Centerpieces for Valentine 2018

He approaches the day of love and while we have already given the keys to having the best romantic decoration Valentine, now we want to propose ideas, but focused on the centerpieces. Then centerpieces for Valentine's Day 2018.


Centerpieces for Valentine 2018


The centerpieces are ideal for power decorate the table on special occasions. They are usually very popular Christmas table centers although there were ideas that are very romantic and interesting for Valentine's Day.

Many of the centerpieces for Valentine's Day are made from flowers and candles, as indeed almost all centerpieces are made, but from this concept and other ideas can get models that are very both romantic and very original. Want to see some of these ideas ?.

The truth is that since Espaciohogar we go bet by the simplicity of a nice centerpiece, but also ideas that are original and of course, very romantic.

Centerpieces Ideas for Valentine's Day 2018


Regardless of candles and flowers, table centers romantic Valentine may have other proposals.

Centerpiece with candy for Valentine's Day 2018


For example the candy can be a good idea to get a nice centerpiece for our dinner on Valentine's Day.

We can buy heart-shaped candies and place them in a bowl with a red candle in the middle. Simple, romantic and original.

Another idea from candy and you can serve as a romantic centerpiece for Valentine's Day is to take a tray and fill it candies as you see in the picture above, and to which we add a heart-shaped candles we place at the center.

A centerpiece with floating candles for Valentine 2018


For those who want to bet on the candles, maybe you can buy floating candles they also serve as a nice centerpiece Valentine.

The place yourselves in a container with water, and in which we can include some other flower for the occasion.

Glasses, candles and flowers as a centerpiece Valentine 2018


And if you want to be more original what do you think this another proposal flowers and candles? It is also very simple in its preparation.

Suffice three cups placed in the center of the table and turned inside which will three blooming roses without the stem.

At the top of each cup place a small candle that can be blue, as pictured, or in red or white.

Portafotos as a centerpiece for Valentine 2018


Another original idea is this. You can buy a portafotos as the image, and he engages in some romantic image, or hanging hearts and even rose petals.

Centerpiece with red rice straws cardboard and Valentine 2018


Another centerpiece idea for Valentine's Day will make one with our own hands like this where we need rice, a glass jar, reeds or straws drinks and colored construction paper.

With the dyed red rice (Something you can do with some dye), fill a glass jar, also nailing a few straws.

Each of these straws will also have a heart that will have cut or performed with cardboards, but if we can also be with plush.

Plush hearts for a centerpiece Valentine


Precisely plush fabric is the protagonist of this other center we see in the picture, and we can do ourselves.

All we do is get a jar or glass jar and place a small loop so that it us better decorated. 

Then placed in each pot or a small jar stick, like those used for brochettes and each of them, we will add a heart stuffed.

To make these hearts, two pieces of plush with the same size are trimmed, filled with a light foam or cotton and then sewn.

Then we paste each heart to stick, and voila! and you can place inside glass jars, to serve you as a beautiful centerpiece.

Petals and candles as a centerpiece for Valentine 2018


We have already seen some other idea has to do with flowers and candles, but another nice centerpiece of the day of love is this.

We can take several vases or vessels of various sizes, and fill it with rose petals or pink flowers and water.

We take a small, floating candle so that it us up the vase. Sure to be one of the most romantic centers you can think of.

A centerpiece with cans and bottles gold


This is another simple centerpiece can do for Valentine's for sure then you use for other occasions.

It consists only in taking several cans or bottles to be empty and then the gold-colored paint with a spray can or also covered with a golden paper.

You take flowers such as roses, carnations or daisies and place it in each of the cans, and bottles. Better if you put two or three scattered Valentine table.

Photogallery centerpieces for Valentine

To inspire you with other ideas for centerpieces for Valentine's Day 2018, then we leave this gallery of photos:

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