El Corte Ingles Catalog Spring Summer 2017 | furniture and decoration

Trends in furniture and decoration for this spring summer is now available with version Catalog 2017 El Corte Ingles, we bring then with pictures, prices and designs that can inspire you to create your home.

Section furniture and decoration El Corte Ingles usually highly it valued because they typically have the latest trends, quality items and varied designs, which makes it easier to find what you need for the home.

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English Cut Spring Summer 2017 | furniture and decoration

Then let's go see what the different categories of furniture that can be found for different parts of your home and the advantages and features of each.

Seats: El Corte Ingles 2017

The sofas and armchairs are essential elements in any room, as this is a space that is designed to relax, where you can enjoy moments of leisure and disconnection. Therefore, sofas and armchairs will be one of the cornerstones of this stay.

As you can see in the photographs, these elements can be made of different materials (fabric, leather&# 8230;) that it depends on what type of decoration there is no home like pets or children, it is recommended one or the other.
The leather sofas often require more care and maintenance than fabric sofas, since the latter can have covers that are washable or applied them less delicate than leather products.

Moreover, another important aspect to care are the different designs of sofas that you can find. If OSF look closely at the picture above, you can see the different sofas that can get to find in El Corte Ingles, as can opt for sofas that are already designed with certain places or modular sofas.

As for the armchairs, the options are very broad because not only is the design and the material that has been prepared also going to be able to find sofas with some extra functions &# 8211; beyond being a seat &# 8211; they will make the difference between one and other.

You can find recliners, massage chairs, armchairs with pouffe&# 8230; The options are extensive, so valorad your needs and budgets.

Dining Lounge: El Corte Ingles 2017

El Corte Ingles you can find a a variety of tables, both in size and style and material. One of the interesting aspects, as you see in the pictures above, is that they often present these tables as part of a collection greater, so it is great to easily combine different furniture.

In the picture above and we see a preview: table, coffee table and dining table.

As we mentioned before, the style of the table will be one of the details that must be cared for must be appropriate for the decorating style chosen (vintage, industrial, ethnic, etc.).

In turn, this section will find other tables besides being functional play a fundamental aesthetic value. fijaros these auxiliary tables Z-shaped or S, tables and curves with bold designs that easily come by sight. In this catalog section we will also find other perfect furniture for the dining areas or living room, such as the libraries and shelves that you can find in different sizes, colors and materials.

Home Office: El Corte Ingles 2017

Those who need to have a space to work at home, it is essential to have a desk of optimal dimensions for a cushy job and thus effective.

In turn, it is impossible to lose sight of it a hergonómica chair so that no harm will not occur on the back and you can work properly.

As you can see in the pictures, will you be able to find designs of all kinds for colors, materials, alguras, etc. In turn, also interesting the possibility of assessing the furniture desk for those with less space.

Bedrooms El Corte Ingles 2017

In one bedroom closets will be the linchpin for a stay collection is still visible, bright and without taking too much space.

In this sense, fijaros how white cabinets will always enhance the light in the room or how mirrors can be a great option for small rooms too, they generate the feeling of being wider.

MiniHome also will find a section designed for smaller household furniture to size so they can start learning to keep their stuff and have it all collected.

El Corte Ingles Catalog Spring Summer 2017 | furniture and decoration

Then the complete catalog of El Corte Inglés we bring you so that you can know the trends for spring-summer 2017 furniture:

Catalog 2016 El Corte Ingles | furniture and decoration


We continue to enjoy this day indicated to look and learn new ideas and prices for our home decor. This time we want to offer all the information seeing the new ideas that El Corte Inglés has us prepared. Then Espaciohogar, Catalog El Corte Ingles | furniture and decoration.

Proposals for the living room


He The English court catalog, furniture and decoration It is composed of a lot of products and prices that surprise and give us an overview of everything that we find in this store if we approach it at the end of the search. Among the proposed new English court began around the room and emphasizes that Sofa change. Thus carry something much simpler models than in previous years, para homes that are not too large and colorful as fashionable as gray.

Although trends go through skin models, that already were in vogue, the fact is that you can find sofas in other tissues, much easier to clean in the case of soiling, and that you will be combined with more varied styles.


Another proposal that highlight the catalog of furniture El Corte Ingles is choosing sofas like this you see here in a very nice green tone but also combining it with both modern style furniture and style &8220; vintage&8221; or retro.


