Ideas and proposals for modern wooden shelves

Wooden shelves wall are very common in homes, although these can always choose different style or design. Currently the modern style, with all kinds of shapes, appear to be those imposed by what we will give you some ideas and proposals modern wooden shelves so that you can decorate the walls of your last home.


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Modern wooden shelves

modern shelves

  • Modern wooden shelves are characterized often have all kinds of shapes and designs so that we can turn completely, the decor of the room or stay in which we place.
  • Usually they design can also be functional, so that even if we have a shelf divided into different parts (as we see in the picture above), we can place in her books or items you want.
  • The color is another factor when defining a wooden shelf is modern, because it is a material that allows us to paint the shelves of any shade that is fashionable.
  • Yes want to have a modern wooden shelf, but you do not have the budget To do this, try pick the ones you have at home and cambial color, you will see how all the space changes completely.

Ideas and proposals for modern wooden shelves


  • Apart from the designs, or colors, that will mark the a wooden shelf is modern or not, also placing the shelves you can have say that the wall is the most current.
  • In the case of these wooden shelves we have in the Image above. You may have nothing modern in its design, but acertad have to place them on top of each other and taking these, different sizes, so that the wall itself remains modern.


  • Shelves or wooden shelves modern, can also be created for we save space or make the most of.
  • It is the case this other wooden shelf, which it has a simple yet modern design because it allows us to place it in any corner of the wall so that we can take advantage of every corner of the house.


  • Other modern wooden shelves may be those in which barely fit anything. Ledges that feature a design so and so modern, that I personally do not place them in my house
  • They may be functional in a minimal space, but the truth is that little good is a shelf that is small and in which over barely fit four books. I'm not saying we have to put shelves that occupy the entire length of the wall but at least we can draw from them some party, beyond the merely decorative.


  • Think modern wooden shelves need not always be connected with the fact that they have a way that is almost impossible.
  • Now what the &# 8220; rustic&8221; Y &8220; vintage&8221; are terms that are widely used to define the decor is more fashionable, we can choose shelves as we see above and simulating (or is) a piece of tree trunk, You can make our room look completely modern.

Photogallery modern wooden shelves

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