Hello Kitty room

Undoubtedly, one of the most cartoon characters girls like Hello Kitty is so we are going to talk now Espaciohogar how you can decorate your room with that character.

The truth is that manage to have a room Hello Kitty is relatively simple, since it is such a highly popular character who can find on the market, all kinds of marketing featuring this nice kitty and not just as dolls or stuffed animals concerns but also exist such as bedding .

decorative elements for a room Hello Kitty:

  • Sheets and complete sets of bedAny store household items will have sheets where we see the face of Hello Kitty.
  • Blankets and comforters: Nordic, blankets and quilts that have stamped the face or body of this character are also sold.
  • curtains: Believe it or not there are curtains Hello Kitty.
  • posters: Obviously any domitorio that is infantile or juvenile may have posters wall and of Hello Kitty They are very easy to get.
  • marketing variedAnd in this we can find alarm clocks, lamps, and even closets and hangers that can not miss in your room Hello Kitty.

This likeable character that is so fashionable for years not only distinguished by a pussycat face is unmistakable and it also has some colors that distinguish it and we can also recreate in our private room Hello Kitty.

Colors to paint and have a room Hello Kitty:

  • Red. Red is one of the colors Hello Kitty, because although the doll has several details in pink, in some drawings appear dressed in this color. We can choose for example to curtains if we do not have them with your face.
  • pinkOther colors Hello Kitty and in this case we can choose it to paint the walls, if for example we do not want to hang any picture or poster of the character. It is also a very special color always like girls and that is great for all types of rooms children.
  • Black: The eyes of Hello Kitty They are deep black. Not that we want you to paint the room in this color, but it can be by way of detail. What do you think draw a few strokes of black on pink wall? or choose a shade that also have it.
  • Finally I would also highlight the pink for furniture and although you seem strained. It will be great if in this case you choose to paint the room White.

The truth is that it is a character who gives much decorative game, not only for the elements that is represented but because it can also get you recreate a style and an atmosphere that quickly remind us Hello Kitty.

Hello Kitty Room Video:

Other items sobne decoration Espaciohogar:

  • black and white decor
  • Striped walls, does a good idea?
  • Decorate with photos
  • High Interior
  • Decoration of stairs