The best centerpieces

The centerpieces They give a distinctive touch to the tables for which, Home Space, we have a great variety of models and ideas. Weddings, birthdays, parties, meetings, &# 8230; Any occasion is perfect to decorate our tables with such ornament. We have therefore decided to make a compilation with the best centerpieces for any type of event.


Discover the best ideas: Centerpieces 2015

The centerpieces It is the best choice for accompany a good menu and to surprise diners. According to different styles you choose you can use centerpieces for parties or for any special celebration. Here we give you a compilation with the best ideas for centerpieces.


The centerpieces with candles and wine glasses They are perfect to give warmth and intimacy to your dinner or meal. Use them to dinners or meals with your partner.


The centerpieces with dried flowers they are very decorative. We can find them on different topics depending on the subject, but events most used are more informal meetings, for example, meetings with friends or family.


The centerpieces with candles They are for the moment intimate with your partner. Perfect to give the necessary warmth to the situation and create an air of romanticism that is needed for the occasion.


The fresh flowers placed They are perfect for events or celebrations where required formality. Weddings, christenings, communions, &# 8230; or to give informality or splash of color our venue.


The centerpieces with balloons They are associated with holding child parties. It is a good idea for a nice centerpiece. Plus you can serve some romantic date where you want to give a fun twist or some birthday. This centerpiece features great simplicity.

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