Kitchens Conforama catalog 2017

Conforama is a well-known firm dedicated to the home, where we can find furniture and items that are perfect for interior decorating for both spaces like the living room, bedroom, bathroom and of course, the kitchen, which we always devote a special space in your catalog so that in EspacioHogar we want to present now, kitchens catalog Conforama 2017.

The latest in kitchens It is what you'll find in the catalog of kitchens Conforama 2017, but not only in regard to design or color, to be discussed later in detail, but also will also find the best in appliances.

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Conforama Kitchens: Features

Conforama has a great variety of kitchen designs making it one of the first brands to value when you want to do some reform or completely renovate this space. These kitchens we will also highlight the variety of designs of simple lines, where furniture often have a large storage space that facilitates the use of space.

In turn, you will also be able to observe kitchen office type, where chairs and stools will prove to be a very important point, or sets of tables and chairs to create a dining area.

Many families have recovered the tradition of breakfast and even dinner in the kitchen so if you have room for it, why not?

In addition, we must also mention to dishes, glasses and cutlery which are basic elements of the kitchen they are also present in this catalog.

Here we show their proposals based on the style and design of these, as well as colors among which we find those who are trend.

Kitchens Conforama Catalog 2017 | Design and style

The Conforama kitchens follow are characterized by a minimalist and modern style, simple and classic for this space of the home, where you can also find Premium kitchens lines.

Conforama presents the latest trend to design their kitchens, which from tradition, choose a very modern style, which it is also minimalist and allowing their kitchens look nice and spacious.

He advocates minimalism use few elements, and it is difficult to achieve in a space like the kitchen where everything is so necessary, therefore, it can be given a &# 8220; turn&8221; the concept, and to choose materials and designs without missing anything, give us a lot of modernity to the space in which we integrate.

You can also find a kitchen with a vintage air, a trend that prevailed for some time and that trend continues today.

Regardless of the chosen style, you will find that one of the characteristics of the Conforama kitchens is that you can find designs for small confined spaces or.

Kitchens Conforama Catalog 2017 | Colors

Then we will continue showing you the different cuisines that you can find in Conforama but let's go categorizing according to the colors of them.

Kitchens Conforama 2017: Red lacquered

As for colors, we need to talk about a wide variety, although Conforama continues to promote lacquered red, a type of color that became very fashionable years ago and still maintains.

This is a color that we have seen in the past combined with white, but mixed with gray this year, another tone is trending, and you see how good it is.

Kitchens Conforama 2017: neutral colors

The neutrals They are always one of the trends that do not go out of fashion because most kitchen brings to light.

Depending on the space with which you may tell in the kitchen, I also recommend you to consider what cabinets have chosen: closed for large or large kitchens, small kitchens for cabinets with glass doors or shelves facilitate the feeling of being larger.

Kitchens Conforama 2017: White

White is one of the essential colors whole house and this year returns with great force, so that can not miss in the Conforama kitchens.

The signature is decanted by furniture and white lacquered, also can be combined with other colors for striking and resultón combinations. If not, when in doubt, it is always preferable to choose an entire white furniture and go adding splashes of color with accessories and appliances.

Furthermore, the kitchens in white and presented in matte finish They are also the big bet of Conforama.

Kitchens Conforama 2017: Color gray

The kitchens in gray tones They are also perfect for those who need an intermediate between black and white kitchens, a rather neutral tone  &# 8211; depending on its intensity &# 8211; which can be interesting to evaluate.

Important, choosing all the furniture in gray can be a wise choice for kitchens that are large and spacious, featuring lots natural light because the light. If it is a small kitchen, pick all furniture in gray should be viewed in terms of natural light and intensity of gray, so it does not look smaller.

Kitchens Conforama 2017: Brown Color

Kitchens in brown or wood are also sensational effect, as has that rustic feel and care that is closer to the traditional style.

Throughout the catalog going to be able different cuisines in brown tones, in this case you can see how perfectly combined with an island in white or neutral tones, which brings a lot of light.

Kitchens Conforama 2017: Color Scheme

The combination of colors (two or three) It is another option that you can find in the kitchens of the new catalog Kitchens Conforama, among which we have models in which the yellow are present with white, or color wood with dark gray or black.

Kitchens Conforama 2017: Blue color

You also have the option of Blue is a color that really is fashionable for the whole house, so if you want in your kitchen nothing like combining a strong blue with one that is softer, or with white color, and following a trend that finally imposed.

Here you can see another proposal of what I say, in which part of the kitchen is in the blue-green color, a soft, soothing turquoise.

Kitchens Conforama 2017: lila Color

And to what does not hesitate and are tired of the trend of neutral or clear, calm tones, nothing like choosing one of the modern kitchens Conforama highlighting undoubtedly its color. Among the different models, we have the lilac which although usually not give too much in interior decoration, we are surprised and convinces us how well you can get to stay.

Kitchens Conforama Catalog 2017: Appliances

The convenience and speed have become two of our shopping needs, therefore, one of the great advantages of Conforama is that You can leave the store with all the fitted kitchen.

You can choose kitchen designs that you liked most perfect appliances with the space. In this catalog you can see refrigerators, washing machines, wine bars, kitchens, dishwasher&# 8230;

Even, you can also find other Home accessories for the cleaning and cooking art.

Conforama Kitchens 2017 catalog

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