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decorative moldings video. Plaster moldings, polystyrene, or wood. decorative moldings for ceiling or wall. creative decoration with moldings and some of them will show them with video.

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decorative moldings

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He Italian, Roman style uses decorative moldings in villas and palaces. Thanks to new materials Today we can use decorative moldings and even install them ourselves easily. Decorative moldings, elegant and define spaces without overloading.

For those who are wondering what is a decorative molding? we can say that is a molding which is placed on a ledge and is distinguished by its decor. It is indeed a relief or projection usually has an identical profile throughout its route. Is the profile or cross section is the difference and defining multiple types of moldings.

If you want to change the decoration living room or bedroom, change the paint, put crown molding or blank wall or in different soft colors, put blinds or Japanese panels can give you a lot of play for little money. Painting and installation of moldings and curtains can do it yourself, so you save money.


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Materials decorative moldings

materials-of-the-decorative moldings-

  • moldings plaster or plasterboard have been the most used, there are many models but are more delicate to use and require professional installation.
  • moldings from polystyrene expanded high density mimic plaster moldings but are lightweight and easy to install, then can be painted with water paint. The can install yourself because it does not require special complication. The moldings are used with a special glue for polystyrene find in any supermarket.


  • Wooden moldings, in unsalón rustic in a bedroom ethnic moldings different wood finishes provide an elegant look. You can install them yourself, there are different sizes of moldings that you can link. There is a special machine for cutting decorative moldings, thus each cut you can link to another section and stick with the right glue without much notice unions.



types moldings


  1. Ceiling moldings.
  2. wall moldings.

roof moldings

  • Roof moldings, cornices
  • Ceiling or wall friezes
  • Ceiling medallions (ornamental lamps)


  • corbels
  • Corner roof ornaments
  • Vaulted ceiling

Wall moldings

  • Wall friezes and wall frames.


  • Moldings divide rooms, to frame doors, gates or windows
  • Pilasters, capitals ornament attached to the wall.
  • columns

Video how to install decorative molding: