Bedrooms decor and colors

Then colors for bedroom. Choose the decor and colors for bedroom or dorm involves not only bear in mind the latest trends in interior decoration, but also try to consider some factors and aspects that benefit to the room in question look wider , more enlightened or why not say, more modern and appropriate depending on the decorative style we want for her. Now let us see what are the best colors for bedroom.


Colors for bedroom How to choose the perfect color?


Choosing the perfect color for a bedroom or bedroom will always be a function not only of space, since If you choose a tone so off to a small room you get it look even smaller, but on the other hand, we have natural light you have available into account. If you have a lot of light coming through the window, it will be easier to choose a color you like as you can probably get that space is always illuminated.

Colors for bedroom | Clear

Anyway, When choosing a color for your bedroom, it is best to always bet that are neutral tone, such as white, or beige and with which we can take advantage of that light, so that everything looks not only brighter, but also feel that we are in a somewhat more spacious bedroom.

Whites are in fact the trend in 2016, but also light blue, beige, cream or ocher color too clear in its intensity.

Colors for bedroom | Dark

On the other hand, the fact of choosing a more muted tone or a color that is striking, either red or blue for example, can be a good opcióNo long as we know how to combine with other elements that are part of our chamber. Thus, if you paint the gray walls, which is very popular today, can combine with furniture in white (or black), while brown furniture, they will be fine with a beige walls and curtains for example.

Whatever the mode or scheme that you continue to choose to decorate and paint your room or bedroom, keep in mind that you also have the option to be inspired by some of the trends colors of each season or each year, and that is exactly what we will show below.

Colors for bedroom | Decoration and ideas

White rooms


The white décor seems to be one of the major trends for the current bedrooms. Thanks to companies like Ikea, we have noticed that the walls and furniture not only add blank range into space, but also effortlessly you allow your bedroom is more enlightened.


In addition the good thing white is that it combines virtually all decorative styles and more if we consider that currently ravage modern yet simple bedrooms, and minimalist trends, although it can also look good when we choose style furniture &8220; vintage&8221; as seen above.

Rooms beige


Beige is a very nice for house decoration color, but if you choose for your bedroom acertarás full. The good thing about it is that It combined with many other colors, whether the clearest of all, white, or one something darker like brown.


In addition beige walls, the bedroom allow you know how to adapt to any decorative style. From the minimalist simplicity, through the eclectic rooms and even those who are rustic.

Bedrooms in neutral tones and earth


For those who really wish that your bedroom you look at the last, nothing like choosing neutral tones and those who are called tones &# 8220; land&# 8221 ;, as they have a color style that makes contribute more elegance to your room or bedroom, by simply painting your walls with those colors.


Your painting the walls with neutral color above, or this precious sand color that you see in this other image, and you will notice that you will be easier to choose the rest of the bedroom decor. Moreover are colors that are like so much and so well that it is safest to also choose (or similar shades) for the other elements of the bedroom.

Green rooms


Green is not the best color of all for one bedroom, but the truth is that if we correctly choose its intensity, can bring pleasant surprises. It is the case olive green you see in these two images. In the above they have chosen olive green for the camera and lamps, combined with a softer green on the walls. To this are added the cushions with prints of leaves, and the result is an exquisite modern bedroom, and certain sylvan air.


On the other hand, the same shade of green, can be a perfect choice even when our bedroom is so small that barely fit the bed. He Green wall with white linens and brown soil, creates a perfect combination of colors which it makes highlight much more urban style of the whole space.

Ocher rooms


Proposal to end my favorite of all color and which is also trend. I mean of course, the ocher color is very fashionable and really It is great for all types of bedrooms, especially those who are always looking for elegance or have something classical decorative elements. It is really a very appropriate color for rooms of all kinds even those that mix classical style just mentioned, with the modern.


Within the same ocher We can also find different intensities, and while before I have already shown a soft ocher, now that I convinced this more intense.

Blue rooms


The good thing about the rooms or rooms that provide blue is modernity, whatever their intensity tone.

Thus, we can choose a blue approach a gentle intensity, and we remember the sailor style rooms like this.


Or just the opposite, and choose a blue slightly darker for the walls, and let other elements of blue in the room is much smoother.

You can even introducing a neutral color such as white, that allows you to create a combination that will be fine.

Bedrooms in pink


Who said pink is one appropriate color for girls bedroom? We as adults can also enter it into our bedroom.

Yes, you think pink one bedroom completely can saturate too and it is better to mix with other shades intensity.

Thus, bet on a garish pink for the walls and the rest, you can decorate in white or black, or even a combination of both tones.

Gray rooms


The gray color is also colored bedrooms trend for this year, although we can consider too sober tone.

It is true that this is one of the most serious colors, but also the most elegant and the good thing is that we can choose from various intensities for him.

Thus we can choose a dark gray wall, while the rest of the room looks a little more loose tone.


Another option is to choose the light gray for the entire bedroom so that we can get it to look modern and elegant at the same time and if you want, you can also combine with some white.

Bedrooms in black


In the same way that happens with gray, black is a color definitely special. Your choice for a bedroom or bedroom should always be very thoughtful.

This is the color that will further reduce the feeling of space in the room so if you choose it because you like it better than you do having Besides a broad and perhaps in combination with a white room.


Thus, we will make the room look stylish, fashionable, but without being smaller than it could be.

Photogallery decoration and colors for Bedrooms

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