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In any house you can miss shelves, and although we have seen on the shelves of Ikea, the truth is they are not the only ones we can find and catermaran so now we look at another well-known brand. Espaciohogar we bring then the pictures of the best Leroy Merlin shelves to decorate and put everything in order. Do not miss the shelves trendsetters in decorating our home for this 2016 and have, all in the catalog of Leroy Merlin this year.


Leroy Merlin shelves 2016


From the kitchen to the living room, never forgetting the children's room or office, shelves comprise each decorating a home, so it is not surprising that often is the first thing we think of when we consider redecorating our house. Today we propose different shelves Leroy Merlin offers us because in this shop, and in its catalog, we find models of various shelves that can be placed anywhere in the house.

Space home shelves

The shelves are one of the most versatile furniture, used in the decoration and storage for both domestic and industrial level. It's hard not to find more than a shelf in a home. To order books, to look objects decor, plants, collections of objects or toys. In Leroy Merlin have them well-rich, in order to find the right model for every room of the house, and not only that, but also see that we propose to various materials, whether wood, melamine or metal they are indeed trend for decorating kitchens 2016.

kitchen shelves-leroy-merlin

Leroy Merlin In addition you have a wide variety of shelves according to the material they are made, models can be more conventional, or those that are modern, or rusticas for youth, children, for the garage or storage rooms. The have different sizes and measurements so you can choose the type of shelf that best fits the space you have. In addition to the shelves modular You can create your own modules shelves custom.

Leroy Merlin shelves 2016 | Styles and materials


Also include those that are metal shelves but not just for a kitchen as I said above, but for a minimalist living room (bearing in mind that these are also trend nowadays) or presented in materials like chrome steel, and gray combined with a color like burgundy, will allow you to get a very modern and perfect for homes of all sizes decorative style.


You are looking shelves woods? In the Pictured above you can see a shelf in melamine with different finishes, white, maple and oak. It mixes well in the office a youth bedroom.


Also in Leroy Merlin have shelves that are presented in modules, so that you can have them, even to divide environments. Look how well is a bookcase in white and wenge between a living room and a small office like the one pictured above.


Another model of shelves you can find in this store are those They have a rustic solid wood and they combine well with those who are everything for Leroy Merlin TV also, as you see in the picture above. You have them in ivory, cherry, and mahogany. Ideal for a colonial or rustic decor. Shelves in wenge finish like you see in the picture 6 with a modern design that also have white and oak. Pictured cubes series No. 7, the shelves with wheels in different finishes such as walnut, wenge and oak.

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Shelves served on wood, unvarnished will prove ideal for a modern living room or loft


The truth is that options Leroy Merlin shelves are endless, if we take into account that co also include models of different measures, including close to decorate every corner, as some of the models that we will see later. This type of somewhat narrower shelves are also perfect for homes that are small space.

modular shelf

For years, Leroy Merlin had no great proposals on shelves but we can find these models as spectacular as These shelves in honey-colored pine finish.

160dade3b73ee6657f109e2ce5a7-cajaspacio_l 541678ae717687c5e00dd16cf470-cuboskids_l

We can even meet shelves that are perfect for children's bedrooms. To have everything well organized. Shelves like these that you see in the photos above made in MDF, in different colors pink, orange, green and blue, or a design that mimics that of a fun boxes to adapt to different shelves, this way you can customize the decor. You have them in pine, ivory, blue, green and orange.

Leroy Merlin Estanterias 2016 | Other models


If we review the current models that are more shelving Leroy Merlin, launched this spring-summer season 2015, we realize that signing commitment to simplicity and mainly designs that seem to want to get closer to minimalism.


we can also set ourselves between the different Leroy Merlin shelves for this 2016, in colors that highlights the brand and between them seems to the ash tones imposed. A color that is pretty worn on interior decoration so that a model like the one you see above you can combine well with all kinds of furniture, white, black or gray. Both shelves that can be placed in the living room, and bedroom. Fijaros for example that the above proposal is not too large and includes wheels so that you can take anywhere in the house.


For those who seek shelves tengan a special design, we show a model in which the shelves are positioned perpendicular to each other. This type of shelving will be great in a nook or corner of any wall and especially in spaces like the living room or bedroom, both marriage as one that is youthful.


And finally we highlight a new model of Leroy Merlin has just launched. A shelf with various shelves that stands out for being and finished particle board in a white PVC which is trend. It is also a fairly high shelf so that where coloquéis going to stand out and even not necessary that the llenéis of all, can leave some completely empty shelf and you will see how I'll explain later that these shelves also serve as a decorative item within the space they occupy.

Leroy Merlin's shelves

We continue to update the article with the latest news on shelves you will find in the catalog of Leroy Merlin. As one of the main surfaces of household items, Leroy Merlin has a huge variety of shelves, and you can find almost all shapes, colors, materials and prices. It all depends on what you walk looking for and the type of shelves you want in your home.

merlin leroy estanteria
On the one hand, we have the simple and functional shelves, made of resin, plastic shelves are fairly simple but perfectly fulfilling its mission. For example, at the top you can see an image made in black, with dimensions in cm 138 x 60 x 30. It has four shelves that support up to 25 kg. each step. And best of all is its price, only 13.30 euros.

leroy merlin estanteria
Inside shelves resin, there are also some a little more complete and more space for elements models. For example, you can see this shelf Maximup with measures 140 x 175 x 40 in white, which you can buy in Leroy Merlin the attractive price of 92.25 euros (note that this is the most expensive model resin having in its catalog currently).

Leroy Merlin shelves 2016 | decorative shelves

merlin leroy estanteria
On the other hand, at Leroy Merlin also they have a space for the shelves &8220; decorative&# 8221; as well as serve to store, stacking or storing things, allow us to provide a decorative touch certain areas of the house.

Thus, one of the most economical and attractive decorative shelving is this model you see above, a shelf of floor Kriskeo series is working very well and you can find in different colors. The best of this shelf is the high capacity and offers good value for money, it is one of the cheapest in the catalog of decorative shelves and its price is 35 euros.


The model Kubox It is another decorative shelves models in the new catalog of Leroy Merlin shelves and you can see by the image above, why we say. Shelves and shelves that form cubes that are perfect as an option for bedrooms, especially those who are juveniles.


He Pino Gala model has a design and is made of a material, pine wood, which makes it perfect also as a decorative element in the living room of our house. Now that rustic is trendy, sure many will like to bet on this type of shelving, with modern design, which provides high strength, it is also simple shapes and can also combine it with other models of shelves Leroy Merlin .


If we continue to see models that stand out for their design in wood, we can say that the serie Basic Roble, has shelves like these, with a more classic look although suitable for that we place in a room or in our dining room.

Leroy Merlin shelves
On the other hand, there are also larger decorative shelves and a slightly higher price. Specifically you can find some vertical shelves so beautiful how are you for just over 120 euros. And best of all is that you can choose in different shades, this particular one also have white and imitation wood. This type of shelves are in addition to standard sizes so we can put ourselves in every corner of our house.

merlin wooden shelf leroy
We finished with a classic, which is none other than wooden shelves. We have already seen examples of specific models, but should add that today there and with many types of shelves and material, yet there are many people who think that there is more elegant than wood material. The truth is that the wooden shelves of Leroy Merlin are quite simple and very functional. For example you have this interesting model at an affordable price

For our part this is it. In any case, if you want to see all the shelves you can find in Leroy Merlin, it's best to go directly to their website and look at their catalog.

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