Window curtains

The curtains are undoubtedly one of the accessories that can never be lacking in our windows, not only because they have their role with light but also because a decorative feature that makes any stay fit better decorated with them.

The truth is that the window curtains are quite varied both in styles and in design and colors but perhaps we can distinguish dependiento fabric and of course, the room or space in which are to be placed.

Types of fabrics for curtains for windows:

  • Depending on the fabric we choose for our curtain, we can also choose which fit better in our living room for example or it will be best for a bedroom. Whether ours, a juvenile or child.
  • Thus we can say that the curtains have two strips or overlapping fabrics are most often carried for all types of lounges and especially for those who are large. One of these cloths is usually a white color, while the second or which is visible is usually a more vivid color such as red or blue.
  • Another fabric that gives a lot between the curtains for the windows will be to lace curtain that can occur both in the window of a double bedroom, and a dining room or living room. Usually characterized as white and also allow light to pass both and to do that when night comes prevent passing the cold.
  • For youth and children's rooms you can choose a curtain fabrics are known as &8220;the most&8221; and they consist of several slats that allow graduate position to let more or less light.

On the other hand we have to speak of as the curtains are attached and we can also choose between different modes or ways and provide as the that we have one style or another decoration.

As holding curtains windows:

  • Bar or tiebacks  It is perhaps the most traditional method when hanging the curtains. This is placed through hooks or holes that are passed by this bar and that enables us to pass them both open to close.
  • On the other hand we have the Blinds and these fjos are attached to the window and have a rope that allows up and down in the style of a blind.

Styles for window curtains:

  • rustic: The rustic or traditional style can be achieved in the direction of the curtains with the fact opt ​​for those that are sheer or lace.
  • Minimalist style: The blinds are perhaps the best option to decorate a room or living room or bedroom with a minimalist decor.
  • Modern style: Double cloth curtains are ideal for the modern style. In this style blinds are also great.

I leave photos of the styles and types of window shades:

Video window curtains:

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