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rustic rooms with wood, natural fibers, wrought iron, ideas for decorating your living room rustic style

He rustic It is based in rural areas and garden. Natural materials like wood in different finishes such as pine, ash, oak, wenge, mahogany.

Natural fibers such as bamboo, rattan, bone. Wrought iron. Old or antique look furniture. Decorative objects with an antique air.


Ideas rustic lounge

  • At rustic&# 160; decoration takes what is in nature. The wheat, yellow, straw-colored, orange, apple green, moss green, sky blue, or white shades on the walls. the feeling of harmony without fanfare sought.
  • Flowers, plants, dried flowers, trees, wheat, herbs are the basis for decorating fabrics, prints, wallpapers, tapestries.
  • Walls: Coated with natural stone or imitation stone are ideal for creating a rustic decor. wood-paneled walls or plywood in different finishes, they give a warm and homey than ideal walls in the rustic decor look. Painted in soft tones, beige, peach, light yellow, salmon. You can switch half of the coated wood or stone walls and the other half pinatada.


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  • Aged wood or peeling effect, Color honey, oak, ivory, gold, mahogany. Rustic style in any antique furniture like a dresser or dresser can be centerpiece with a patina beige or a pastel color. The rustic style incorporates old, I used to decoration.

Rustic living room furniture

  • Older models inspired furniture, display cabinets, dressers, comfortable. Wood, bamboo, rattan or wrought iron. Library furniture in wood or wrought iron,


  • 3 + 2 sofas or sofa with two armchairs, upholstered in leather or fabric with floral inspiration, fabrics Toyle of juoy.&# 160; Wood chairs or forging. cushions to decorate.


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  • Sisal carpets, hemp, bamboo. Indian inspiration carpets, tapestries. He rustic seeks to create a warm environment, carpets are an ideal complement to define different spaces. natural colors in rugs.


Cotton fabrics, fabrics crochet Visillos in white, combined with Roman shades, blinds bamboo or rattan. curtains natural prints and below the curtains.


decorative objects

  • If in modern style decor focuses on minimalism in rustic, account details. Vases, flowers, plants, curtains, ceramic or metal pots, porcelain for decorating walls. Paintings of nature scenes, flowers, plants, engravings.
  • antique mirrors
  • folding screens classic style to separate environments.

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