2017 decorated Christmas trees, original and homemade | Trends

The Christmas and begins to feel, so take advantage now to begin to see what decorating ideas They are the ones that take to the most important holidays of the year. Since we defy anyone EspacioHogar the best Christmas tree, so we show some Photos which surely will also give you decorating ideas to convince. Then: 2017 decorated Christmas trees, original and homemade | Trends.

Before you begin decorating Christmas trees we would like to review why it is so important this decorative element in our homes.

Christmas trees: meaning

For the meaning of Christmas tree we must go back a few years ago. At the time of the Germans they thought the Earth and the Astros held a very large tree, Divine Idrasil or Tree of the Universe, its size was so large that came from heaven to hell.

But in 740 San Bonifacio, evangelizer of Germany and England changed the oak symbol of the god Odin by pine representing the eternal love of God. This pine decorated it (candles and apples) to represent the Holy Trinity with pine meaning eternal life, the candles are divine grace and apples mean temptations (in the Bible the passage of Adam and Eve).

Christmas trees-de-el-meaning

This tradition has evolved gradually until today having the meaning we have today, it came to Spain in 1870 and was among the last places in Europe to arrive.

If you are tired of decorating your tree Christmas and you feel like not having a decor that look like the classics, and often have red, green, or golden tones, Let your imagination fly because there are decorated trees of all colors, fun, elegant and surprising.


There are many ideas to choose to decorate our tree, we can draw some, for example, the last Christmas Ikea catalog (such as decoration you see in this photo), although we will tell you of many more and especially let's see first what color trends for trees are most take for this year.

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Colorful Christmas trees

The choice of color of Christmas trees depends on taste. That is why we have prepared a list of fashionable colors for Christmas trees this year 2017.

Christmas trees on white

If you are Christmas you have chosen a Christmas tree in white we will give you a few tips to decorate your tree to perfection and it shine through.


If you are the type you've tired of the typical Christmas tree and have innovated buying a Christmas tree on white we will teach you a few Ideas, depending on your taste or decorating your home for Christmas.
Every year there are many who bet on the white on their Christmas trees because they provide lots of light, in addition to thousands of possibilities such as:

Lights white wire: The good thing about a Christmas tree in white is that you can decorate in many ways. You can use the typical colored lights have wires in white, which can be disguised with branches, to make your tree much more bright.

Colorful ornaments: White trees can be embellished with most intense colors that are available on the market. One of our favorite colors for this tree is deep red, electric blue purple or fuchsia. But if what you want is to give a romantic touch which can be used are soft colors such as pink, silver or light green. Check out the gallery below to see if you have any ideas.

According to your decor: You should ensure that your tree ornaments in white go to match the decor of your house and do not stand out too much.

Do not lean much the tree: You should never place many ornaments, distribute them throughout the whole tree but not upload too.

Cast an eye to the gallery to see if any ideas Once you get to decorate your Christmas tree in white:

I know many of you like White as color for the tree. Our commitment is to give an air Nordic and so nothing like choosing something artificial snow and decorated it with soft tones, such as beige or white.  In addition the contrast with Christmas balls burgundy color seems to me exquisite.


Red Christmas trees and golden

Another idea is Christmas decorate the Christmas tree with red and gold elements. It is one of the latest trends in decoration because these two colors symbolize very well this time. This trend is a return to classic and vintage, because both colors are originally, and over time have represented Christmas.

Christmas trees-of-red-and-gold

He golden It is a very flattering color on the tree because with this color and good lights get more light and therefore that takes center stage. El Dorado has its origin in bonanza and celebration, representing the gold. If you think about it and look back, it can be a gold representation of the child Jesus received as a gift from one of the three kings, namely rey ​​Melchor.

Christmas trees-of-red-and-gold-with-lights

Color Christmas star is the Red and that makes us think of Santa Claus and his suit. And the combination of green, gold and red tree makes it elegant and striking. Red is also linked to other cultures and rituals lucky color, so New Year's Eve, many women and men use this color underwear to dismiss the year and have luck in the coming year.

Christmas trees-of-red-and-gold-detail

These colors blend well together, because red brings the strong color and darker, which makes the gold highlight much about it. Although we can make many combinations, one of the most commonly used it is one that places a gold decorative ribbons on the tree and then red balls. This is especially well because gold ribbons highlights more about the tree green than red, which in turn, stands out more about gold.

In the following gallery you can find more examples and ideas Christmas trees red and gold. With different types of ornaments.

