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Garden Fountains models: We teach models Garden Fountains that surely you'll love and you're going to want to have in your garden, patio or terrace. Do not miss our selection of over 100 photos so you can get an idea from Why choose garden fountain.


Garden Fountains models


Having a garden at home allows us to have a good source with which to decorate and also to have water outside. There are many models to choose from so that we show a gallery with 100 images, but before we see these examples no doubt you will love.

Garden Fountains: For modern gardens

If you're looking for is modernize your garden, we propose a series of sources surely you will bring your current air garden area.

Source creating a water curtain


Having a garden means lucky enough to place a fountain and the truth is that the wide variety of designs today allows us to place models that match the style of our garden. If for example it is modern. You can choose a font in which falling water create a curtain as see in the image.

Garden fountain with torches


On the other hand, if you want a source for a modern garden, you also have the option to place a small protruding in can light torches at night or at special times. An original design that is also ideal for those who want a garden that is elegant.

Tinajas sources


Placing a few small jars or pots, you can also get your garden look as the most modern of all.

individiuales sources


If you have a garden and want it to look modern, nothing like a fountain. Thus we propose sources such as this, which are singles and sold with simple installation so that you can put anywhere in the house.

Garden Fountains: Stone blocks

Fountain and waterfall stone block


You can choose a block of stones that build and do it yourself, or buy the said block already prepared, with a system that drop cascade water.

Garden fountain with stones separate block


If you wish you can have a source like this. With different stones and placed so that you bring a style very Mediterranean garden.

Garden fountains with stones block wall


If you put the stone block like a wall, you will get your garden fountain occupies little more space, but also to look more modern. We have already seen how stones can &8220; dress&8221; our garden in previous sections of this post.

Garden Fountains: Swimming pool

Garden fountain with pond and waterfall

If you have room, nothing will be like a garden fountain runs in a pond, but also something with a cascading effect, it will be quite spectacular.

Fountain garden with small pond

If instead the proportions are smaller, you can opt for something like this, which is more suitable for a small garden.

Garden fountain with pond and two suppliers

Also for a small garden, this fountain with small pond with its two suppliers.

Garden Fountains: De Zen style

Source Zen garden with stones

We have already seen before and take advantage of a block of stone to make your source. If you stack, you can get further that fit you so well.

Source zen garden with bamboo

Another option is to build from the use of bamboo, a source as original as this.
You can see another model in which bamboo, located at the top, is an essential element.

Garden Fountains: With lights

Garden fountains with lights classic style

For the classics, albeit with some modern style with those little lights.

Garden fountains with lights modern

For a garden with more space, and for those who want something modern, nothing like This design also has its panel of lights at the bottom.

Garden fountains with lights and waterfall

And if you can not opt ​​for a small fountain, but also light, count ideal for relaxing waterfall.

Garden fountains with lights and original design

With an original design, you can also have a garden fountain also allows you to incorporate lights.

Garden Fountains: Original

Source of original garden with a piano

I do not know as they have done but for the most original sources we've ever seen is not it ?.

Source original garden pots

With simple pots, you can get filter water through them and thereby to Logres your source is certainly original.

Source of original garden pots

The same can get a couple of pots stacked. You will achieve a style certainly the most original and modern.

Already You have seen pictures of garden fountains that are sure you will be inspiring, If you want to see more We leave you with 100 photos of different designs that you've mentioned throughout the article and they are spectacular.

100 Photos Garden Fountains models

The garden fountains a decorative element also creates a microclimate. Throughout history sources were used in gardens as seen in the Alhambra Gardens or Neptune, the Alcazar of Seville or in the gardens of the Palace of Versailles. Currently, the garden fountains are fashionable so if you have space and budget for it do not hesitate to install one to complete the best decoration garden in summer 2015 and above all to make your garden look like no other .


Garden Fountains

Figure fuentes-de-jardin-style-classic-
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The sound of water from a fountain is relaxing and harmonious, maybe that's why Arabs used both sources in the gardens. Gardens Arab influence is thought to recreate the senses, sources managed to unite beauty with the magical sound of water.
You may think that you are something &8220; estrambóticas&8221; or demasido excessive for a current home, but the truth is that This 2014 have become fashionable and you can choose between different styles that sell so you know hit with the font type that best suits your style.

Garden fountains | styles


Fiberglass, stone, stainless steel, terracotta. The garden fountains today are manufactured in a wide variety of designs, sizes and materials. From large to small gardens sources. The garden fountains are ideal for creating personalized spaces in the garden, where it is the fountain will look.

  • Light sources
  • Pedestal sources and various levels
  • Sources ethnic style
  • Sources classic style
  • Rustic sources
  • Sources of stainless steel and copper
  • Water walls outside
  • Wood sources
  • waterfalls

The stone fountains, elegant solid and durable. Vase-shaped, with several floors or pedestal. Sources of gardens most famous are stone, so have a special charm. These sources are heavier to transport, others such as fiberglass. The advantages are that the stone has little maintenance, and holds up well over time. If you like the rustic stone fountains are the best bet for garden.

We can also choose sources that have forms of other elements. Among these would be the Garden fountains shaped jars or shaped tree with light.

Classic garden supplies Flavored gardens of other times as semicircular pedestal fountain and lion image pipe. The source is a strategic place in the garden as size the evaporation of water creates a microclimate in the surrounding area. Plants and flowers that need more moisture as ferns, hydrangeas, begonias, azaleas, ivy may surround the source creating an ornamental set in your garden.

Modern garden supplies

Font-de-jardin-style geometric-modern-
Apart from the wide variety of sources that we can place in our garden, it seems that most currently carry are modern in style. The modern garden fountains stand out for their geometric designs, by double structures where water falls from one level to another creating sounds and decorative effects. The sources cylindrical pipes with different so that the water falls into different jets are also modern in design. Sophisticated outer water walls, like a wall and yet is a source. They can attach to any wall, this does not detract space.

And if you like it something that is most original chooses ethnic sources, influences by the Zen style; You can also choose from Japanese style, Oriental influence of Feng Shui seeks order and contact with nature. Sources are used in oriental gardens as decorative elements surrounded by plants, trees and decorative stones. If you garden is small You can also put a fountain in the garden, sources are reduced in size to fit any surface. A vase or a fountain? The two things you can put a nice vase in blue which is also a source. It takes up very little space and is ideal for any garden, yard or terrace. Sources minimalist, modern, geometric design in black with an elegant and sober touch to decorate the garden.

Garden fountains | 2015 models

For 2015, it appears that companies specializing in garden fountains have realized how well are all kinds of gardens and even sold and for those who are not very large. The small, simple Yque can be placed in any garden area sources are trend these days.

Also among such sources are of a smaller size, we can find models that surprise us because They can be placed even on a terrace. This small fountain, at ground level, you will be surprised by how well they stay in your small garden or terrace.

Modern fuentes-de-jardin-2015-model-
Anyway still the largest sources remain protagonists between 2015 and supply models if you want to buy, or inspiration, for some it is fashionable, nothing like opt for one like you see in the picture above, considering that the jets are still different trend.

As for styles, nothing like bet a font style that is more rustic, I would even say, country; and thus, we can select a garden fountain that resembles a vessel. This type of source will be the big attraction in any garden.

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