Wood Furniture

Wooden furniture are still the type of furniture that prevails in most homes. Although the treatment of this material has evolved a lot today, and furniture in which contrachpados or wood conglomerate with natural wood are mixed, we can say they are still wooden furniture so we now give you some options sold the most varied and allow us to decorate the house with a new look.


The wooden cabinet in history


The furniture part of life, throughout history the materials were at hand were used, the wood He was one of them. Wood is durable, easy to work and also nice. 378157_369e95f9f9a2ecf3d36142fc192c4e3eFootstools, stools, beds, tables wood combined with ivory, painted or covered with leather or fabric Egyptians were sought after for furniture.


The Greeks still they use wood in your furniture but finishes simpler than the Egyptians. One of the most used furniture or cabinets Arkas were serving not only for storage but as table or asiento.Los Romans used wood with bronze and marble. Chairs with different number of legs in wood, beds with wooden legs and wooden chests.


Many years later the time of Henry VIII (1491 -1547), The wood furniture is used for small and large pieces, such as large tables, canopy beds, benches for common use. In this era it dominates the oak as a material for wooden furniture.


During the twelfth century until 1730, It is called the age of walnut. Walnut was used in decorative carving furniture as it was easier to handle, as the saws are perfect start to use veneered oak.In the mid-eighteenth century it is called the age of mahogany wood and wooden eagle or Satinwood. In the century XVIII furniture made marked trend as the Chippendale, Queen Anne's, the Regency or Happlwhite.

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Types of wood furniture


Each type of wood has different characteristics in color, grain and hardness, which makes them appropriate for different types of furniture.

hardwoods :

  • these woods come from slow-growing trees. They are very resistant fine-grained woods that support good shrinkage, deformation and time. Woods like mahogany, walnut, oak, maple, oak, boxwood, alder, cherry, teak, rosewood, beech, polisandro, elm, chestnut, birch, ebony. greentea-design


  • They generally come conifers are lightweight and easy to work like pine that is easy to work and resists deformation. Yew, fir, larch, cypress, cedar.

woods made

  • They are Woods widely used for furniture, They are manufactured from sheets of wood in various thicknesses from 4mm to 24mm and we will see then to speak of wooden furniture today.

Wooden furniture today


They say that already in ancient Egypt 3,000 years ago ma wooden furniture were made. It is therefore a material that has left proved their worth throughout history and even those made of natural wood are perhaps the most valued in the present we can find furniture that are made from other treatments which are given to hardwoods, so that They may be cheaper, they remain much better and enciman bring modernity to our house.

Wood furniture today, you can be found made from what are known as &8220; manufactured woods&8221; ie wood that has been treated so that from producing films allow us to achieve different types of building materials.

wooden furniture that are made from MDF , which it is wood dust attached with glue that is compressed into sheets, very nice and easy to work.

More used are even agglomerates that they are made as the MDF, but from wood chips. This type of material is widely used in the manufacture of kitchen furniture.

We also find the contrapachados which they are made from sheets of wood glued together. It is perhaps the most common material currently used for all types of furniture today.

Wooden furniture | trends 2014


The decorative wood itself is this trend in 2014. Many stores like Ikea or FacilMobel presented collections Furniture and proposals for this year in which the Wood takes some prominence.

He style &# 8220; rustic&8221; It is imposed within the furniture and the current decor, so nothing better than to bet on the wood to decorate with it. They take a lot of furniture also seem drawn directly from the tree but actually as I said before, they are treated wooden furniture for that aspect &# 8220; rustic&8221; both like.

Wood-furniture-TREND-2014-ikea bed-sheets-wood

It also takes a lot, especially in the bedroom, the bet furniture that mimic although a little &8220; look&8221; aged This material still showing a modern decorating option. Thus we can choose double beds like this, Ikea, made of wooden slats it has a wonderful dark brown perfect for bedrooms current marriage.


The Current wood furniture can also be purchased modules so that we can combine them as you want. In the Photo You can see a living room furniture Store Facilmobel.


As for the colors, we have seen that color Original wood is the big trend, although much will also carry pastel colors, especially white, so take the opportunity to paint your wooden furniture or if you prefer yourself with some that are new, and how these storage shelves and furniture from Ikea. Of manufactured, perfect white wood to make your living room look bigger !.