Golden Christmas trees


Let's talk about trends in colors and tones for Christmas trees. Many times we begin to decorate without realizing that we were wrong to mix colors. Maybe you think that placing balls and garlands of different colors will make your tree stand out more but the truth is that it becomes much more attractive when we choose a color that is the principal and all elements are of this tone or similar tones.

In the photo we have a tree which they have placed a decoration coppery or golden tones, as these will be trend over Christmas. Watch what smart to choose shades like this with those who guess right insurance for both garlands, like balls and other items hang.


The gold They are recurring during the Christmas decorations but also become very hard. Choose decorate your tree as we see in the photo above. Ribbons, balls and even a deep golden pineapples and watch all congratulate you for your good taste. In addition, the effect of gold on the green is spectacular.


We have already discussed the use of coppery as one of the color trends for Christmas, but what you can do is also combine it with other tones (Although if you spend). You can choose from so odd coppery element and then add touches or flashes of blue. Pictured above also we have a tree that has been decorated with all kinds of marine motifs.

Christmas trees in blue


Blue is another ideal colors in decorating Christmas trees. You can choose a nice electric blue, similar to that of the balls that you see in the tree above you, but you can also choose to mix it with another tone with which combine. There are people who for such blue opts for white, but I like a lot the idea of ​​combining with that ribbon in lilac as we see above.


As for styles we can also mention to one or another depending on the use of colors. Thus the &8220;british&8221; It is a style that seems to sweep this year's Christmas decorations so it will be a good idea for those decoréis your tree with red and blue tones and forming a pattern that seems wonderful. In addition the result is a very original tree.

Christmas trees recycled (recycled material)

Christmas trees are a perfect opportunity to bring up our imagination and creativity. Therefore, there are many families who choose to have Christmas trees out of the ordinary and prefer to do recycled Christmas trees.


There are many ways to make a Christmas tree recycling, and many materials we can use to carry out this craft. One of the most commonly used forms is with cardboard, through geometric shapes cut. We can also make recycled Christmas trees handmade with other materials such as fabrics, green bottles and even egg cups. Read on to discover all the ideas we give you and make a Christmas tree totally organic.

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Cardboard Christmas trees

If you want a really special tree, you can choose to make one out of cardboard. To make this craft you will need several cardboard boxes you can ask a nearby supermarket for you the save, a box cutter to perfect cuts and make pieces fit, and paintings to decorate the tree. If you decant to make a classic tree and you want green, it is better to buy a spray of dark green paint and spray them all the pieces you will use, once cut.
Christmas trees-of-recycled-de-pasteboard

The easiest way to make a cardboard tree, It is drawing on the board we have a Christmas tree shape. Then this way, we get three more equal. Finally, we make a circle base, also with cardboard, with a square up. Then we make a cut in the center of the pieces of tree that we cut and joined together, with the circular base. Then we can classically decorate with garlands and colored balls, or we can paint the ornaments on the cardboard.

Christmas trees Handmade

To make a truly original Christmas tree is better than we do ourselves. Thus, many people opt for Christmas trees hand made. You can get very simple ideas and more complicated, but all of them will blow you away anyone who comes into your house and see this wonderful tree you have done with the whole family.

A very nice way, for example, to make a handmade Christmas tree is decorating one of the walls our home. As we see in the picture, we can decorate it with pictures, magnets, pictures, details, figures&# 8230; All this against the wall, shaped like a Christmas tree. And of course, he could not miss the star at the top.


Other families, very fashionable and followers of trends in interior decoration, opt for ideas Nordic style: Simple, austere and somewhat cold. So we can take this idea we see from the logs sorted from lowest to highest, with lights around it, or by clicking papers of different sizes on a wooden stick.

Which of these ideas do you prefer?

Modern Christmas Trees

Although many people still prefer the classic Christmas trees, other families are committed Modern Christmas tree. Christmas trees are changing style, color and even shape. For example, a very pretty and decorative for these dates, sheathe idea is a form of cardboard Christmas tree, with flowers of colors that we like. The result is like this: very original and striking.


If we want a more modern twist to Christmas but neither took a chance with proposals too different, you can choose change color. The traditional Christmas tree is green, but now we can find many in white also represents good Christmas. We identify with white angels, nativity and with the snow. Thus, it remains equally suitable (albeit artificial) than green. We recommend to decorate cold colors to further identify the cold snow and Christmas, with a touch of gold to remember the celebration and holding range.


