Ikea Catalog 2018 (October 2017)

The new Ikea catalog 2018 with all the latest in kitchen, organization, bedroom, household items&# 8230; We present the latest trends in the firm with limited Ikea collections that come out monthly.

Ikea Catalog 2018

We have here the Ikea catalog, to see what next year will bring us to 2018. As always, we bring you the complete catalog with all sections: living room, kitchen, bath, bedroom Y child's bedroom. You know that Ikea is renewed every year to bring us the latest trends in home decor.

Read on for the full 2018 Ikea catalog and find many economic ideas to decorate your home.

2018 Ikea catalog: armchairs and sofas

New proposals for 2018 Ikea sofas and armchairs are the most striking. We will find sober, as always colorful, but also very bright colors and prints with natural detail that immediately captures the attention.

In turn, I also encourage you to fijaros in different places and ways that you can find these sofas, being much easier to take advantage of even the smallest spaces without losing comfort.

Ikea catalog 2018: living

Within the 2018 Ikea catalog we can find many ideas for decorating our living room. We can opt for more sober decorations with neutral colors like shows this proposed Ikea room 2018 or opt for bright colors, as discussed below.

Or we can choose the Nordic style that will also follow a trend throughout the next 2018 home decor. The keys to this decoration are the wooden furniture, as you can see in this proposed Ikea decoration and clear in the general decor and colors of look you recommend a white or pearl gray.

Another type of decoration has also been very popular in 2017 but according to the Ikea catalog for 2018 shows that also will feature prominently in the next year. This is a very colorful decor geometric figures as you can see the picture below.

You can see the 2018 Ikea catalog lounge full:

Ikea catalog 2018: canteens

Ikea last year began a campaign that really emphasized the value of eaters, like a return to enjoy family meals and reunions after a day at work or in class.

This idea continues to accompany the new Ikea season with dining for all tastes:

Ikea catalog 2018: bedroom

In the 2018 Ikea catalog we can find a space dedicated to the double bedrooms. For the coming year will continue to see neutral colors and wood with dominance Nordic and rustic style although geometric shapes, as in the lounge, also will trend.

In the 2018 Ikea catalog we can not only see furniture and decoration, but some really useful add-ons for our stays like this separator drawer supplements for man or woman who helps us to keep our ties, earrings, watches, etc.

As throughout the year 2017, the boho-chic style It will also be a tendency in the bedroom as you can see in the picture below. It is a more ornate style but keeping sober colors, with a touch of color to give that aspect &8220; boho&# 8221 ;.

You can see the 2018 Ikea catalog Bedroom full:

If you want to know more about the different cabinets and prices available for this season, just click here: Catalog 2018 Ikea cabinets and click below if you want to see more about ikea bedroom designs 2018.

2018 Ikea catalog: bathroom

Another of the most interesting sections offered by the 2018 Ikea catalog is the section decorating bathrooms. The good thing about this catalog is offered to us Decorative suggestions Whether you have a large bathroom as if we have a small bathroom so it can be useful and practical for any home.

If you want a more classic style both simple, you can decantarte furniture in white as you see in the picture above and combine it with another neutral color as can be black, gray or brown. But we can also play with other colors and textures as you see in the picture below where the paint is dull furniture and everything is in a blue sea.

You can see the 2018 Ikea catalog Bathroom full:

If you want to see the complete catalog of bathroom Ikea 2018, just come here to see the brochure with prices: ikea bathroom 2018 catalog

2018 Ikea catalog: kitchen

If you are thinking about remodeling your kitchen or you move soon and do not know how to distribute this stay, you can not miss the section of the catalog of Ikea kitchens 2018.

In the kitchens, Ikea opts for simple and sober style that we can give a touch of color in any detail. For example in the kitchen of the photograph above we can introduce some element of yellow decor to give that touch of color and that it is not so dark. In fact, you always recommend combining dark colors with light to light and stay perceives no small sensation.

Of course, as always, you can not miss your section homewares with plates, cutlery and tablecloths original world of decoration. In addition, they are always very good quality and very good price.

