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Bar furniture, practical and decorative auxiliary furniture, modern bar furniture, oriental style, retro we bring different models furniture bar.


The bar furniture They appear at the time of Art Deco, about 1920, it emerges as a cabinet where having everything ready to entertain guests at parties and cocktails. Furniture auxiliaries not only served to keep liquor, glasses and all kinds of bottles but also to fill gaps in living rooms, offices or living rooms.

bar furniture

Yes&# 160; you're thinking about buying one wetbar, Do not miss these models in different styles.

  • Pictured 1, a wetbar oak, in simple lines that can be used in a style rustic or a minimalist. It has room for everything from wine bottles horizontally, vertically liquor, water space for different glasses.
  • In photo 2 a practical trunk wetbar with wheels. It's called the wetbar Manhattan.


  • The interior is lined in blue, has several folding ice cube compartment or shaker, compartment for different types of bottles, glasses. Best of all is that having wheels you can move where you need it. Ideal for an expert cocktail cabinet.
  • The Barboy model, furniture&# 160; Pub Chinese style, lacquered red and gold. HBX-5-looking-zhang-0911-xlg
  • Sidebar walnut model, with Art Deco design originates, has a size&# 160; smaller. It has different compartments concealed so that the furniture itself is as decorative. HBX-1-looking-sidebar-0911-xl
  • Swing model, made of lacquered wood high gloss white. A beautiful piece of furniture Pub well-designed with four compartments to store cups, glasses and all kinds of drinks.


  • wetbar Collins model, made of molded MDF&# 160; chrome rims. It carries built-in wheels making it easy to transfer. Modern style furniture ideal for modern or minimalist lounge.


Stuart liquor cabinet

  • East piece of furniture in a English classical style, made of maple wood with a very careful design. Notice the detail of the legs in the form of Solomonic columns. Closed cabinet can be combined in a classic room with other wooden furniture or rustic lounge.


Piece of furniture Pub, Art Deco

  • It is the Collins model wood walnut combined with stainless steel. Nice design which highlights the grain of the walnut in contrast with metal ornaments.


Japanese style bar cabinet

  • Original design combining linen with oak. Range colors soft makes it an ideal piece of furniture for any environment. HBX-9-looking-Carmella-0911-xlg
  • This furniture bars but are created in order to hold drinks are sometimes used only for glassware as a closed cabinet. By having a good capacity and be quite comfortable access it is easier to pick up drinks bar furniture to go to the kitchen if you have to serve a guest.

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