Brico Depot catalog Kitchens 2017

Although we show the updated full Brico Depot catalog, we now focus on kitchens available in this large area. Like the rest of its products, Brico Depot kitchens for this new year focus on having low prices.

Brico Depot Kitchen: from February 2017

We arrive days waiting for this moment to share with you the news of Brico Depot and special Kitchens, where we will find all the news that will accompany a good season.

Important! This brochure will be valid from February 10.

As going to see in the online brochure that we prepared, Brico Depot offers designed according to each type of cuisine or you need may arise:

  • modular kitchens
  • Kitchens in kit
  • Crédences and countertops
  • Ons and accessories
  • Faucets and sinks
  • Hoods
  • Cooktops
  • Hornos

Thus, it proposes Brico Depot is that you can create your dream kitchen thanks to the offers and items that bring in different sections. Behoove all of your needs to make you feel more comfortable in your kitchen than ever.

You have to choose design your kitchen on a space accounts with you. For example, if a small kitchen with little natural light, your best option will be to choose a kitchen in light colors and you have to evaluate whether to put furniture in the upper or shelves.

The appliances and hood They tend to have similar colors so that there is symmetry and harmony in the kitchen.

In turn, look at the large number of taps you have at your disposal and find that you are more comfortable depending on the battery you have in the sink.

Here you can see the Prospectus of Brico Depot Kitchens Special. Just click on this picture:

Brico Depot Kitchens: December 2016 &# 8211; 2017

Brico-Depot-modular kitchens-December-2016-2017-100Throughout the entire article we will go see the section Kitchens Brico Depot catalog for this 2016/2017, although the former will start the four styles of cuisines that we find in the catalog. We will see: style luxury kitchens, urban style kitchens, kitchens city style and rustic style kitchens. All these are considered modular kitchens Brico Depot.

Brico Depot modular kitchens

Brico-Depot-modular kitchens-December-2016-2017-101As you can see, modular kitchens Brico Depot They are composed of three modules to the bottom of the kitchen, and two, to the top. It can be guessed that in this hollow we see in the middle which is usually placed is the hood, and in the hollow doorless oven. We also see that these modules have a door and two, one prepared to place the sink and two doors, to use as a pantry.

Brico Depot countertops

Brico-Depot-kitchen-countertops-Dec-2016-2017-105Within Kitchens countertops Brico Depot Catalog find, from the most basic to the most white worked, the counter gloss. We pass marble countertops with intermediate prices, and those of wood, depending on what we seek, shall be of a price or another. We see the dappled beech is the most economical second countertops.

Brico Depot kitchens Kit

Brico-Depot-kitchen-in-kit-Dec-2016-2017-106In addition to the modular kitchens, we have a number of kitchens Brico Depot kit, and prepared for distribution which we discussed in the section modular kitchens, only in the kits and modules will include all you'll need to have ready the kitchen. For less than three hundred euros you'll have a pretty rigged kitchen if the distribution is good for you.

Brico Depot Taps

Brico-Depot-kitchen-faucets-Dec-2016-2017-107Refering to kitchen faucet paragraph Brico Depot Catalog, We find from the most basic to designer taps. Although the highlight of this section probably removable taps (also the most &8220; Modern&# 8221;), also we find the high and low pipe and which are placed on the wall and not the countertop or sink.

Hoods and Brico Depot Sinks

Brico-Depot-kitchen-sinks bells-extractor-December-2016-2017-108In this section we see that Brico Depot We offer bells extractors to place under the furniture hanging from the top of the kitchen, or if you prefer, those with the extractor column body. The latter are best dress up a kitchen, of course. We also found sinks offered us Brico Depot, which they vary in shape and distribution, having round and square, and single, two or mixed.

Cooktops and ovens Brico Depot

brico-depot-cookers-plate-cooking-ovens-December-2016-2017-109Vitroceramics of Brico Depot kitchens ranging from eighty to two hundred and eighty euros. Why this price range is? Vitro the type we want, because we have the usual gas as well as with modern induction. With the furnaces will not find much difference in price, just sixty euros from the cheapest to most expensive.

Brico Depot ons and accessories

Brico-Depot-kitchen-accessories-accessories-Dec-2016-2017-111Finally, we come to the section ons and accessories Brico Depot kitchens and here we find from the bins provided at the latest, prepared for recycling. We will also see a variety of shooters and articles aimed at storage, such as bottle racks and racks column.

Brico Depot catalog Kitchens: December 2016 &# 8211; 2017

Brico Depot kitchens catalog previous years

The Brico Depot kitchens are distinguished by being a current well-equipped kitchens and although Brico Depot stores we can find everything you need to equip our house and also with affordable prices; something that is appreciated in the case of the kitchens and many other firms are usually somewhat expensive.