You can see the 2018 Ikea catalog Kitchen full:

&# 8211;> If you want to see even more new cooking, do not miss the kitchen Ikea catalog 2018

Ikea catalog 2018: child's bedroom

Finally, in the 2018 Ikea catalog we can also find suggestions for decorating a child's bedroom. We can find decorations for children, skipping stereotypes and classical decor of this kind of stay.

If you have a not too large room where several children sleep, Ikea gives us many ideas to maximize space to the fullest. You can tell, for example, bunk beds, folding tables to the wall or hidden closets.

You can see the 2018 Ikea catalog Children's bedroom full:

2018 Ikea catalog: textiles and decoration

Every year we can find different textiles, in terms of colors, fabrics and textures in Ikea. This season we will have the opportunity to enjoy prints, solid colors and other tissues that will make the wonders of sofas, bedrooms and other rooms.

Ikea catalog 2017: new series (October)

In this section we discuss the developments that are out of print, some limited collections and others that are added to the items that are already in store.

Ypperlig collection Ikea 2017

In this collection we can find a renewal of large and iconic image of Ikea products like the new look of your bag now appears in a variety of colors and with different patterns.

A collection that combines Ikea designs with HAY designs for products with personality from all angles. You can see a preview of the collection here:

August series

Ikea has used August to present its new series as VIMLE or VOXNAN.

VIMLE is a modular sofa that one can easily adapt the space available or the needs of the moment. You can find it in different colors, it has a sustainable cotton covers that you can take to change the tone of it.

Another series is VOXNAN, re-organizers and bath additives to be able to have that stay both organized and decorated.

In the gallery you can learn more imángenes series and new items:

Ikea catalog 2017: Dynamic Meetings

Each household space is used for different purposes but how to get that space is practical for all of them, can be a problem.

Ikea launches a collection of dynamic lounges proposing functional and moveable furniture to get all space becomes necessary for every moment, there is no impossible, but everything is modifiable and changeable.

You can see more details and photographs from the collection below:

Ikea catalog 2017: STUNSIG &# 8211; limited collection

This new collection of Ikea can find in stores from 2 June. In it, which it will highlight are the prints that were created in different textiles, from bedding to carpets or cloth bags.

Then we find a line prints and designs that leave these objects to give a different life than porcelain plates, for example.

Here we show you some designs that can be striking:

Ikea catalog 2017: AVSIKTLIG &# 8211; limited collection

In this May Ikea presents its Avsiktlig, difficult to pronounce for speaking Castilian, where we can see how the patterns become the protagonists of all areas of the home collection.

This collection consists of kitchen items, stationery, textiles for the bedroom and bathroom, living room&# 8230; In total, they have created 14 pieces for this collection with the collaboration ilmitada 10-Gruppen.

Here you can see all detales of the new collection:

2017 Ikea catalog: Collection Stockholm

Since April 1 is already on sale Ikea new collection Stockholm, where the bright colors will make an appearance along with a sea of ​​tranquility that provides intense blue tones, very present in this new proposal.

Moreover, the rooms will have a great significance in this collection then going to see cushions of different vivid prints with rugs that blend perfectly with them, side tables of various sizes and

Here you can see all items that are part of this collection, along with their prices in photographs of onilne shop, click here:

2017 Ikea catalog: Collection Art event

The Art Event collection consists of a series of posters and illustrations, one limited collection It will be available a few weeks or until stocks are exhausted.

Specifically, you will find 12 posters of various artists which they are recognized internationally and found in drawing its most popular expression. With this collection Ikea aims to bring art to all households regardless of the economy.

Some of the artists who are part of this collection with his works are Amit Greenberg, Micha Payer & Martin Gabriel, Jean Julien, Hell&8217; or, among others. You can see the posters available on the web, shop or an advance by clicking here:

2017 Ikea catalog: Collection Jassa

The most exotic collection of Ikea, Jassa, is available from March 7, where you can find colorful designs and beautiful geometric shapes.

In addition to such colorful designs, it notes that the products of this collection have been hand made They are made from natural materials.

There are five designers who have created this collection and they have taken from Indonesia and Southeast Asia his great inspiration, wishing to create a free collection that breaks with the traditional style.

Then we leave some of the items that are going to be able to find in this collection, a small preview but the most interesting:

Ikea Catalog 2017 Ikea PS 2017 collection

This February was inaugurated with Ikea PS 2017 collection you can already find on sale in its stores.

What you are going to find in this collection are pieces of design, easy to carry &# 8211; so many of them are folding -, convertibles and to which you can give several functions. The latter will be one of the strengths of this collection, since we find striking and functional parts in more than one sense.

Ikea defines this collection as items that are targeted to those people who are independent but who see life beyond the Meres duties &# 8211; work or study &# 8211; and they want something beyond life to cover their basic needs. For those who want to own and daring beyond frequent than usual and designs.

If you click then going to be able to see more detail all items that they are part of this collection and how they are an opportunity to create a different atmosphere:

Ikea catalog 2017: Limited edition Spridd

Another of the collections will be present in this February and limited edition, is Spridd, which has enjoyed the cooperation of British designer Kit Neale.

Boxes, plates, cups, lamps and backpacks are just some of the objects that can be found in the collection Spridd Ikea launched by the British designer Kit Neale.

As going to see articles that we show below, the designs are closely linked to fashion:

Ikea catalog 2017: Annual


Ikea catalog is like a letter to the Magi, It is loaded with treasures you wish you had in your home. So we could not help but bring you this catalog for that ye might have at home, you can see it every time you want and tell us what items you are interested in more or combine them.

We have respected the different Ikea sections created in its catalog so you can find what you may need more easily.

Ikea catalog 2017: News


One of the big bets will be in the department kitchen, where storage will be the key to enjoying a good organization.


As for the bedrooms, those that you have children and sharing a room, you will see how these new designs will not complain about having to share stay or who want their own place. Ikea room that brings both the furniture and layout, you can serve as inspiration to create something perfect at home.


Of course, there will also be bedrooms individual youth and adults, every time you look at them, make you want to jump up those soft beds to rest a little. Pay attention to how to combine colors and patterns, with different furnishings, so it will be easier to create something authentic in your home.


He living room It will also be carefully looked after in this 2017, we will see designs with bright colors and more neutral to make the area a creative place but also relaxing. Rest areas that are essential to enjoy the day.


Here we present the catalog News so that you can see in detail all the items that feature: tables, desks, kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms, storage&# 8230; Just click on the first image and move with the arrows to page:

Ikea catalog 2017: Dining

As I overtook in the news, the dining room will be one of the places where Ikea has fonder. This year make a clear and direct invitation to enjoy meals relatives of reunions after day, sharing beyond food.

ikea-2017-11 catalog-

To do this, we find novelties and culinary classics that make the grandeurs of those who love to cook and eat every bite.

ikea-2017-19 catalog-

If you click on the image that we present below, you can see the complete catalog of the dining room. Easy, fast and convenient;

2017 Ikea catalog: Kitchen accessories

In matters of kitchens, it seems that Ikea has designed fantastic places. It is easy to imagine cooking for one, two, three and so many in their kitchens; even more so when we find these divine tools that make it so comfortable to prepare any dish.

ikea-2017-29 catalog-

They also have items designed for those who leave and rent They need more space in their kitchens but they can not change things; basic items that we all need and those extra touches that turn simple into something lovely kitchens.

ikea-2017-49 catalog-

Sections not miss recycling and the child-friendly kitchens.

ikea-2017-44 catalog-

You just have to click on the image to access the catalog of kitchens:

2017 Ikea catalog: Kitchen


Ikea catalog 2017: Relax, sofas and lights

Ikea has created a section called Relax, in which we have added other names in the title so you can more easily find the items you seek.

ikea-2017-72 catalog-

On the one hand, one of the innovations that have most caught my attention was the rocking chair, yes, that I show in the photograph. It looks like a piece of summer brought up this winter already is approaching us.

ikea-2017-89 catalog-

On the other hand, impossible to miss these sofas and armchairs which they are a clear reminder of how soft they can become. Cozy and perfect companions in solitude or in meetings.

ikea-2017-85 catalog-

And, of course, the lights. You're going to be able to find lamp designs very varied so you can choose one that is more suited to your type of decoration, not to mention the budget.


Without further ado, you just have to click on the image for this particular section is displayed Ikea catalog 2017:

Ikea catalog 2017: cabinets, chests and organization

The wardrove They are one of the strengths of Ikea, where we can find all kinds of sizes and designs, along with customizable cabinets you can design comfortably.


