More than 100 photos decorating terraces and small balconies and modern

More than 100 photos decorating terraces and balconies small and modern. Pictures and ideas that will inspire you to create your terrace in a unique space where you can unwind, relax and enjoy this space. In turn, I also show different styles that you can be very attractive to transfer them to your terrace.


With this article we'll update of trends in decorating terraces and balconies, regardless of their size.

The terrace is one of the most spectacular spaces who has a home. From my experience, I've lived in homes without terrace, with balcony and terrace, I stay without a doubt the last two possibilities because you can always use this space to create something unique at home.

Decoration that can be used in a terrace It is quite varied and does not have to follow the same style or dictamines used inside the home. Feel free to create something very personal, that corner you've always wanted and enjoy your exterior views.


The terrace decoration It is essential for this stay into our house favorite, both in winter and summer space. Therefore, in this article, we will give you the keys to the terrace is beautiful and functional, addressing issues such as the furniture, color, functionality and lighting, among others.

Terrazas decoration | Furniture

Furniture is one of the main steps decorate a terrace, it will mark one style or another. One of the most positive aspects is that it is becoming much easier to find the perfect furniture for the perfect space and style you want at a good price.

Before it might be difficult to find much variety, especially when we talk about small balconies, since it seemed like places that are not pulled enough party. Today we can see how big decorating stores &# 8211; Ikea, Leroy Merlin, Bauhaus, Maison du Monde &# 8211; also they make winks to small balconies with photographs as we show in the article.

That said, it is not necessary to fill the terrace or balcony furniture, ideally you can create a functional space, despejarte and a place to enjoy the fresh air at any time of year.

I have chosen these two photos so you can see two completely different decorations. In the first, we see how it has used a small table and chairs (Ideal for creating a more natural space, especially in town) and so have an outdoor space. In the second picture, we find a terrace style chill out, sofa and cushions on the floor, candles and soft lights.

Depending on the style of decoration you wish to build terrace you can go by combining other elements to enhance sensations. In turn, fijaros as plants and open spaces always seem to go together hand in hand, do not miss the opportunity to include plants of any kind on your terrace or balcony, give a lot of life and generate a more pleasant feeling.

For more examples Furniture for the terrace according to your taste and style, pinchad in the next gallery.

Terrazas decoration | Color

Countless studies scientifically show how colors can generate different perceptions and sensations in every person, but then everyone has their opinion and memories associated with a certain color.


That said, keep in mind what's your color and beam is present on your terrace. Sometimes it is not necessary that everything is in that color but copper prominence or have a detail that will supply those good feelings.

The reality is that you have at your disposal an infinite variety of colors, yes, we recommend that in case you doubt what color to use for your terrace you take a few days of reflection and always opt for the colors that will bring more vitality among your alternatives.


In which case you continue doubting and do not have anything clear, the best option is to keep the walls in light, neutral colors, with whom you feel comfortable, and opt for more daring and bold decorative elements for different colors of your deck.

Look at this picture, the walls are full of vitality but also the various elements that were used for this composition: green, pink, orange&# 8230; all in different intensities.

For best colors, latest color trends decking we recommend you bring any fotogalería the following:

Terrazas decoration | functionality

If you want to turn your terrace into a more functional space than you have right now, it does not take much money you spend, sometimes you just have to move some things, do some housecleaning and reorganize.


Do not use a chair, cushions, blankets, candles strategically placed&# 8230; Before buying, Check back home to see which items you can reuse and get a functional terrace.

The terrace can become your favorite place in the house throughout the year, not just in the spring and summer seasons. It all depends on what is most values ​​from your terrace and you create a space for it ¿area to read, to eat, to see the stars&# 8230 ;?

If you have a very small terrace or balcony and you would like to use for various passions, do not forget that you can find foldable and easy furniture to transport in decorating stores. In this way, you can create very diverse and functional spaces quickly, so you can get that you always have the terrace you need.

More images of functional terraces in this gallery.

Terrazas decoration | illumination

If lighting is one of the key aspects in any room of the house in a matter of terraces it could not be less.


The lighting a terrace It is one of the aspects to be very careful, taking into account what kind of space you want to create.

Personally, I love garlands of lights now they sold everywhere, formed by balls of fabric, which can also make them at home to your liking and the colors you most passionate about.

Lighting issues, I always use indirect lighting and I like to be tenuous, whether it comes to these wreaths and candles.

If you want to use at night it can be like when it is day, we recommend that you put candles, lanterns, garlands and colgues of ceiling and walls, railings and even soil. Conseguiréis a spectacular light achieving a unique and welcoming space.

More examples of lighting terraces either on walls, ceilings, railings, floor&# 8230; in the next gallery.

Terrazas Small decoration

When we have a small terrace we have to make good use of space so that besides being beautiful is functional and can enjoy it without problems.


