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baby room rustica, ideas for decorating your baby's room inspired by the rustic style

Create a beautiful and comfortable space for your baby, his first room, As affection and enthusiasm in every detail. He rustic  It is ideal for a Baby room, It is inspired by the countryside and rural style, colors of nature, field, flowers, animals.


  • Wooden furniture, walls. natural fibers such as bamboo, rattan. Antique furniture and decor look good in the rustic style.
  • The Baby Room rusticas have wood as a protagonist on the floor, on furniture and as wall cladding. Wood finishes in different colors especially honey, pine or oak. Objects such as mirrors, clocks, and rustic toys They are ideal atmosphere for decoration.
  • At rustic honey, straw, wheat, orange, moss green, blue and white colors join the warmth of wood or stone. Stone walls or wood achieved a very cozy atmosphere. as there decorative panels that mimic natural stone can use them without having to work.


  • Fabrics in light colors such as white or beige, combined with pictures of animals, letters or drawings. Flowerpots, decorative objects like comfortable old style, cribs, lamps. Green, ocher, red, yellow or blue colors contrast with the wood. Dark wood, wenge or mahogany or honey, cherry or has shades.
  • Coordinated textiles in clothing cradle, curtains. Fabrics for decoration, bows, ruffles, ties to decorate in cribs, stools, chairs or sofas cases.
  • Corner protectors
  • portable crib baby
  • Feng-shui for baby's bedroom
  • Ornaments woven cotton wool for the child's bedroom

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  • The floor covering wood or laminated flooring is warm and blends well with the furniture. On the floor carpet of natural fibers such as sisal or bamboo.
  • In the rustic tables and small details are important. Peti point boxes, sheets of animals, letters. The baby's name embroidered on the bed.
  • custom furniture such as a crib or a comfortable old you can sanding and varnishing to your liking giving a different air. No matter has any spalling. Ivory color, gold color green or blue sky.
  • If you like creative decorating dare to decorate painting furniture, doors or objects with funny drawings. The insurance result will surprise you. You have very nice templates to decorate walls, doors and furniture. Stenciled templates in bricolajes and department stores.
  • Baby room
  • Baby bedroom
  • Incredible themed children's bedrooms
  • Special hypo-allergenic paints for babies and people sensitive

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