This year we find a classic to which they have covered in yellow tones, instead of the previous red, and it is perfectly combinable with other furniture in light green or brown tones found in the comfortable.


In turn, fijaros in furniture for the living room and television. How you can find basic furniture that are easy to combine practical for storage and beautiful.


In this section we also find Mirrors and details of organization always provide the room is more yours, you prettier and easier to find your belongings.


If you click on the first picture, you will see how it unfolds the catalog:

Ikea catalog 2017: Bedrooms and bedding

The bedrooms are another of the sections in which one always ends up paying attention, wishing to start from scratch this room to put the full one of those rooms decorated catalog.


As always you can, a sensational option is to get ideas how to combine different colors, make the most of the space or convert a room into something very special.


In turn, in this section we can also see developments in linens, from simple stamped colors you will easily combined with other furniture.


Another fundamental and very fun section is the children's rooms, to me there is one that I loved because it seems out of a fairy Do you guys Which would you choose?


And as always, clicking on the first image is desplagará this section of the catalog so you can see her taste:

2017 Ikea catalog: Mattresses


You know that Ikea and create a complete catalog with news of the year, then create different brochures with more concrete and comprehensive information on the most relevant sections.

Ikea catalog 2017: Bathrooms

One of the great lessons that I've been seeing so many baths with little Ikea is that you can get much, that light tones always bring a lot of light however small and some plants can be the perfect touch for a space where you feel like being.


In turn, it is also important to note the little details that can make a bathroom happens to be something simple to a bathroom where you want to be, make it cozy and comfortable.


Click on the image below to see this section full of Ikea catalog 2017:

Ikea catalog 2017: terraces

Have a big or small terrace, you like plants or just looking to create a dining area and a relaxation area, we bring ideas you might find interesting for your home.

Ikea Catalog 2016

With what I have already shown you can see the complete catalog 2016. A catalog which include the above proposals and views as novelties that will make your house completely renewed for another year.
2016 Ikea catalog also bet for a light filled home where pastels shades like beige and take center stage.

2016 Ikea catalog: Bedrooms

The bedrooms Ikea proposes this year maintain a decor very Voltto. Shared rooms with bunk beds, colors ranging from black to greener flashy or romantic-style rooms.
In turn, I also propose to watch out for headboards collection this year because you are going to find variations that you can be very attractive for unique spaces.

Let's not forget the rest of accessories our bed getting it much more welcoming than usual, you need to be with your eyes wide open for ideas and make them their own.

Then I show All images in the catalog 2016 section bedrooms, you just have to click on the gallery and go through the pages to detail Listen up!

2016 Ikea catalog: Mattresses and bedding

Like Ikea, we wanted to differentiate these two sections but are part of the bedroom because many of you can only necesitéis renew certain products and not the entire room.
As you know, Ikea has a wide variety of mattresses and pillows you can try right there to find the ideal solution for your rest. In turn, you can also find linens exposed that helps you get an idea of ​​what is the most suitable for decorating your bedroom.
Clicking in the gallery you can learn the specific developments in this section of the bedroom and everything you need to have it ready:

Ikea catalog 2016: Cabinets and comfortable

The cabinets are a fundamental part of the room that not only help us to store our belongings, also provided with a very particular style the estancia.p
It is important that you toméis measures your room, so you can see how much natural light you have to choose the furniture (colors, styles and materials) will be better with the space you have available.
Clicking on the gallery you can see all new developments in closets and dressers:

Ikea catalog 2016: Desks and stationery

Those who wish that a corner of your room is kept as study zone or you may have a specific room for that, there is also news about the different types of desktops designed Ikea 2016.
Desks, chairs and stationery accessories that you can be very useful to work and be comfortable while you do. The study areas have to meet important features of comfort, as I have discussed in other articles.

