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Habitat is one of the firms top selling furniture retailer in Spain, and indeed although we have already spoken of the characteristics of stores like Kibuc, with very contemporary furniture or BoConcept modern furnishings, in this case we want to present proposals that pass for being the most diverse and also allow us to choose between different decorative styles.

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  1. What is Habitat
  2. Habitat products
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What is Habitat:

  • Habitat is a furniture company dedicated to the decoration as well as born in 1964 from work Terence Conran, a young designer and furniture restorer, with a vision to create furniture for the home of the youngest and bring a new decorative style to your generation.
  • Best of the firm is that over the years, He has evolved collections that have reflected changes in fashion and lifestyles that have suffered their customers.
  • Currently the Habitat stores are filled with household items and furniture that are increasingly innovative, modern and functional.
  • The company has a fairly high base online sales, but also has many stores: 26 in France, 7 in Spain and 5 in Germany.

Habitat products:

  • SeatsOne of the elements that stand out, or I would emphasize, of all the products it sells Habitat are sofas and armchairs above.
  • The firm has various styles, but perhaps they all agree that they are very functional. Today we see many designs something retro inspiration and in fact the firm has several examples not only of armchairs or sofas (two, three and four places) it also has divans, or footrest, elements not found in all firms.
  • Kitchen: For the kitchen, choose furniture like Habitat chairs and tables, as well as all kinds of cabinets and shelves that allow us to have a very modern style, and could even be said that although minimalist furniture predominate those presented in shades such as white and a lacquered that makes them stand out more.
  • Bedroom: For this section, include the presence not only of beds, and very modern styles as canapés made of leather, but also found everything to furnish our bedroom full, whether cabinets, drawers, dressers, nightstands, even coat racks, mirrors, etc.&# 8230;

Habitat proposals include:

  • The Verdi chair It is one of the most currently sold out of all marketed Habitat chairs. It has a price of 95 euros, and it allows us to have a dining room of the art, but also its simplicity gives a very contemporary style to any room. made with seat oak veneer and chromed steel legs.

  • The Akira table is another element that we propose of those sold in Habitat. It has a design that allows you to have a hidden storage space under a slide, ideal for disguising disorder. It is priced at 328 euros.

  • For those who seek a beautiful and functional furniture on which to place all kinds of household electronic devices, Habitat you can find this furniture called Garrick and also has two sliding shelves, the center, and involve a hideout for TV, while lockers can be arranged wires. It is priced at 2,000 euros.

  • The table icon, count with one modern design and simple which it allows us to combine all these seats and also has a practical design made with Oak veneer quality which offers a stylish dining table and solidity. It costs 1,300 euros.

  • Finally, I want to highlight the current Habitat collaboration with designer Robin Day, inventor of the chair Polyprop, and it has created an exclusive collection for the firm and where to find pieces like this 3 seater sofa Days Forum II. This range of seats made in Italy is a lesson in simplicity. An outer frame having a square metal bar with oak panels and upholstery leather brown resting on the belt. A popular classic design, which It costs 2,080 euros.

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