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Espaciohogar we like to review the large stores and chains decor and although we saw the catalog Furniture Corte Ingles, today it is the turn of porch Decoration, a company of Galician origin is already a multinational. Interior porch is a new concept in home decorating stores and gift items so that we show below what their proposals are furniture. Note &# 8211; Update: Porch has closed its doors in this 2015, more INFO Article.

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Gantry Group, more than 45 years of history:


Before show you current proposals of the porch furniture we speak a little company of furniture and decoration, created in 1965 in Vigo, he has since grown, with the idea of ​​furniture and young decor, current stylish but at prices low. In 1995 the first store opens, They are now more than 50 on the peninsula, and covers Portugal, Latin America sales network.


The firm completely innovates by creating what is known as &# 8220; Millennium House Stuff&8221; and created in 1998, is a new way to present the product in small gift designed stores to operate in populations of less than 50,000 inhabitants. today Porch It has more than 100 stores between themselves and associates. With a workforce of over 1,200 people in more than 10 countries.

Porch furniture | proposals

Furniture portico-2015-dresser-drawers

Portico is successful orfrecer much variety in objects but at a low price, Gantry style is eclectic, mixed woods, wrought iron, rattan, wicker. Portico important thing is to create a comfortable home environment, full of little details that make it unique. Porch decor has different ways of reaching customers, from small shops to large malls on the periphery of urban centers. We find several very interesting proposals that focus on the distinas lines having the store.

Gantry basic

Portico furnishings-

Sales points in urban areas of over 50,000 inhabitants. You find products of high turnover in the decoration. Photo frames, ashtrays, vases, glassware. These vases, mainly, and other decorative elements combine perfectly with the minimalist style It takes both this year and other types of decoration as rustic or modern.

Mileno Family Matters

Furniture portico-2015-armchair-Nice

a concept more intimate, based on the boutique style. They are small shops between 100 and 150 square meters located in very strategic points in the cities of over 50,000 inhabitants and selling furniture in more detail, more exclusivity and to decorate a special way.

Carp Porch

Portico furniture

The carp is a small store concept and close decoration, decoration store in the neighborhood. You can find Portico of the most successful products for everyday or gift. Since photo frames, to vases, statues through and all kinds of decorative elements. The Wood is one of the natural elements by betting.

Gantry Ship

Furniture portico-2015-comfortable-shelves

Following a concept rather large ship decoration, located on the outskirts of cities. Large spaces where you can find countless proposals for decoration and gift. There are exhibitions area rustic furniture, modern furnishings, a gift and a special section called "Treasure Island" the outlets area where you can find items at greatly discounted prices.


If you have to furnish the house in Nave Portico have furniture, carpets, paintings and all kinds of decorative objects with very high quality at a really good price. In addition sections also they have household items, home textiles and more. Madrid Portico Portico is ideal for those who enjoy the decor store. All kinds of gift items from decorative boxes, coasters, original glasses, tablecloths, bath sets, dinnerware cuberterías.Los elegant furniture porch furniture, but youth in the Portico stores have from leather sofas for your living room to auxiliary furniture for any room.

Wedding lists in Porch


in Porch also highlights a section in which you can put your wedding list, choosing from among thousands of items you have on display. They have a private access through the web where the couple can access password to the list of selected gifts. At the same time Guests can access the web for the access code (Which will be provided to them by the couple in the same store or commenting names of the couple) in order to view the list of gifts you can choose from.


Other brands of gantry group


  • A shop to find accessories for women. modern, glamorous, sophisticated style. A wide range of products with an aesthetic very city.

Dayaday group Portico Goovy

  • Bet of the Portico Group for the little ones. Toys, accessories, textiles and everything you need to decorate the baby's room or make a gift.

qluz-group Portico


  • Store of illumination. Table lamps, ceiling, wall sconces, lamps of all types and lighting fixtures. All you need to make your house is always perfectly lit without having to spend a lot on your electricity bill.

* Update: Porch closes its doors

In the lake of time, we have been following developments Gantry Deoración home and have been updated periodically article. But I fear that if you read the whole article, you no longer will serve for nothing, because in this 2015 have confirmed the worst predictions for Portico and the store has had to permanently close its doors and fire just over 100 workers remaining in their stores, in order to liquidate stocks last. Thus ends its activities a company with 40 years of soldiering, which had more than 700 employees on the payroll and billing more than 70 million euros a year.

The situation of difficulty porch had been produced since 2013, when the company began harshly accusing the effects of the crisis (and some believe that because of mismanagement) and submitted a viability plan that forced him to close more than 10 stores and lay off large numbers of workers. However, it was not enough and, after struggling for several months, the company had to accept his fate and was forced to enter insolvency proceedings. During this time, several companies showed interest in acquiring Gateway, but eventually any made a firm offer.

portico It is a pity that tradition so companies have to close its doors, but Gateway has been one of the victims the housing bubble burst. As they said, they sold hundreds, thousands of furniture a day to decorate floors. However, the real estate bubble burst, the crisis came and we were far fewer had the economy to buy a flat or put to reshape his.

Only one of its subsidiaries survives, Dayaday, which it has been acquired by Tous. Also, in 2013 the Portico stores in Chile were acquired by Commercial and Industrial Silfa SA and currently Chileans themselves can enjoy 5 Portico stores in Santiago: Outlet Easton Center, Parque Arauco, Alto Las Condes, Outlet Mid Mall and Costanera Center.

Thus ends a business activity that emerged in Vigo four decades ago and gradually grew to become one of the most important establishments nationwide. However, it not has been able to survive the past and difficult times and, therefore, its history is over.

Gantry Video Store:

In this video you can see the ship Porch in Vigo, a style of shop that we've already spoken throughout the article but unfortunately, because we will not be able to visit.

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