Before show you the special catalog of kitchens Brico Depot has created this year, we will share with you the pictures of the kitchen section of the new catalog of offers for next month. If you want to see more deals and catalog just you have to click on &8220;Brico Depot catalog 2016&8221;

Brico Depot economic kitchens

If anything highlights the Brico Depot kitchens it is because they tend to jump in units, limited, but at very affordable prices and in fact we can find cuts earlier this year that allow us to equip all our kitchen for less than 300 euros (Prices do not include appliances). brico_Depot_ofertas_marzo_2016-11

The company has all kinds of materials for kitchens, but usually they are so affordable presented in melamine and feature being formed by granite, sockets, handles and hinges, but yes, what are tod home appliances and the sink Y Bell extractor they must be purchased separately.

brico_Depot_ofertas_marzo_2016-10Right now there are no specific offers kitchens in its catalog, but maintain the same models (although the price may have changed).

Tools and accessories for kitchens Brico Depot

If you want to equip your kitchen, or indeed finish completing missing appliances or furniture you do not need to purchase an full, since in Brico Depot They have all kinds of cuisines, both complete and in parts and you find what you need.

In addition all kinds of tools and accessories also find the stores this signature, so you can fix anything that has been damaged or broken in your kitchen, either a drawer or simply change a tap paint walls or windows.

Materials Brico Depot kitchens

While I have already mentioned the melamine how one of the materials for kitchens Brico Depot 2016, we also find furniture presented in wood. Wooden furniture are always much more expensive than melamine. The advantage is to have a natural and beautiful material. Moreover, there are advantages, since they tend to deform more and more color change. The price may be five times higher.

He aluminum, is another material for kitchens of this signature and for areas such as sinks. You can also find precious stainless steel countertops and appliances if you like modern kitchens.

On the other hand, whatever is presented to us fitting in materials ranging from the aluminum brass and with different designs.

Paint for kitchens Brico Depot

Regardless of appliances and furniture that you are going to find all kinds of styles and designs, we also highlight the painting area of ​​Brico Depot and we serve to choose the color you go to our kitchen this new year 2016.

It should also highlight the wide range of plastic paints Brico Depot will find in and are the best choice for the kitchen considering it is a space where you always find all kinds of stains caused by grease and steam cooking; so this kind of paint will allow you to clean the walls with a little soap and water.

Brico Depot specialists at home

Before see some of the patterns or trends Brico Depot kitchens, I speak a little of this store and present in Spain since 2003 and has 17 stores in the Spanish geography.

Apart from the kitchens, Brico Depot signature sells in its stores all kinds of tools and accessories that we decorate and make all kinds of fixes, changes and works in nuetra home.

It also has all kinds of ideas and proposals for those who need to find inspiration for decorating rooms, walls, bathroom or what the case, the kitchen.

Current trends in decorating kitchens

In the magnificent Brico Depot catalog You will find a lot of items for your kitchen at unbeatable prices. However, finding such a variety, can I see assailed by doubts. What is the best option to choose? Your choice will depend on many factors, but we hope to help you decide presenting you some of the latest in the world of kitchen decor trends.

Brico Depot Kitchens gray

Gray is fashionable. After a few years in which there was no middle ground between opting for bright colors like red or green, or opt for classic colors like black or white, gray it has risen as a desired and useful average. While giving a touch of originality by how little this color is often used in the world of the kitchen and away at the same time the most strident tones, gray has become a resounding success. Therefore, if you want your kitchen is the latest fashion, bet on the gray tone of your choice will be a safe bet for you. In Brico Depot catalog you have at your disposal a wide range of kitchen furniture, doors and appliances in different shades of gray at the best prices that allow you to create a beautiful kitchen to the very latest fashion. Do not let this chance go away!

Imitations can save a lot of money. Many people want to have a kitchen made with natural materials of high quality and immaculate appearance. However, budget constraints make this impossible for many of us. However, this does not mean you have to give the look you wanted for your kitchen. In recent years there have been a lot of models and materials that seek to imitate the "look" of materials such as granite, marble or wood quality. Both these materials have advanced imitation have passed to be among the preferred choices of all kinds of people. Therefore, do not hesitate to go to these materials imitation to realize your dream kitchen. You will not regret!

Brico Depot kitchen storage

The functionality remains key. Something that does not change is the need to make this space as functional as possible. But increasingly is becoming a greater emphasis on decoration, especially since kitchens are no longer spaces apart to integrate with the rest of the living space, the need to make them comfortable, useful, easy to clean and functional always dominate his design. Thus, in recent times, is still committed to incorporating touch appliances, taps with motion detectors to save water and increasing storage space. Thus, in the catalog of Brico Depot you will find a wide variety of items that will help you get your kitchen is as functional as possible, from comfortable closets to beautiful exempt islands, through all kinds of shelves and drawers that you will seize up corner of your lovely kitchen.

Innova with soil. In the field of decoration, they are always looking for new ways to continue to innovate and improve each and every one of the spaces of the house. For kitchens, having spent years modifying various portions thereof, is looking back to an element that has traditionally not received the attention it deserves, which is the ground. A good ground can give your kitchen range, increase its luminosity and introduce original and modern elements consistent with its design, among many other possibilities. Therefore, when creating your new kitchen, do not forget to look down. The combination of a new and original floor with some of the precious kitchen furniture that offers Brico Depot will make your kitchen even better than you could even imagine. Guaranteed.

I leave the Brico Dépôt video:

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