And if you're definitely looking for a Christmas tree that breaks with the classic molds taxes, you can opt for an idea as we show in the photo. Just a nice vase with gold, full of sticks and pintads white details, decorated with gold painted leaves. You can also put small wires instead of branches, so that it may be easier.


If you want, you can also hang small golden balls to preserve more the essence of the Christmas tree. This type of tree is also typical of the Nordic style decor. But when it comes to Christmas trees, almost anything goes as long as our gifts to place under it.

Christmas trees

Although in recent times is more common for families to opt for artificial Christmas trees, there are still families who continue to buy Christmas trees. If you've thought about buying this year live Christmas tree there are some things you need to know. For example, it is natural does not mean that your tree will be nicer. In fact, Christmas trees are firs so they are more imperfect and asymmetric than artificial. You also have to consider the smell coming from. For some people it may be a direct connection with nature, but for others it may be too strong a smell past day.


Something that does not convince us too much of Christmas trees is the job costing buying, transporting, placing them at home and then remove it when you have finished Christmas. If you are in Spain and looking for a real Christmas tree, you have to go to a fir nursery. Once you're there, you can choose the tree that you like and nursery workers they felled for you. Then you must place it on the hood of your car and take it very carefully to your home. Careful getting him home&# 8230; it is very difficult not to hit anything with the tree. Good nursery is not a mistreatment of nature as you make sure that by cutting down a tree, plant another in its place. In addition, these places also offer prices to take it home, making it very comfortable.


One bright spot of Christmas trees is that they are beneficial for the planet at the time of disposal. Whereas when we threw an artificial tree, the planet takes to dissolve over many years, as it is materials like plastic, very difficult to remove. However, Christmas trees, when we get rid of them, the environment takes much less absorb it.


But also, as you may have noticed, the Christmas trees are thrown away every year after Christmas, while artificial can last us many years.

Artificial Christmas Trees

In the previous section we saw some and other negative pluses of Christmas trees and now we'll see if it's better or not choose artificial Christmas trees.

Today, most families decide to buy artificial Christmas trees since, in the long run result cheaper. An artificial Christmas tree can cost between 100 and 200 euros, but this expense we only once in our lives, because if we care a little, it will take us to celebrate Christmas every year. However, natural Christmas trees cost between 20 and 40 euros, but every year we have to buy a new one, as they dry and turn brown.


Another advantage of artificial trees is that we find very different and original colors. In this way, we can make better combine with the decor of our home and we want to choose the decorations. In addition, it is much more comfortable when you put it at home, since barely weighed and bend and broken into pieces perfectly to transport it as easily.


Another advantage of artificial Christmas trees is that we can choose the size that we like and we find it more practical for our house. For example, those who see in the picture, are very popular for their size because they occupy little can be placed in any corner of home.


And you, by what you decide? ¿natural or artificial trees christmas?

Christmas trees for children

Children are the true protagonists of Christmas, so we should think of them when setting up our Christmas tree. Usually, children have much more creativity and originality we so if we do Christmas trees for children, better you get your height and think about wild and colorful proposals.


A very nice way is this we see in the photo. To do this you need to make a structure shaped cardboard Christmas tree. Then choose a jellybeans color as you see in the picture and clávalas to cut cardboard sticks kabobs. Kids will love it so colorful and also if you do this size you can place it in your room so that every day can make a treat. They will be happy!


If your kids like crafts, you'll love making this Christmas tree for children. To do this they will need rolls of toilet paper, wrapping paper or washi-tape and a star to place at the top. What we have to do is line the rolls of toilet paper with the role we like. It can be one with Christmas, or green as classic Christmas trees, but they can also do it with colors that are in keeping with the decor of your room.


Then simply place the rolls of toilet paper on top of each other, placing more rolls at the base and one just on the cusp. So that we do not spoil the Christmas tree, you better stick all with a little instant glue. Moreover, this idea is very good to put it in your room because the toilet paper rolls can help us to store pens and pencils.

Wooden Christmas trees

Another option we are seeing more recent years in the houses, Christmas trees are wooden. These trees are widely used in houses rustic or vintage decoration and give a very homely and cozy feel, as well as being very original and customized to our liking. To make these wooden Christmas trees do not need much budget and not be an expert carpenter. Follow the steps we are going to indicate here and end up with the Christmas tree most original and beautiful wood around the neighborhood.

Christmas trees-de-Wood-

One option for building wooden Christmas trees, is to buy some battens in carpentry, of different sizes. Do not worry, no need to take out the saw, they'll cut to size you need. All you have to do is stick with a couple of nails wooden slats to a stick that will serve us as a tree trunk. Finally, nail a few nails in half to hang strips own Christmas ornaments.

Christmas trees-de-Wood-branches-with-

Another option is to build a Wooden Christmas tree with tree branches. This idea is a bit more complicated since it involves, first, collecting logs of different sizes and then build a good base with them and stick them well. Although gives a very rustic touch to the house it is not the fastest or recommended option.

Christmas trees de-Wood-to-wall

Other good ideas, if you want to have a Christmas tree wood, are those that you see in the picture above. Both rely on the wall to build the tree and are very easy to do. In the first you need to cut some wooden logs and nail them to the wall and then incorporate round lights. In the second idea, just get a pallet and paint it with white spray.

Small Christmas trees

Although classic Christmas trees are of large sizes, this is not the most practical for all households, so in some households opt for Christmas tree small. These small trees Christmas, you can find all sizes and all colors possible, so you can choose the one you like best. For example, you can find Christmas trees like these here, with shells and shells with glue, attached to a wooden base.


You can also find them in classic format, as a artificial Christmas tree current. These are perfect for any corner of our home that needs a touch of Christmas at this time. If you want to make it a little different and original, decorate to your liking a pot and place the tree inside it. It will be like this that you see in the image.


There are also small Christmas trees, more different and less traditional forms, such as this one we see here. It's almost a Miniature Christmas Tree, decorated with beautiful bells, but can be very good for us to have a side table in the living room, or even to decorate the fireplace.


These small Christmas trees you'll love if you do not have too much space in your home and also very practical because they are already decorated and only we, if we want to give our personal touch.

Christmas trees with twigs

As noted earlier, one of the most popular trends of recent years, is that of the Christmas trees with dead branches. Although this idea may seem like something that does not identify austere or Christmas, keep reading because you will discover how well it can be a Christmas tree with dead branches in your living room.

Christmas trees de-with-branches-dry

These Christmas trees with dead branches, actually not too far from the original idea of ​​the Christmas tree came. Its origin dates back to the tribes who used branches with ornaments to ward off evil spirits and to praise pagan gods. Therefore, our branches with beautiful ornaments can be a very good idea to celebrate Christmas at home. Although we do not see it as unique Christmas tree, yes that seems good idea to supplement. If you have any free corner at home, you can put some branches decorated with these ornaments that combine (better be easy to continue with basic and austere tree line) and candles, also classic symbol of Christmas. When you opt for this idea also often place dried apples hanging as it is also an ornament that joined the Christian Christmas in its early stages, representing the forbidden fruit of original sin.

Christmas trees de-with-branches-dried-with-ornaments-and-candles

To make a Christmas tree with dead branches, you can take all your creativity and make one unique. For inspiration, you can look at these pictures where what changes in our tree is the base. You can place your branches in a decorated macetero, in a glass vase or even a shower.


It is possible that the smallest of the house will not convince them this idea too because we know that children are more colorful options, but will also love decorating this tree plus&# 8230; You can do it and place themselves!

Christmas trees with ribbons

Ties are an important part of any decor, especially at Christmas time, so you can not miss Christmas tree with ribbons. It is not known exactly when we started using bows on Christmas trees, but perhaps had something to do with their own Christmas gifts, which often also decorate, to wrap, with a bow.


The colors of Christmas ties depend primarily on the decoration that we are giving our tree, but the classics are those of red with gold trim. As always, using both classic Christmas colors. However, as we say, you can find them in many shapes and colors to blend best with your tree. Even if you want to do something different, you can make as in this photo and place a large loop at the top of the tree, instead of placing the traditional Christmas star.


While most families buy bonds and manufactured and assembled, to put them on the Christmas tree, you can also make one yourself. To do this, buy a piece of cloth in the colors haberdashery you want and then make a loop trying all sides are matched. To give a little more glamorous, you can lift the central part of the bond, which is the knot, with a pin. And to make a more elaborate loop, just paste or join two loops together, as we see in this photo.


The good of do it yourself It is that you can buy various fabrics of different colors and make different shapes to create Christmas trees with ribbons.

Elegant Christmas trees

Although Christmas is not the best time to be smart or look to be, we also have some ideas for you so you can do Elegant Christmas trees. The first key you have to keep in mind is that simplicity is elegance. And you should not forget that the tree has class must identify with the style of your home as if it were part of your home decor, blending in with the rest of the furniture.

elegant tree-of-christmas-

Another very important step you must take into account to make a Christmas tree important is that you combine few colors. You can choose to place all the trimmings of the same color, for example in gold, on the green tree or even paint spray your tree with white to highlight more gold but the tree is the color of your furniture.


You can also choose two colors for ornaments Elegant Christmas trees. But you must be careful and use matching colors well together and do not stand out too much about the tree. Two color trends of recent years are red and gold (a classic combination that represents the celebration) and blue and gold (a more modern combination representing the cool tones of Christmas).


This is the idea that we like to us because it seems very simple and we believe that integrates nicely with the decor of the house, so it is more discreet and looks more elegant. To make it you have to paint some branches of the tree white spray (Have to do when dismantled, piece by piece, onto cardboard to prevent something smearing paint) and yellow lights placed inside the branches. You see bears not placed unadorned except lights, so it is really smart.

Floating Christmas trees

This is one of the latest trends that we see in Christmas trees. It is floating Christmas tree. If you want to carry out this idea for Christmas, you should keep in mind that you're going to have to work on the roof your home, since the effect of floating Christmas tree is actually floating. Read on to see how Christmas trees are floating.


To make floating Christmas tree, you need a metallic base Red metal too and a hook to hang this base on the ceiling. As you aviamos warned before to make this Christmas tree, you must make a hole in the ceiling. Then place small hooks in the squares of the metal net, of which transparent thread hang tough, you can buy in haberdashery. Although if you floss at home, you can also help yourself. Transparent wire ropes that hang from the metal net should be of different sizes, so we can create the shape of a Christmas tree.


Finally, tied at the end of the string transparent thread Christmas balls that you like, since these form the floating Christmas tree. If you prefer, and to remain more definite form, you can buy Christmas balls to form larger base and smaller as they approach the summit.


You see, in this type of Floating Christmas trees more Christmas ornaments own balls that form are used. Therefore, this idea is very simple and elegant and can adorn any area of ​​your home. Typically do with green balls to imitate green fir branches, but if you want something more modern can try these, too transparent, or a color that best combine with your furniture.

Christmas trees Leroy merlin

The Leroy Merlin Christmas trees They are more Christmas trees sold each year. In their catalog you can find many different and at very affordable prices choices. All that Leroy Merlin proposes trees are artificial, so they are very comfortable to carry home and easy to assemble and place in our home. Also, if you wish, also they have offers them to take it home.


Leroy Merlin how great is that you can also find all kinds of ornaments, all colors and shapes to decorate your Christmas tree the way you like and best matches your home. you can not only find the classic Christmas balls, but it also can find stars, Christmas snowmen, snowballs, gnomes and elves and all kinds of details you can imagine. his Catalogue Christmas is pure inspiration.


Prices Leroy Merlin trees vary according to quality, size and luxuriance. One of a similar size to the classic fir, and more or less leafy, ranging between 150-200 euros, so they are really affordable compared to prices of Christmas trees from other stores. If you buy through their online store can, transportation expenses will come cheaper than if you do it by store.


Then we will see Christmas trees and other classic thrift store for these dates: Ikea.

Ikea Christmas trees

Ikea Christmas trees are a classic of every Christmas. Families who are looking for their first Christmas tree Ikea usually choose because they are very cheap and we can find many different and original ideas. We can find Ikea Christmas trees of all sizes, colors and shapes.

Christmas trees de-ikea

And what more Ikea can help when choosing a Christmas tree ornaments are. you can not only find classical ornaments as Christmas balls and stars. As you see in the picture, you can opt for other modern ornaments like diamonds, triangles, hearts and even swallows glass. There are also some other colors that are not classic Christmas, red and gold, like pastels or cool tones that combine well with the latest trends in interior decoration.

Christmas trees de-ikea-with-ornaments

The Christmas tree models we see in Ikea, there are smaller and larger, more sophisticated and more complex. Its catalog can give you some ideas not only for the main tree house, if not to decorate other parts of the house with more different than we know about life Christmas decorations. You can take your chances with different options that may be out of tune less than decorating your home.

Christmas trees de-ikea-small

Ideas to decorate the Christmas tree

After seeing the latest trends in color, comes the turn of ideas and other options to decorate your Christmas tree. These ideas are fun, many can do with your children, are easy and are designed to You do not have to leave you a fortune on the Christmas tree. Sure you have plenty of Christmas decorations from other years, but this year you do other decoration, part of what you have you can serve.

Italian paste ornaments fun, with gold or silver paint or any color forms is an inexpensive and original to get a nice tree as we see above option. The farfalle they are like ties, with gold spray paint, atas them a rope and are precious, the macaroni the pints of golden raisins and string them the same. A package of pasta is not expensive and you have to make many ornaments.

Another option is to make a tree with pineapples, for example, and we can gather from the field or the forest without costing us anything. This is an easy way to create an original tree and also the most natural. When you finish Christmas cones can serve for example, to decorate a table centerpiece.

Tree-Christmas - 2013-decoration-pictures-tree-cones

If you take for example, a pineapple that is not too dry, you can still open a little, you get a Christmas tree as you see in this picture. You only have to paste to a base and then paint with spray or white glitter to simulate snow. Even you can put some lights.

  • ALSO the wide strips around the tree (Red, gold, white, silver or color you like) are affordable to all budgets and very original idea.
  • Look for pieces Gift Wrap you have at home. You can cover large boxes of matches, small or any box you have with different wrapping paper. Then you pass them a tape and the tree.

You can also bet on the Butterflies in decoration shops can find beautiful brightly colored butterflies to put on the tree. Choose your butterflies and then surrounding the shaft with a wide ribbon to match butterflies, then you place the figures as seen above.

Other ideas for decorating your Christmas tree

Tree-Christmas - 2013-decoration-pictures-tree-with-cards

There are many options for decorating the Christmas tree. The key is to choose the decorations we better define and without spending a lot of money for it. For example you can choose ornaments made of cardboard and glitter to hang, or you can take the Christmas cards you have come home in previous years and place them flat on the tree, or you can also choose your family photos and place them so original ornament.

Tree-Christmas - 2013-decoration-pictures-tree-dolls

¿Christmas dolls have other years or small stuffed animals ?, coordinates two colors (red, green, gold, blue, pink, gold) gift shopping tapes or two-tone fabric and make a loop dolls hanging on the tree.

Tree-Christmas - 2013-decoration-pictures-tree-with-candy

With candies forms (Sticks, candy wrapper with gold, green, silver) can also get a nice Christmas tree will surely Children will love. In fact when Christmas or Twelfth Night comes, you can give permission for tree eat candies.

Tree-Christmas - 2013-decoration-pictures-tree-with-figure-felt

With colored felt, You can make a template and cut Christmas drawings in felt, a star, balls, a bear, a cap Santa Claus, a campaign. Green, red, white felt, gold&# 8230 ;, then coses and hang the tree; a simple craft that will allow you to save money on decorations.

Can choosing paint it any color you like. Spend a string for the ornament so that it can hang on the tree. With hairspray sprayed a little on the ornaments and then sprinkle gold (or silver or you want) glitter. ! You'll see that beautiful and original !.

Christmas trees spectacular

Some Christmas decorations from home is taken very seriously and with respect to a symbol of Christmas at home as the tree is even more. You can find very beautiful Christmas trees and decorated with taste and care. Maybe you can also have a Christmas tree as nice as these, although some first'll need an important space in your home. Here are some examples of truly spectacular Christmas trees and they can give you any ideas for yours:

Christmas tree 1

One of the best examples of that to have a Christmas tree awesome is necessary to have space at home is this spectacular tree that seems to occupy a privileged and prominent in the house, as it deserves, because soon it will be the time to go to the pantry where he spends forgotten the rest of the year. Both the tree and its decorations are spectacular, and I would not be strange if I should tell pedestrians that stand in front of the windows to admire such a beautiful specimen.

Christmas tree 2

Others who always opt for the most spectacular Christmas trees to attract people's attention are the malls and major stores. He giant Christmas tree is one of the best claims, with colored lights and stunning looks, it seems to have a great power of attraction. Alas, in this case, questions of space prevent us from having such copy at home, but you can take note of other details, for example, blue tone used for decorating the Christmas tree this mall.

3 christmas tree

You can also choose most original Christmas tree with a different decoration, like you see in the picture above. In addition, it appears, the feature that makes it more special this Christmas tree is sounding, but not with the other typical melody of Christmas trees, but the faces that decorate also seem to sing Christmas songs.

4 Christmas tree

Finally, we show a tree that shows that to be spectacular, it is not necessary that Christmas trees have an imposing size, but also the more chiquititos but also very beautiful, which can decorate other rooms in the room and perfectly complement the living tree or other holiday decorations as the classic Bethlehem. In the picture above you you can see a good example of a small Christmas tree but very attractive and original, a whole cucada.

Ultimately, we hope that these examples have caught some good ideas and you glisten Christmas tree this holiday season like never before had.

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