Contemporary coffee tables

Contemporary coffee tables, coffee tables,&# 160; Photos. Variety of designs, sizes and materials as, wood, aluminum, transparent tables, marble tables.

The coffee table They are a&# 160; Basic furniture to decorate living room. In you more of the Contemporary coffee tables.


The center table It is a piece of furniture has evolved, if before the center table was used mostly for playing cards or tea or coffee, with the advent of television, coffee table sand has become a fundamental part of living room or family room.

If you have to buy a coffee table does not hurt to see different models, there are very practical storage to keep remote controls, order books or magazines. They come with different pieces that move to offer more space if you need it. The tables in black and white, wood wenge Y Tables are transparent fashion.


  • The center table usually it located in front of the television,&# 160; about sofas and armchairs. Coffee tables modern integrated not only design but also functionality, drawers, different tables integrated into the table if you need them.
  • The coffee tables with motion They are combining different heights and materials to provide more space and comfort at the table.

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  • Models of coffee table glass that offer multiple possibilities. They have moving parts that can be deployed if you need more space. At the same time the design is modern and being transparent materials just take up space and are ideal for floors&# 160; small apartments.
  • Yes&# 160; do not have much space or want to win in versatility, the tables with storage, which they rise to eat or unfolding achieving greater floor space are perfect.


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  • Coffee tables combining different finishes and sizes to create motion blur. But tables look like sculptures. Wood, stone, high gloss coatings, aluminum, iron, glass, methacrylate. Different materials can be combined to create decorative and very functional designs.
  • Table consisting of four squares, Japanese-inspired, minimalist style, It is the Kyoito collection, simple and elegant. The round table with storage module for remote controls or other objects is the model Palermo f206899e0693540f52d564cc5d385331.image.350x254

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  • Coffee table&# 160; drawers with different heights, oval tables and high brightness. The designs in black or plain white or combined with wood or glass are very fashionable in modern decor.
  • In modern decoration simple designs, geometric shapes, contrasting gloss and matt, white and black are sought. Contrast materials.


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  • Coffee table with different heights as a shelf to put books and remote controls. In simple design and color White.
  • Tables metal as a sculpture, aluminum, iron or bronze foot. Combined with on or cover glass table achieved a special decorative effect.
  • Center table with very fine wood sheet and aluminum structure X-shaped cross. Simple design inspired by minimalism.


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  • Table in black and glass in an original design under two stools are integrated and also the table has three storage space on the black surface and inside.
  • Round table satin stainless steel tubes, an original and modern design. Table based scissor Wenge and glass.

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