Caring for the environment from home

How to protect the environment from home? Whether on the occasion of the celebration of Earth Day, or a true commitment, there are simple gestures and little tricks you can do on a daily basis and contribute to environmental care. We offer a number of tips for not involving an effort to care for the environment.


Every year it is easier to recycle and there are more campaigns and social awareness about ways to be eco without neglecting comfort. Divide the article as areas in which we can protect the environment.

Let Article Index:

  1. Save on your electricity consumption

  2. Reduce water consumption

  3. Recycle

  4. Leave the car at home

  5. Timber controlled source

  6. Organic fruit and vegetables

  7. Video on how to care for the environment at home

We can all do our bit to protect the environment. Save resources, recycle, avoid polluting the environment. We tell you how to protect the environment from home.

Save on your electricity consumption:

Save electricity, not to waste resources. Turn off the lights if you're not in a room, have the lights not only have to pay on your bill, it is also wasting resources.

That is why perhaps the first thing we have to do to protect the environment from home will be buying light bulbs or LED bulbs.

These bulbs last much longer than conventional but spend up to 80% energy. You have many models to choose from, large or small thread. Change all light bulbs home light bulbs. You will help the environment and your pocket.

The without appliances you not have class A or A +, the best energy efficiency, Keep that in mind when you have to renew them. A refrigerator, washing machine or dishwasher class A or A +, saves energy and is environmentally friendly.

It is currently in stores and appliance stores will be very easier to buy class A or A + and even in some autonomous communities in Spain to those who buy a washing machine, for example, is of this type make us a special discount.

Insulates your windows, and doors for winter it retains heat better and in fresh summer air conditioning. This helps you spend less and also protects the environment.

Do not let TV or other appliances in option stand By, consume unnecessary energy you will also have to pay. Directly off the TV without leaving it in Stand By, in the same way that when you turn on your computer, you'd better turn it off but then later you rekindle; nothing just off the monitor.

Another idea is to place aluminum reflector panels behind the radiator. Much heat generated by the radiators are wasted, these panels are given at bricolajes and department stores and manage to optimize the heat generated by each radiator.

Reduce water consumption:

Save water. Water is a precious resource that should not squander. There are gestures which together consume a lot of water unnecessarily. Using the toilet to throw papers that you can throw away. Leave the tap running while you brush your teeth or bathe rather than shower.

Faucets installed flow restrictor to save up to 50% of water consumption.

Place 2 bottle in the toilet tank and save two 3 liter quarts each download. Then that water can be used for watering plants, or mopping the floor.

Also when making washing machine, It is good that may bear the necessary clothing to avoid wasting water and ELECTRICITY uselessly. Nothing to do washing for a single pants or shirt, It is better to wait and do them weekly to daily washing.


Recycling is a smart way to protect the environment from home. Before you throw some think if you can get some other use. This is not to accumulate junk but take advantage of what you have.

Many times we can see how a chair or one table It is broken, or very old and we ran to toil away money on a new Why ?. It is better than lijemos, the fix and let's paint. In this way you will help not only help the environment but you can also save money in times of crisis is quite appreciated.

Separate waste, glass, cans, plastic and organic waste. Dustbins have three divisions for you is much easier to separate the materials you're going to throw.

The button batteries or conventional not throw it away. In department stores and in many areas of the city are containers for depositing the batteries. You will help preserve the environment.

Leave the car at home:

If you can sign up to take the bicycle or to walk. It's a good way to exercise and also contribute to not generate more pollution. If you have to move better vehicle that is in public transport as it is more efficient than taking the car.

On the other hand I have to return to mention the subject of money since leaving the car at home, we'll save on gas and why not say, in fines (just in case).

Timber controlled source:

Timber controlled source

There are Eco-friendly furniture that they are made with wood from plantations controlled to ensure the repopulation of trees. If When buying a piece of furniture also we take into account the origin of wood, we are helping the environment. Many furniture makers would be interesting to use controlled timber if the demanding consumer looking furniture made with this type of wood.

Fruits and vegetables:

Fruits and vegetables

Eating fruits and vegetables organic or ecological It is healthy and it helps prevent abuse of chemicals as fertilizers or insecticides.

Organic farming is a trend in augure worldwide. Ecological agriculture products are more expensive but have excellent quality, odor and texture amazing.

Organic farming can help to preserve jobs in the agricultural sector as well as avoiding abuse of chemicals that harm the environment.

Viídeo on how to care for the environment at home:

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In we care about your opinion. Do you have more ideas to protect the environment from home? If you want you can leave a comment so we can all learn a little more.