Brico Depot catalog HVAC 2016

To better cope with the heat this summer, Brico Depot proposes a catalog dedicated to the climate with very low prices.

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Brico Depot catalog HVAC 2016

Then we are going to show brochure Brico Depot offers air conditioning 2016. This catalog is valid from May 13 and will remain in effect offers Until August 31.

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Brico Depot catalog HVAC 2015

For the cover, we start with an inverter air conditioner at a very low price.

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Selecting inverter air conditioning and wifi

With air conditioners with WiFi, you can manage the temperature of your home from your mobile or PC.

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Multisplit air conditioners, ducts and cassette

Air conditioning multisplit selection (so you can have several vents &# 8211; splitters- in different rooms), ducts (it requires ducts facts or perform work, but is aesthetically it looks better) or cassette (typical office).

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On the next page in the catalog of Brico Depot have air conditioning air curtain (typical entrance to a shopping center), units portable air conditioning available (require you to have a crack or a little window open to catch the air, usually) and thermostats to regulate the units that have that option.

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Ventilators and fans-nebulizers

If you're eco-friendly, you'll like it more the next page, dedicated to ventilation. Ceiling fans, great to place in the room or lounge. Standing fans and portable, which include fans with misting (fashion terraced city) and generate a stream of air, sprayed or misted water in front of the blades, producing a stream of air very humid and favoring the feeling of coolness.

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For the back catalog of Brico Depot weatherization, you will see an example of nebulizer fan at a great price. Catalog Brico Dépôt-Climatizacion-page-006