This time, yes or yes you have to assess what is most important to you a terrace and how you like to enjoy it. It is essential to create the space you're passionate about and fill you because you do not have to give it up if you have things clear.

Pay attention to the first photograph of this section, where it has placed a bar to enjoy breakfast but also a swing to relax, read a book or simply disconnect from life.


The best? They have not lost the opportunity to put a small aromatic plants to have a good crop at home.

The small details make the difference, we must look for quality and are original getting an intimate corner. When we talk about quality we do not mean to be expensive or fantastic material, if not that they are elements in quality compared to the terrace, do not put anything but what you put useful and fills you up.

That ye may have all decorating ideas small terraces we leave this gallery full of images of the best terraces so you can decorate your own.

Decoration Terrazas | glassed terraces

Thanks to Enclosures for terraces, Today we can use throughout the year, both in winter and summer. If you have the sunroom you can use it as an annex space to the house or a separate living room where you have a very personal corner.

The advantage is that hot weather you can open windows of the enclosure and once again enjoy a lot of outdoor area.

Think of the terraces as more than a space to place two chairs and four floors. Actually in them we can create spaces for meeting, resting, reading. From comfortable hammocks tables and chairs bamboo or aluminum. You should never limit your possibilities.

Decorating terraces: Decorative objects


Have nothing clear about the space of your deck you must know differentiate which elements are basic and which are dispensable.

Between the basic necessary or would find tables, chairs, couches, hammocks, fishnets (if space allows it) to create meeting spaces where reading, chatting, watching TV. All these are advised to buy in resistant materials moisture, such as teak, rattan, bamboo, plastics, aluminum, wrought iron.


also side tables, folding chairs, ottomans, as space can help if you have guests and need more seating surface. Poufs be something more side but it never hurts when it comes to decorating your terrace with a romantic touch or if you go by these trends as they are today.

The plants They would also be among those basic elements for good decoration terrace. These would have the highest or occupying more space as well as flowers and even the occasional tree (if you fit). Along with this we can not forget colorful pots or pots, stone, wood, auto irrigable. Terrace without plants seems lifeless and more if we consider the wide variety for these as hanging plants, vines, shrubs. On the terraces you can have your own garden.

rooftop terrace design ideas, rooftop, terrace design

If you have little space you can put flowerpots on both ends of the terrace near a wall and put a lattice attached to the pot, this way you can cover plants and flowers lattices wall without filling up space.

Umbrella, pergola or awning for sun protection and create a more intimate space would also be needed and when the warm weather arrives and the sun shines on the terrace during much of the day.

The many current models terrace tables have a central hole to put an umbrella. It is ideal since in the same space of the table have an umbrella, without taking up additional floor space and thus eat in the shade while the kids for example play or other sunbathers sitting in their chairs (another element though not so basic).

Rustic decor terraces


As elsewhere in the home, terrace adapts to your tastes. The important thing is to create a place where you feel comfortable, you like yourself is most important. You can create terraces of many styles from the latest trends and is also close to what you will like.

Getting your terrace has a rustic style is not difficult, the most important elements you need to incorporate is the natural stone and wood.

Decoration-terraces-2015-style-rustic wood

With this course, you can give you the functionality you like or need. If you want to enhance the effect of a rustic and natural area, you can incorporate plants and large trees so it looks like you adentráis in a completely different space.

In this second picture shows how they have chosen to create a dining but it is also important to note that these wooden benches They are perfect for placement in any area of ​​the terrace and get that rustic look.

Decoration chill out terraces

You have many ways to achieve this effect on your terrace, from purchasing specific furniture for them to create yourself your own space with the help of pallets, an old mattress you thought recycling and a few cushions.

In this photograph we see that bohemian space dyes and chill out where you can lie on the outside to unwind and relax, without the need to add more items.

As you can see, it does not take much to get that relaxing space on your balcony and you can modify these Ideas depending on the size with which you count, because no matter if you have to do in a small space, it is important to have that space to get away from the world.

If you prefer to buy furniture, in decoration shops you will find plenty of options to create your chill out terrace.

Penthouses terraces decoration

Have a terrace penthouse It is wonderful because space is usually always much higher, there is no height limits that heaven and you feel you have more sense of intimacy.

Therefore, decorating options will also be much more varied, all that I have discussed above would be worth as decorative Board for this place.

The important thing is to know what kind of terrace is you want to create and what functionality you want to give but hey, big trees, tall pots or small, an aromatic garden or plants that bloom at different times of the year, hammocks, loungers, dining, barbecue&# 8230; Everything is possible!

Decoration terraces: photos

If you want to see the rest of the photographs decorating terraces that you need to discover, just back to top of the article and click on the first image to the gallery display.

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