Leroy Merlin kitchens May 2017 | Inspiration and deals

All new Leroy Merlin in kitchens 2017: Photographs for inspiration, with different styles and colors; appliances, lighting&# 8230; Everything you need so you can enjoy your kitchen and you feel comfortable in it.

Leroy Merlin It is undoubtedly one of the construction firms, decoration and DIY which has greater exposure of products in addition to always have the best finishes and value that surely will we will be able to resist to which are their latest ideas in kitchens .

The firm has both in its stores and website with an extensive selection of kitchen models. Most of which are the modular type, ie that are integrated into drive space so as to allow us to have everything you need and the most modern design although the space of our kitchen at home is reduced.

Among the kitchens of Leroy Merlin, they may include those made of PVC, but the fact is that it is not the only material they are made and we can also find others whose finishes are wood, aluminum and even they have some models that are in laminated or polilaminated and that allows us to clean all the surfaces of a much simpler way.

In addition, all models will have several options for you to choose the style you like and indeed in all lines of kitchens we can choose whether we want to choose from blind doors and windows or a combination of both.

Leroy Merlin kitchens 2017

One of the most important and interesting sections of Leroy Merlin is the kitchen. One of the most powerful differences versus other decorating stores is the variety of colors you are going to find for furniture, which is very interesting when you want to create a special kitchen, very personalized.

In turn, also going to be able to find different styles of cuisine and that you will also make life easier to find that kitchen that goes with you, with the space you describe the home and the type of house. Not the same to put a kitchen in the city a kitchen in a village house where the rustic style may be the most appropriate.

You by looking at the new Leroy Merlin kitchens for this year 2017 will see how the cabinets always have a handy space, how any cranny is used so that one can count on more storage possible.

In turn, for those who are willing and you have to put a hole kitchen island, you will see how they also have a variety of designs so you can find the one that goes with your style.

On the other hand, the little details will be key in any kitchen, because they are the ones who will determine what is personalized and harmony of it: sinks, handles, furniture texture, etc.

Leroy Merlin kitchens 2017: Sinks

Let no one say they are not important sinks because it is one of the areas of the kitchen you are going to use more often, whether you cook or not.

Valorad space with which you describe and see if you can use both breasts instead of one. This is usually much more convenient but but with a large breast also very comfortable life.

It is also very important that the valoréis Breast material. You have many options: stainless steel, ceramic, quartz, beveled glass, synthetic&# 8230;

Leroy Merlin kitchens 2017: Appliances

As for appliances, in Leroy Merlin you are going to find various styles and brands of kitchens, both induction and gas.

You can also find refrigerators, ovens, dishwashers&# 8230; A shop where you can hang out with all the fitted kitchen.

Leroy Merlin kitchens 2017: Lighting

When you are designing a kitchen or we set out to reform this space it is important not to forget the effect it can cause adequate lighting.

Not only is choosing the type of light which is most suitable for the stay, also type apply or lamp it will prove to be the most appropriate.

Therefore, we invite you to take a keen eye to the different options that you are going to find in the brochure of Leroy Merlin.

Leroy Merlin kitchens 2017: catalog

The catalog that we show below belongs to brochures Leroy Merlin offer. As always, you just have to click on the image to read the full brochure:

Leroy Merlin Kitchens deals: previous years

In the next section we show the new designs kitchens Leroy Merlin, so you can see all the options and they propose for this new year colors.

leroy-merlin catalogo-March-2016-4
Still, we did not want to lose the opportunity to share with you the offers just released for these three months: February, March and until 25 April.

leroy-merlin catalogo-March-2016-5
You will be able to choose the type of doors that you want for your kitchen and so look more modern or vintage style kitchens; lighting for the interior of your furniture, management systems, glass ceramic or gas stoves, tiles and flooring, countertops, Extra drawers, etc.

You can see all offers kitchens these three months by clicking on the image:

 Decorating Ideas Kitchen: previous years

Here you can see more pictures of Leroy Merlin kitchens that were trending in previous years, you see, some styles are still valid today:

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