More than 30 photos of wooden dining you will love

Having a room at the last, does not mean you have to give up one of the most characteristic elements in making furniture such as the wood and when it seems that prevails between the decorative trends of 2017. We see then over 30 photos of wooden dining you will love.

More than 30 photos of wooden dining you will love

have a wooden dining we can serve so that we can have a rustic, or if you also want one that is modern and avant-garde.

Although wood is often associated with classical furniture or as I mentioned, rustic, we can also meet dining room furniture with a contemporary style and in which this material is the protagonist.

Thus, before a real variety of proposals, we want to show the best within 30 photos of wooden dining you will love and beginning with this proposal we see below.

Wooden dining banks

Although existing wooden dining chairs and tables feature of this material, the truth is that one of the trends that we are about and that we like is the wooden benches.

These have come to become a fashion that occurs increasingly in every house. Thus, If you have a large family, using a wooden bench instead of chairs, can be a great option.

And not only for homes that have large or canteens for many people, but can also be a big bet for a small house and also has a rustic style but modern.

Wooden dining modern style

As I mentioned above, the use of wood in modern furniture need not mean that they are old or just a classic style as rustic.

Thus, we can find many proposals that are modern and have the wood element as protagonist.

Thus the wooden table Classic color and matching chairs can be a great choice if you also introduce other colors such as white.

If you want your wooden dining modern look, you have to then choose designs that are very special, with forms, for example, simple lines and also mixed with other materials.

Thus, we can find wooden tables as we see in the picture above, but also has other material such as the metal, which will also be present on chairs, such as photo, with laminated wood very modern.

Dining rooms with rustic wood

On the other hand, it is normal to speak of wood-eating charming, rustic style is the first to come to mind because this is in the wood to a parent.

Therefore, we can find wooden dining like you see in the picture above, which has a very simple design yet, very charming, also adding the trend of using the bank as we have mentioned before.

Also for wooden rustic dining rooms, we can find us designs are classic and in fact, they can be likened very much the kind of room we can have at home.

That wood color so off is very elegant and the truth is that the combination of leather seat is a success.

And for those who want a wood dining room rustic but that is more modern, we can deleitaros with images like the one above, in which the orange color is l protagonist and combined with wood, a spectacular proposal.

Wooden dining tables round

For those looking for something different from wood eaters, we can show you this other picture in which the big bet is the use of a round table.

The truth is that the Using circular tables in the dining room has become very fashionable, and we can opt for Wooden models combined with all kinds of chairs.

Besides being wooden, circular dining tables can be of various colors such as black.

In the image above, we have a pretty classic round table has a design but it acquires a very modern style thanks to the commitment we do for the black color.

Eaters white wooden

On the other hand, and as we have seen the proposal wooden dining where the black color is present, we also show you the option to choose the color white.

This is one of the essential colors for decorating kitchens 2017, so although you probably go for wooden furniture You can choose to paint them white as they take on a very special charm.

And if you do not want to be only this color, we can mix the classic brown wood combined with white.

Thus, you can see the Pictured above is how well we the polished wood dining room also been joined white paint to the edges.

White is actually a color that blends with any design style that we choose for our dining room, bearing in mind also the wood.

Thus, we have seen two proposals Blank wooden dining rooms that are fairly current, but we can add another that seems directly inspired style &8220; vintage&8221;.

Picture gallery wooden dining

I have already shown some of the best pictures of wooden dining, and varied style, but If you want to see the rest until 30, I leave them in this gallery of photos:

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