Modern bedrooms 2017

What trends are carried in the bedrooms of modern style this year? We have prepared a collection of styles, designs and photographs modern bedrooms 2017 to inspire you.


Within modern bedrooms we have to say that the style is generating a greater number of followers is minimalism. Still, you can not stop watching the bedrooms inspired by the Zen style or those with a rustic influence because they will also be two very striking options.

How to decorate a modern bedroom as each style

Decorative styles for modern bedrooms They are varied, since there is a tendency that prevails over the others. In fact, we can say that currently leads both the simplicity that makes minimalism as clear and bright colors, the range of brown and gray, white and black.



We will also see how the bedrooms worth of new decorative trend as decorative murals or stickers.

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The Modern bedroom decor seeketh not recharged but simplicity. Spaces predominate collected, sorted, without much furniture. Among the hottest trends in modern bedrooms they are:

bedroom modern minimalist decor

Minimalism has been imposed in the decoration and we find a style that combines the influences of the Dutch De Stijl architect and Japanese style. We could describe this style with the phrase less is more.
In this other image we have a bedroom minimalist black and white, It highlights a very original lamp suspended ceiling and carpet stripes on a white floor with mirror shine.


Another bedroom that meets the same characteristics, both color and minimalist look is this photograph where we can see that each of the items chosen to design a role. That is, if not necessary, is not valid for modern minimalist bedroom.

Modern bedroom rustic


We tend to quickly associate the rustic with the use of wood and it is part of the decor, and most frequently used wood view.

This time, observes warmth that provide the wood and chimney, leading to a bedroom full of light and style. The chimney on a gray stone wall stands in the central part of this image.
Other bedroom sinking between different styles but certainly categorizaríamos as a modern bedroom is this second image we see how the wood is one of the most important elements: wall, ceiling, furniture and bed frame.

Modern Zen style bedroom - Japanese

Zen style Japanese-inspired. It is characterized by low beds that are combined with simple furnishings and as close to natural as possible, so that the wood can be a sensational feeling to get that Zen element.
Zen style - Japanese
In addition to wood tones you can incorporate green tones but, ever since finding a relaxing space.
If you look closely in the picture you also see how they have incorporated orange tones that could represent element fire, the vividness and warmth, that contrasts with the intimacy of the soft light of the bedside lamps.

small modern bedroom or loft-style

The loft style
ideal for gain space in small apartments or studies. The loft beds are trend for better use of vertical space. In the picture you can see how in a few meters there is storage space, a work table with shelf and chair, plus the bed.


Small bedrooms have nothing to envy the big, all that is required is to know how to decorate, I do own and so be able to convert this space into a unique place.


This time, we find a bedroom more dimensions but not too big, so we can see how you can get a modern bedroom with items as flashy as the sign in the picture or not overdone lamp that would go unnoticed, increasing feeling of spaciousness.


It is essential that, for a modern bedroom where we feel like being, that we base us in our own tastes in trends. Fijaros how to combine different elements here that reference the field, literature and comfort. just create your place.

modern youth bedroom


Modern bedrooms are not only minimalist, it seems that stay in the typical colors without giving much life to the bedding or a curious and attractive furnishings. We can also find modern bedrooms with colors and patterns that draw attention from anyone.


These modern bedrooms are based on comfort and pleasure of enjoying the bed beyond to rest, with reading lamps and lamps on the bedside tables and reading Enjoy its cushions decorate but also magnify the moment.

Colors for decorating modern bedroom:

All palettes are possible in modern bedrooms, most important will be how to combine them. Still, in this section, we are going to talk about the minimalist classic colors and contrasts how light can enhance a bedroom.

Modern bedrooms: dark colors

Dark colors will also find a place in modern bedrooms, provided they are combined with light colors providing such duality of light and shadows. In this way, we can find inspiration bedrooms dominated in which, as you you can imagine, a contrast of tones is generated black and white.
The black color also have to add the range of brown which may vary from wood tones to chocolate tones, through vengé tones, teak, pine, ash, maple. As well as the gray in anthracite tones.

