folding screens

Screens, divide rooms without walls, screens create private nooks in, decorate with screens.


folding screens, ideal for homes loft where there are not many walls. The folding screens to create separate, distinct spaces without using walls.

In apartments, houses, villas, flats, screens they serve to decorate and to hide something (a washing machine, household equipment and clothes, children's toys or anything you want to be hidden).

Decorate with screens

  • A room divider that can move at your leisure? The folding screens You can place them anywhere you want to stay apart. If you have a home office, you can use a screen to keep that separate area.
  • In very small apartments or studios, where one room serves both living room and bedroom, the screen you can create an intimate space. Not just occupy space folded and when you use the space will be divided.
  • A screen behind the bed ?, can give a different look to your bedroom. You can use it to&# 160; head mode or as a wall coating. image

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  • Do you have to hide a radiator, kitchen,&# 160; a washing machine an air conditioning ?, A screen you can hide aesthetically what not to display.
  • If you have a very spacious room, screen&# 160; pendant It helps create divisions in space harmoniously, but do not overload the room decorating.
  • There are folding screens to suit any decor. folding screens rustic, for environments shabby chic, Japanese screens, folding screens Moroccan style, folding screens minimalist for modern rooms.
  • Behind a sofa can serve to divide the dining room, creating two different environments within the same space.
  • There is room dividers as a screen fixing the roof and divide the space original form without doors.
  • You do not have space for an office, using a screen anywhere from home (kitchen, a room or aisle) You can have a private place to use as office.


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  • Do you have folding screens wood opaque or translucent to let in the light.
  • You have a terrace ?, enclosure if you have it you can use the screen in some area of ​​your deck to create a reading space, or to gymnastics, DIY or cultivate seeds.
  • If your deck is wide you can narrow on both sides with folding screens and have two separate places. All without work and without diminishing space because there are no partitions.


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  • Lofts, cottages, penthouses, if you have a house with large spaces, folding screens They can give much play. Separate environments, create private corners, hidden books or goods you have not ordered.

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