Leroy Merlin catalog bathrooms 2017

Leroy Merlin is one of the most economical and recommended to the time to start thinking about making reforms at home stores. If you want to completely renovate the bathroom we suggest you take a look at their proposals for the 2017 catalog.


He new catalog Leroy Merlin baths that we are going to discover below has some of the best trends already have for a space that in recent years has gained some relevance in decorative issues. The bathroom is no longer just a passing place in the house. Now we can find proposals with colors and furniture designs for every taste.

In Leroy Merlin they opt for simplicity and affordable prices but we can also find proposals the trend shades like white and black, and of course, the bathrooms presented in soft colors like pastel shades or color most fashionable of all.

In addition you will realize that we can also choose to buy for our shower screens. Today, the screens and shower trays are trend in the bathroom so that they and very well priced in the catalog of Leroy Merlin, and that elijáis transparent models or one like this that you see above, with leaves in acrylic and finished blank profile.

We leave you now with the catalog, but before, we recommend also this other post:

 Leroy Merlin Catalog 2017

Leroy Merlin baths: catalog

The photographs are going to see below belong to the designs Leroy Merlin baths 2017, where will you find a variety of washbasin, colors and varied designs such as tile and flooring that will completely change the decor of the room.

In addition, in this catalog you are going to find widely functional bathrooms where you can see combinations small bathrooms which they are very practical for the arrangement of furniture and storage.

Also you find baths of different decorative styles: Rustic, minimalist, functional pulling basic, elegant&# 8230; The colors will also be the key to Leroy Merlin baths because you are going to find a wide range of colors that will easily combine with other elements thereof.

That said, I leave you with images so that you may be able to set both the furniture and the different decorative combinations they have created.

You just have to click on this image to start watching it in magazine format, if you want to see the picture in bigger, click again over it and ready.

Leroy Merlin baths | Offers until February 2017

In the next section we are going to show what the trends and bathrooms that are going to be able to buy in Leroy Merlin until February 2017 but then are also we are going to show what the bids are going to be able to find in this section.

You just have to click on the image that we show below to be deployed on brochure and you may see the designs in closets, partitions and others along with the prices at which you can find on these dates:

Leroy Merlin catalog bathrooms: Previous years

Leroy Merlin catalog bathrooms is a full catalog of bathroom furniture, such as batteries hand, cupboards, shelves, etc.&# 8230; that bring modern style our bathroom. In Leroy Merlin stores can now find all these proposals that I leave below a complete gallery of photos, but also can talk about other proposals are also noteworthy and that will make our bathroom look completely renovated.

No need to spend a lot of money because Leroy Merlin proposes bathrooms are complete and that for less than 300 euros allow us to have a new decoration trend that is also like rustic, modern or too minimalist.

Recovery rustic style but with a modern look, stands out above other trends that Leroy Merlin is targeted, with wooden proposals are spectacular.

Also the rustic more &# 8220; classic&8221; It is present in the new catalog Leroy Merlin, and bathrooms also shared between two. A current trend is to have a cabinet with two batteries and two mirrors, very functional and allows us to save time in the mornings.

They are furniture, but includes two stacks of hands, they are of a rather small size so we will be able to get him even in a small bathroom. In addition you can place yourself. Inside, the cabinet includes the space for placing the battery can be located pipe and water drainage.

we also proposals that are really flashy colors, like this that combines trendy colors such as orange, next to black and white. In Leroy Merlin and you will find models of furniture pile of hands and matching cabinets that leverage and much space.

merlin orange bathroom tiles leroy
And for those who Do not be space or for a bathroom cabinet, or ye not one you can always choose models with a simple pile of hands with a bar that will serve to hang a towel. It is simple and also with a very original and modern design, certainly for the curious, at Leroy Merlin also sell matching mirror, orange.

Leroy Merlin screens

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On the other you have to talk about the screens Leroy Merlin (with shower trays) that have become fashionable and also can find in Leroy Merlin at incredible prices; a model like that you have called up &# 8220; primo series&8221; It costs about 100 euros.


In Leroy Merlin we can find a wide variety of models Leroy Merlin screens all with a spectacular design, although we recommend those that have sliding doors with decorated glass and white profile, so that you can ducharos, which does not leave even one outside water and that also may be able to have all the necessary privacy for ducharos without problem.

We also have screens that are covering frontal showers, so that screens are models to suit all spaces and bathroom designs. Screens as we see above model Eco F Blac, with sliding door acrylic sheet.

Leroy merlin shower trays

Now that takes both bet on shower trays, we can add these to the installation in addition to these screens that will help make the bathroom look more modern and we can enjoy our shower without risk to water to escape. Screens are one or two doors (sliding) and easy to install.

The Leroy Merlin shower trays They are also available from the proposals in the catalog of this store, and we should add something obvious that saved them spaces, but in addition we can also choose them when we want our bathroom has a completely new look.

Shower trays Leroy Merlin also they surprised by having materials in their realization, as Board, which they make them much safer and thus to avoid &8220; Slips&# 8221 ;.


Besides Leroy Merlin shower trays, I also ye see one of the latest trend for this stay in the house and also found in the catalog. I mean the hydromassage columns, which they are installed in the shower, and that will allow you to enjoy the benefits of hydromassage.

Leroy merlin mirrors

In Leroy Merlin stores we can also highlight Leroy merlin mirrors as these are essential in any bathroom. The firm has several lines of mirrors that we can buy, depending if you want a smaller or larger size.
Leroy Merlin mirrors also has round models. This type of mirror seems to happen fashionable as they tend to always be in those bathrooms that feature classic rustic styles or near but also can bet on them in case you want to place it in a bath that is new. They are quite large models, which are hung on the wall and are easily cleaned with a little cleaner, drying with a soft cloth.
On the other hand, and if you want bathroom mirrors that are more functional, we have models like this, the Smooth Series model, which incorporates a small ledge. This will help you to make utensils you usually need in the bathroom, so it is also a model of perfect mirror for bathrooms with a slightly smaller size.
Finally we show models that are more original, with designs that feature lights, as the model of Mora Series, with two upper bulbs or those who have other details or forms that are original.
Do not hesitate to go to one of the centers of Leroy Merlin to learn about all its proposals bath. You find these that we propose its catalog and many more that undoubtedly will convince you.

Photogallery catalog Leroy Merlin: previous years

If you want to see more models in the catalog of Leroy Merlin, you just have to click on:

Photogallery catalog Leroy Merlin bathrooms

Alongside the models shown we will now offer other ideas bathrooms also find in the catalog of Leroy Merlin and that you can be very inspiring:

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