that the possibilities are endless.

industrial style

American kitchen-65

This type of American cuisine highlighted by exposed brick, which are absolutely brilliant in this space, and metal as remarkable element.

If you look closely you on the ceiling, furniture and kitchen stools, all agree to use this type of item for an urban kitchen industrial.

Photogallery over 100 photos kitchenette

Then as pinches on the image, you will see more than 100 photos of American cuisine you will be inspiring. Different styles, colors and sizes at your disposal.

Videos kitchenette

I have chosen a video that combines decoration with reforms and DIY, so you can see all the work of creation that can bring a kitchenette and spectacular results that you can get into your home.

This video is Decogarden, of whom we have spoken on other occasions:

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