I will not keep you any longer, here news from Ikea for this section:

Ikea catalog 2016: Children

Especially for children, from their rooms to go linens fun and flashy, cabinets made to measure well as items they know they can become your most precious treasures.
ikea_catalogo16-art (1) 126
Ikea has a great section for children, from cribs that become beds extendable with stuffed animals that end up hugging each other before bedtime.
Here you have all the latest Ikea 2016, so that you enjoy and cojáis ideas

2016 Ikea catalog: Kitchen

Ikea catalog for next year also highlights everything that has to do with the kitchen and being able make the most of this space at home.
Ikea proposes to make more life around the kitchen betting much for central islands Y tables with their chairs.
To give it much easier, we have prepared this small catalog of IKEA kitchens section. You can see it by clicking the center of the image so you can view the online catalog:

Ikea catalog 2016: Dining

As you see, it is also important tables and chairs you choose to enjoy the food as much as those who accompany you to enjoy every bite.
ikea_catalogo16-art (1) 10
A preview before you enter to see the catalog section &8220; Comer&# 8221 ;, I personally titled as good eating, you can find crockery basic style but also with that romantic touch. Come on, there's something for everyone!

Ikea catalog 2016: Kitchenware

This section Ikea has placed all products and accessories that will make each of your spaces is different, attractive and unique.
Products put that touch of distinction and personality in your homes. Therefore, here you are going to find from household items to boxes and dressers Kitchen.
In addition, according to the month are increasing the collection of household items with new items, it is from the collection of January:
ikea-2016-kitchen utensils
As always, I say, although I can resultaros repetitive, attentive to detail and capture combinations decoration to make them yours. Then I leave all photos in this section, and I will say what I have proved irresistible:

Ikea catalog 2016: Seats

Every home must have a corner, big or small, where we can disconnect from our daily and you transmit that feeling of relaxation we need.
How could it be otherwise, Ikea proposes a whole variety of sofas and armchairs which will delight many homes.
Larger spaces as places for the smallest of the house, full of colors styles crudes combined with wood and nature.
As always, I bring the catalog of this section so you can see those relaxation areas they designed and what I think is also very interesting how combinations can make your home decoration. Fijaros how to combine colors and textures, such as the distribution of elements:

Ikea catalog 2016: Hall

In this section we have unified various parts of the Ikea catalog so you can find everything about the room and living room in a unified area, so you can be aware of all the news and see together how to decorate your stay. ikea_catalogo16-furniture-tv
Thus, this section will you be able to find news about sideboards, greeters, shelves and furniture tv or multimedia.
Here you can see all the pictures of the 2016 Ikea catalog and so you may begin to devise your new room:

Ikea catalog 2016: Bathrooms

The bathroom is one of those places that expose us to show our guests as our absolute privacy.
The decor of this space also must be cared much for a not too heavy and light space, which produces a feeling of spaciousness to be comfortable in it and, of course, absolutely exploited space.
This time, Ikea proposes several bathrooms very completely different and opposite styles, I think it might be a wise move to find one that is more in line with us. In turn, we added the new features of the accessories which you can see in the store.
Then, if you click on the &# 8220; gallery&8221; you can see all photos in the catalog and new designs:

Ikea catalog 2016: Textiles and decoration

Another section that are always very useful in the Ikea are textiles, where we can find all kinds of curtains and carpets that we use to decorate many different spaces.
In turn, this section, we also wanted to add those products that make our home has nothing to do with the other: the details. different decoration articles they can help us get each space has a different harmony even though you decorated with the same product.
In the gallery going to be able to see all the new Ikea proposes 2016:

Ikea catalog 2016: Organization

One of the sections that has always caught my attention a lot of Ikea products is organization. Have you ever thought about all the possibilities that you have incorporated into your lives after seeing the multiple ways to organize things they propose?
IKEA catalog 2016 organization
The cabinets can not only be ordered with hangers and drawers, we now have extra drawers we can go incorporating drawers that hang or are part of other drawers. Boxes for all, spaces for any type of object that allows us to have everything at hand and nicer.
The new ideas Ikea proposes that I leave you then where you can see the section of organization of the new Ikea catalog 2016:

Ikea catalog 2016: LED lights

LED lights are an essential element in our homes if we save on electricity bill, which never hurts.

But we can also encourage us to take a keen eye to different lamps which not only provide light to the different rooms, are also an decorative element essential to get very personalized spaces.
Here you can see all photographs of lamps and LED lights ikea 2016, and how to combine them with each space and style: