How to remove lint balls and clothing

Caring for clothing and household (blankets, quilts, cushions,&# 8230;) is one of the prerequisites for the saying that what you pay is fulfilled. Our recommendation is that you always buy some good quality textiles and dedicate time and knowledge so that they are well cared for and will last many years. To help, we recommend reading this compilation of several techniques to care for our garments dress, like the time we met 5 golden keys for washing clothes. This time we will focus on removing the annoying little balls, &8220; Pellets&8221; and lint from clothing and make having an aged appearance when they can still serve to wear during one more season.


Why go pellets, pastilles or lint on clothes?


This time we will see how to remove lint balls and They formed on the surface of the garments, especially those of wool or cotton, and they are so annoying and unattractive. Sometimes the formation of these pellets occurs because a long time we have the garment in question and therefore the wool has come to form small balls that are difficult to remove ago.

Sometimes the problem is in the fact that we do not know exactly how the garments are natural and therefore end up producing lint and balls. In the washing machines Today it includes a specific program for washing delicates such as wool, even we can find in detergents for washing clothes and avoid leaving balls.

Anyway sometimes it is inevitable that appear so the best option is to remove all carefully and without destrocemos the garment in question.

How to remove lint balls and clothing


A simple way to remove the balls formed on the surface of our woollens, you must gently with a sponge green fiber &# 8211; of which we use in the kitchen to wash the dishes, making sure it is dry &# 8211; on the parts where the balls are so annoying in sweater. After rubbing gently for a few minutes, You will see that fiber sponge balls start without damaging the garment.

On the other hand, to remove those pesky lint that adhere to our garments and seem impossible to remove, you just need extend the garment on a flat surface &# 8211; on the table it is ideal &# 8211; and a piece of tape peeling away lint, pasting and peeling the tape gently. You'll see that the adhesive tape is strong enough to remove lint, but soft as necessarily as to not ruin the garment at all.


Another simple method to remove pellets woollens in particular is use a razor blade. All we have to do is stretch the garment on a flat surface and then move the blade with very careful not to cut.

Test these tricks for remove lint balls and clothing, and then tell us how you turned out.

Another option very fashionable in the 90s, was a small specific razor for lint able to perform any action on tissues.

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