Choosing your furniture should not only look at trends like this beige or raw, but the truth is that if you want your room look modern, no more will we decant some of the trendy colors this season and bring to your living room and dining room a completely new look.

catalog-2015-the-court-English-furniture-and-decor-sofa beds

We also find among the proposals hall El Corte Ingles, those that are created especially for confined spaces. For this example we can recomendarospor sofa bed that they have a Modern design in colors like white and serving to rest and time to sleep in houses that are very small.

Proposals for the dining room

catalog-2015-the-court-English-furniture-and-decor-room furniture

As to what is proposed in the English Court for the dining room as we need to highlight, models of chairs and tables presented in a modern style, though the wood is very present and we also found a clear commitment by the boards of glass or crystal on the tables, which is one of the trends that exist in the current dining decor.


Also in its new catalog, El Corte Ingles proposals opts for rustic style so fashionable has been in recent months. Wood is perhaps one of the most widely used materials for furniture and the truth is that we can find proposals how are you guarantee us quality and style.

catalog-2015-the-court-English-furniture-and-decor-round tables

We also find suggestions for those kitchens that are small or those comparetn space with the living room. Nice round tables (which are trend) and in combination with retro-inspired chairs do not you love that blue or emerald green as summer?

Another proposal that are perfect for small eaters, is a table like this, fold so we can pick it up whenever we want. On the other hand, I want to emphasize that color White for the table, in combination with chairs, because it is a tone that is usually given for this type of furniture that will certainly make your dining room look more modern and even lit. This type of table combined with various styles, including the minimalist, modern and even &# 8220; retro&8221;.

Proposals for the bedroom


For him bedroom we also want destacaros furniture and proposals that are made of wood. In addition El Corte Inglés presents decorated in very bright colors that will be perfect for this new spring-summer season.


And those who want to follow the latest trends for the bedroom, anything like look at the option to have it all in White color. Maybe you find it somewhat cold, for this is the detail of gray linen, but the truth is that it takes a lot.


we want to give special mention to headboards, that this year El Corte Inglés catalog devotes a special section. We can find a wide variety of models but perhaps the most widely currently carry and that we recommend without hesitation are those who have a modern design but marked inspiration &# 8220; retro&# 8221 ;.

On the other hand include the use of auxiliary bedroom furniture as nightstands. In the catalog of furniture El Corte Ingles, we find designs like this wood with white and brown tones; ideal for modern style but also for style &# 8220; retro&8221; or even if you have the &# 8220; rustic&# 8221 ;.

catalog-furniture-the-court-English-2016-bed bedroom child
We can not forget the children's furniture, and we want to mention the bedroom. It seems that the trend for habitaciones children are very close to the beds as you see here, with some classic air. For years they have been much furniture beds together so we could have bed, wardrobe and table all in one. Now that trend seems moves away to make way again as nice as the beds, and white highlighted with a headboard.

Proposals for kitchen and bathroom


I do not want to forget those proposals that are designed and created for the kitchen and bath. Spaces where it is also important to find the right decoration and furniture and will allow us to have them with a modern, contemporary and design for everyone.

In the specific case of do you cook we can find many proposals that have a simple, functional design. Kitchen tables and chairs for example, are white, as marking the latest trends.

Models with white tables, we also have the trend for cash. In the catalog of El Corte Ingles we find table and chairs for the kitchen with a design as modern as we see in this other set. The metal board, It is extensible so that we can have a bigger when we need it the table.


As for what we have, and stress, bath, include the washbasin that are intengrados and they have lines of modern design, ideal for integrating both existing bathrooms and those with a minimalist style. They are perfect as well as furniture for bañoso that are somewhat smaller (as in many houses) because they take up very little space.


He Furniture catalog El Corte Ingles also highlights the presence of the dishes and shower columns which they are now trend. With them we can save space and best of all, you get to have a completely modern bathroom and renovated.

With them you get also save space, and not only that, but your bathroom will look much more updated and are also very functional for homes where children live or elderly.

Proposals for the terrace and garden


Also in this catalog include El Corte Ingles proposals for the garden and terrace, giving careful presence to all that are tables and chairs to enjoy the outside and proposals as the most rustic wooden models.

And as we have not, we show you some other proposal reclining furniture for the garden. Made with a very modern style with fibers and materials that make them more comfortable and especially more resistant to having to be exposed to the sun for hours.

These are just some outstanding proposals in the catalog of El Corte Ingles in terms of furniture and decor. If you want to see everything in full we recommend you to take a look at the website of El Corte Ingles where you will find many others, and safe for everyone.

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