Photo ideas for painting and decorating narrow, long, modern corridors

Photo ideas for painting and decorating narrow, long, modern corridors. We want to offer inspiration to believe in your home a space that you can enjoy.

The decor you choose for each room and in this case, to the hall, showing everyone who comes a little about yourself, your likes and hobbies, what motivates you or you need to create space to be comfortable.

Hallways are sometimes the forgotten in the decor, creating the feeling that they are places of passage and does not take into account a hall decorated living continues to fill the house. Therefore, in this article we want to present ideas that can inspire you to create a decoration hallway carefully decorated and continue to provide a pleasant feeling.

Decorating halls: Ideas

Decoration of halls: comfort

The decoration of the corridors is a fundamental issue, because we can not forget that it is a crossing and that means they must be able to walk comfortably.

That said, that means adding decorative can not be excessively baggy or bulky or have to maneuver elements. Although, as you will see in the pictures, we can always play with elements with different reliefs to make them more attractive.

Decoration of halls: lighting

Most halls are often areas that do not have natural light, so a good artificial lighting is the key to having a well-lit corridor and enhance the style of decoration.

Not the same place a ceiling light, a focus on the wall or placed on the floor lighting. Similarly, neither is it the same using a cold light warm light, We got very different feelings for the same space.

Some general ideas that you can be useful, regarding the placement of lights, depends mainly on the having high ceilings. If a low ceiling, place focuses directly on the roof or on top of the walls, filling the entire corridor light. Conversely, if the ceiling is very high it should place the bulbs at a greater distance from the ceiling and pointing down to avoid the effect "tunnel".

Decoration of halls: color of the walls

He color of the walls or wallpaper you can use to enliven the corridor is another important point to consider.

Normally, they often choose light colors, pastels and white to reflect more light intensity on the walls and so it looks much wider. At other times, as in the photograph we show, one wall is painted a more intense color to completely redecorate it.

It is important to note that if a dark color is chosen gives the feeling that is narrower, although gains in customization.

Decoration of halls: carpets

Do the carpets have gone out of fashion? I can not say such a thing, really. Increasingly decorating trends I see where they are included as offer decorative vision, colors and geometries very interesting to each stay.

It is always important to consider the decorative style you want to create to get adequate space and well kept. It is true that usually generate a greater sense of warmth, as if the place were more cozy and homey.

That said, do not also forget cons of carpets. Fijaros that are easy to clean and keep in mind that accumulate a lot of dirt.

Decorating halls: Extra Elements

In a aisle You can include all kinds of elements that have to do with you, you understand how the decor and what you expect from your own home.

Personally, I think there are some elements that are essential such as plants or flowers full of bright colors, photographs or pictures that say something about you, memories of a trip or something you evoke a good feeling, mirrors and lots of color.

You can include small shelves you buy or do it yourself with recycled (fruit crates, pallets, etc.), umbrella stands, coat racks, etc. Material You fill your hall.

Decorate narrow aisles

Given the tips mentioned above in general, let me now show you photographs where implemented.

All would think that a narrow passage for the best is a clear color on the walls, as well, for those You do not want to renounce colored dye, One option is to have a wall a darker tone and the other white, so is offset a little reflection of light.

Fijaros how on that wall in dark tones have also included elements in white, which favors the balance.

Decorate long corridors

You can take your passion to the hallway and make a crossing in a place where you'd stand to enjoy it. Pay attention to the central photography, where the wall has turned into a book storage area, but could also be discs or any collection you excited.

For that long corridor not be heavy in sight and generate that feeling of inhabitable, nothing like include photographs or pictures that have to do with you. They can be photographs taken by you or any film that has caught your attention.

Right now, it takes place much different frame sizes on the walls and thus get decorated, personalized and lively places.

Modern decorating halls

Modern we might say that is practical, namely enhance your living space and picking up for it elements that fit very well into space.

Pay attention to that piece of furniture that is attached to the wall but not touching the ground, there can perfectly place a shoemaker and, at the same time have a decorative piece of furniture where you can place the basic things that must never forget before leaving home.

In turn, the straight lines of the furniture with that small relief in the central area, are very much in line with minimalist furniture.

Decorating halls pictures

If you want to see more photos of how you can decorate your hallway, I suggest you go to the beginning of the article and pinches on the first image, then the gallery will display and you will see the rest of the 50 pictures you have yet to discover.

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