More than 25 halls decorating ideas for 15 years

Salons for parties of celebration of 15 years tend to be very special, so that the decoration of these features all kinds of ornaments, balloons and colors that sometimes come marked by the latest trends in decoration. If you celebrate a soon &8220; teenager&8221; we show below, more than &8220; X&8221; decorating ideas halls for 15 years.

More than 25 halls decorating ideas for 15 years

Of 15, also known as &8220; teenager&8221; It is perhaps one of the most celebrations Popular Latin countries, as they celebrate the girls reach 15 years so although many people make a special party at home, it will normally be held in a hall, similar to wedding or comunionres.

The decoration of these rooms, will then quite special, giving importance to colors that are trend, or those who like the protagonist and the use of flower arrangements, balloons, bright details, etc.&# 8230 ;.

Thus, we can find different decorating ideas halls for 15 years we want now see in these images that are sure you will love, and you will inspire.

Centerpieces for 15 years salons

One of the first ideas that we want to make about the rooms for 15 years, will have to do with the centerpieces.

Actually, the centers are always important in this type of celebrations, and perhaps the most are going to take are those with small flowers. Roses, for example, are among the best options in this regard.

On the other hand, if you have a large lounge, good schools will go according to that. Thus, for the centers you see above, which are high, with dried flowers, are spectacular and undoubtedly look great.

On the other hand, we also want to show you an idea of ​​centerpiece that is somewhat smaller. Ideal for teenagers at home, or for those that are held in rooms that are smaller or who want a more modern look.

These centers are really beautiful, thanks to the choice in the variety of flowers, so that we can actually bet on them for all kinds of celebrations.

The commitment balloons

Along with the centerpieces, balloons is one of the essentials when we decorate our room quinceañera.

We can choose big strips will place balloons on the ceiling, input mode, or as shown in the image above, in the center, to form a sort of scenario in which after the banquet can hold a dance.

The commitment to a specific topic

Also among the ideas for classrooms 15 years, we have the option of choosing a particular theme. insurance young&8221; teenager&8221; It will be delighted by a decorative idea as we see above dedicated so the winter.

The commitment chairs decorated

On the other hand, many of the halls 15 years we see today, have a tendency to place chairs decor.

Large loops for example, are a great choice or a lofty idea, and they can start dialing decoration depending on the colors, some that are really trend as red, and even black.

We continue to see rooms decorating ideas for 15 years, but now we want to do through the colorque different options we can find for them.

Color ideas classrooms for 15 years

Living 15 years in emerald

One of the first ideas that we want to show with respect to color can be chosen for quinceañeras salons will be the emerald green.

This is a decorative color that is very much led in 2016, and it seems that there is a trend for 2017 and especially for salons as celebrations of 15 years.

Thus, we can hang curtains, lights, centers and balloons all in this tone, soft and elegant addition also brings freshness, something that should highlight in a young forever.

Living 15 years in white and pink

On the other hand, we have the option of combining two tones, and this idea will be good to mix colors that are clear, and that much lead.

Two light colors that are trend are now white and pink. Thus, you can imitate a decoration as we see above, in highlighting the chairs in white, with a pink bow.

Also, if you look closely, you can introduce an element of darker color and so we have the option of a black table or with a dark purple color, creating a truly amazing mix.

Living 15 years in blue and lilac

We continue to see another option for decorating 15 years, depending on the mix of colors. So, you can choose the mix of blue with lilac.

These two colors are really a success, and you see how good you are, so that we can place lilac balloons (with black), matching tablecloths, while chairs &8220; dress&8221; successful with color blue.

Living 15 years in white and lilac

Also lilac and white combine well so we can decorate our room as we see in the picture above.

A nice and spacious living room that features chairs in white with ribbons or decorative detail in blue or in the lila, which is then repeated on the tablecloths.

We see that with this unique idea of ​​color, hardly we will need to do much more in the decoration.

Photos decorating halls for 15 years

We have already seen some of the best decorating ideas halls for 15 years, although the rest of these, then we see in this gallery of photos.

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