Modern bedrooms: neutral colors

Pearl white, ivory, brown, beige, greyish beige, brown, sand, pearl gray. Neutral colors They bring light into the bedroom and enlarge the spaces. Combined with others of the same color more intense as chocolate range, the black or gray anthracite.
If you like the color, you can always brighten the walls with a picture or stickers.

In the image we have a bedroom wall in Reseda green and wenge wood bed. highlights the ceiling lighting replacing the lamps at night. A practical and original idea.

A transparent fan with light brings along a blanket imitation white leather, modern style and glamor to the bedroom.

Modern bedrooms: Contrasting colors


Although neutral colors are certainly the best choice for decorating today's modern bedrooms, if you love the colors you like and cheerful modern bedrooms, take the purple, magenta, mallows. The turquoise blue, metallic colors, red combined with white and neutral colors.


What is sought is the contrasts that highlights areas you love the room and thereby boost you get the feeling of space, color and vividness.

Modern double bedrooms

When choosing furniture for your modern bedroom is important to know why you do not have to buy a catalog room and you're done, you can create your own fusion of styles. For example, mix a classic lamp with a modern design furniture, the important thing is to create an environment that is not overdone.



You also have to consider the headboard, bed and furniture are the same decoration objects, In addition to meeting their practical functions. Do not miss the opportunity to look at the different types of headboards you have at your disposal, you can make a difference something simple to own bedroom.


Given what I have said above about colors, you can use the bed as a decorative object that mix different shades. For example, the base of the bed in wood tones with white, black or bright colors. furniture rear head mode. Ideal for storing books, personal objects.


Materials that can be used in a modern room are very diverse:

  • Iron
  • Walnut
  • vengué
  • Teka
  • Pinewood
  • Melamine
  • MDF high-density plywood
  • Laminates.

Tips for choosing our modern bedroom


When choosing a bedroom it is important to consider a number of factors that we think if we can rest well at it. Let's look at some of the ideas, tips and comments to keep in mind when choosing our ideal bedroom.

The style


The first thing to evaluate is the style in which you want the bedroom. It is not the same a minimalist modern style, a classic or rustic styles with plenty of room and furniture in which to store things.

There are people who like to have a same style throughout the home, so if you have the room in classic style, they should also find this style furniture for the bedroom. However, younger people are choosing to have different styles in different rooms of your home, so in this case, we choose directly the bedroom that we like.



It is also important to bear in mind the space we have in the bedroom if you do not want to fill it all with a too complete design and then not to enjoy it.

In this sense, we must say that if you want to enjoy an optical space, you must choose Light colors and curtains that let in sunlight. On the other hand, you should also keep in mind that you can do a few games with the furniture to use more shelves, for example, and make better use of the space you have.



When we talk about the colors we talk so much furniture colors as colors where we painted the room.

If we are very sensitive to colors people, we avoid flashy colors very in the room, because they can not allow ourselves to rest well. On the other hand, if we like to have colors in the room and we have a furniture in classical style contrasts in black and white will be a great time.



Finally, we must also assess the textiles room, it can not be any good complement a classic or rustic furniture bedspreads most modern, or vice versa.

That is why we must consider the style you want in the bedroom and look for textiles that go us better. In this regard, we must also think and talk about the curtains, because we can not have it all white and shades of a color that breaks all or backward.

We also recommend assessing the replacement of curtains light blinds or curtains. The modern bedroom uses modern curtains or blinds that can refine the light but not recharge the room.

modern bedrooms

You see, there are several things you should keep in mind when choosing your bedroom, but after all, you must think that you should choose the one you like best or most comfortable whether it is for your enjoyment and personal enjoyment . Therefore, we encourage you to think about the points that we have given to you to get the perfect balance and as healthy for your bedroom.

Modern bedrooms: inspiring photographs

In the gallery of images that we present below you can find many more pictures of modern bedrooms that can help you inspire and find the design that goes with you: