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Ideas cabinets, photos, If you're looking to fix or make better use of your space wardrove.

In one house the wardrove They are essential for storing clothes and household items. In many floors are delivered and wardrobes in all rooms in other houses there wardrove and you have to buy a closet or do you the closet as. In Espaciohogar tea We closets ideas.

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Wardrove for small spaces, or closets in very spacious rooms. In wardrove You have a lot of variety

  • How you configure the closet inside?. Barbell hanging at different heights, drawers, space for jersey, low areas to place shoes.
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  • Design closet out. With Mirrors If you want der a feeling of spaciousness. Smooth lacquered in colors like burgundy, black, elegant look without being overdone
  • In different wood tones. Wenge, mahogany, oak, pine, beech, ash.


157830_dressing 157824_dressing

If you have room you can turn your closet in a dressing room as you see in photo number 2. Although the meters do not abound in the houses, if you have an attic room that can use some can use the space in a walk-in closet.

  • In the wardrove always seems to be an area of ​​drawers. The drawers They preserve garments and are comfortable. In return there are clothes that shrivel more and better'guardarlas hanging from the bar.
  • Double bar areas up and down to shirts.
  • Retractable hangers to maximize space to the fullest.
  • Specific areas pants
  • Shoe areas
  • Shelves with various separations to bring personal items
  • Lejas at different heights to classify what else use it or you can have in recent lejas

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157828_dressing (1)

157840_dressing 157836_dressing

They take a lot:

  • minimalist cabinets. Smooth, without moldings, flat panels, mirrors. Cupboards try to integrate into a decorative set.
  • The white cabinets, a classic that remains. In small spaces do not load space in large venues like the photo number 5, also serve to delimit spaces. Cabinets that blend into the same wall, practical&# 160; beautiful.
  • Ostrich leather designs, avant-garde and elegant.
  • Wardrove sliding panels with plain or patterned wood tones and carpentry doors.
  • Wardrove sliding doors lacquered in bright colors like burgundy. If the room is painted in light colors and can use color spacious closets. If the room is small better use light colors or mirrored cabinets to give greater amplitude.

Wenge and chocolate tones.

The wardrove combined mirror and wood paneling. They bring light and an avant-garde style to the room.


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