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The best photos ideas rustic fireplaces, an element of decor that provides a comfortable and harmonious feeling to stay


It seems that in recent years fashion has returned to have elements that are home rustic style.

To place a Traditional rustic fireplace at home it is important to have a considerable space for her and leave a distance that allows the elements have in front to keep them warm.

In case you do not be that space but ye have a fireplace, you can opt for more modern that can be placed in higher areas of the wall, rather than go along the ground.

So you can find your dream fireplace, we are going to show in this article a variety of pictures that will provide insight into latest trends in the rustic style.

How are rustic fireplaces?

Woodburning rustica

Rustic style fireplaces are often characterized by its design, which is usually quite large, and because the main material that are built are stones or a combination of stone and wood.

Although often the style of this type of fireplaces is also &8220; vintage&# 8221 ;, it must be said that many modern fireplaces, or are of a modern design, rustic style also take inspiration resulting in a &8220;modern rustic&8221; which can be interesting for homes today.

Anyway as there is nothing better to do things for yourself, and examples, we leave you below some ideas (and a photo gallery), in order that you find the rustic fireplace it ideal for you .

Modern rustic fireplace with stone wall

stone fireplaces-rustic-design-modern-wall-of-

We started with a fireplace that is modern in design, but it ends up being a completely rustic style with this beautiful stone wall that surrounds it.

Further, type of stone and the way in which it is placed says much about the environment that will create in the room. Notice that it is genuine, clean but where you can see the veins and lines of the same stone, which enhances the effect of the chimney.

rustic fireplace with classic design


On the other hand, those who want one authentic rustic fireplace, you have to look for inspiration in those who are somewhat older. As you see in this image, made of stone and brick, and with a design that makes the living room or the room in which is has a special charm.

One thing to appreciate is that this fireplace image no door, which will favor much of the smoke and odor will spread home. For many it may be a problem, because everything will smell of burning wood, for others it is something to please.

modern design with rustic fireplace and wooden ceiling


Sometimes it's just a matter of being able to have a design that is rustic small details, so we can say that our fireplace is this style.

Pay attention to the idea that we suggest above, a fireplace modern design and style, but is framed in a hall with wooden ceiling, so get that &8220;modern rustic&8221; I have mentioned before and that is so fashionable today.

Modern rustic fireplace with stone


In this picture we see the combination of the modern and rustic, a living room is even more cozy with the element rustic fireplace with stone.

Here's another way to put the stone around the fireplace and chose a type of stone lighter shade that goes perfectly with the decor of the room.

rustic fireplace with wood


This other model rustic fireplace has a special charm because it also is accompanied by a Stone module in which we can place those logs to burn then go.

It also has a small Wooden shelf, in which to add any decorative element, and the fact that it is made of stone makes it perfect for those looking for a complete rustic fireplace.

rustic stone fireplace with modern design

Woodburning rustic-modern-with-stone-and-wood

We continue to see more models in which the mixture of rustic and modern makes that results chimneys have a really spectacular design.

You may set the outside view leads us to think that it is a rustic fireplace, but the fact is that in itself is also an current style which it is perfect for both salon rustic look, one eclectic or the most modern of all.

small rustic fireplace


Although we said that rustic fireplaces are often of considerable size, or they appear because they have elements such as stone or wood that usually occupy enough space, we have also find inspiration in those models that are somewhat smaller. In the picture we see a real fireplace a modern rustic, made of stone, with wooden shelf and really spectacular colors.

rustic fireplace with rocks


And in this other idea we see the opposite. A fireplace that is quite large but precisely because of what I have mentioned before; the use of materials that already are big. These rocks surrounding the fire are of considerable size and result everything look pretty big. The result is definitely amazing would not you think?

rustic fireplace with an animal head


Sometimes it is not just the fact of having a stone or wood design that brings the rustic tone, but it will also be important to see where we place our fireplace.

For example in this image appears in a room that looks like a playroom. It could be an element of tune or do not look good, but because they have placed a animal head Feeding is achieved all the rest in the middle rustic decor.

rustic fireplace with marble


Along the element of stone fireplaces rustic as we are seeing, we also have the possibility to us to try and stay with other materials such as the marble and you see the result is quite positive, besides providing a most elegant style to any room, even the minimalist style.

gray rustic fireplace with white wall


As for colors, we have not said anything yet, we can also make a rustic fireplace look current and vice versa.

Thus, you have models like this other image that even stone and brick, adds the choice of gray color, which highlights even more so on a white background with which manages to convey a more innovative design.

I leave the gallery with more photos with ideas for rustic fireplaces, but before we have this other post that will undoubtedly be of interest to you:


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