8 modern consoles

8 modern consoles, the console is similar to a table that is attached to the wall cabinet. In the hall, in the living room, in the bedroom consoles they are useful and bring you decorativas.En Espaciohogar.com 8 models of modern consoles.

Glamorous modern consoles

  • Console&# 160; modern mirrors, in photo number 1 of modern design ideal for a small hall, being mirrored it will not seem that much space. If you put a&# 160; a lamp or wall sconces light&# 160; will reflect in the mirror, any dark entrance hall or look brighter.

Wood in various shades

  • Wooden Console veined with red, brown and beige tones. A console that is remarkable for its finish but with a minimalist design. It is controlled wood cut by hand and palm oil finish. So nice to keep it clean with warm water and mild soap and occasionally rubbed with olive oil to maintain its luster.

With Japanese style - Zen

  • modern console in solid ash wood with ash tone varnish. An original console with oriental style. It is double what you earn shelf with a shelf. You can put plants, decorative items or use it for your phone or leave the keys.

stylish design

  • A modern console It noted for its design, very soft and sleek lines. With original turned legs suggest motion. It measures 49.25 x 33 x13 you can put almost anywhere.

dramatic design

  • If you like this design console is not lost, it is designed precisely to highlight like a sculpture. It seems to take a cloth over it but actually made resin and bronze powder is.

  • The designer is Jason Phillips and it stands out for its originality and effects&# 160; metal. In a corner of the room, next to a mirror&# 160; and good lighting console will attract all eyes&# 8230;

Elizabethan modern version

  • A console&# 160; modern inspired by the Elizabethan style, this style was popular during the reign of Queen Elizabeth I in the Renaissance period. Furniture designers based on this style have created new designs, new materials and finishing. The console carries a central flat part on or&# 160; Wood and under the table legs come Elizabethan design. The mirror finish is gold

Industrial style

  • A very decorative modern console. The style is inspired by the industrial design, with long tubes attached stainless together. Metallic finishes are hot, add shine and brightness without cluttering space.

console sculpture

  • A console&# 160; very artistic that could pass for a modern sculpture. Cut-Out is the table carrying cut wood in drawing the outline of the timber. It emphasizes the wood grain dark color.

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Videos with modern consoles.

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