2017 Christmas catalog

Christmas approaches so Espaciohogar want you to be up to date in regards to the Christmas decorations so we created a Christmas catalog in which we include the best decorative trends in both decorations and colors and styles that to decorate our home in a few special days. Do not miss anything of what we offer you!


2017 Christmas catalog

2016 catalog-Christmas-decoration-room-zara-homeWhen Christmas arrives it is easy we can find many decorative proposals that come to us from brands or stores like Ikea for example, but we can also look at trends arising from the decor contemporary interior, where we can continue to draw more and more ideas with that power decorating our Christmas tree, as well as choose the best garlands, wreaths, etc.&# 8230; But otherwise we can propose things ourselves from everything we're seeing these days.

catalog-christmas-2016-decoration-table-ocher-maisons-du-mondeFor example, At Christmas he committed many ocher tones, gilded each year, but combinations that are not so &8220; recharged&8221; as in previous years. Thus, there is nothing more elegant than a simple tree with simple pendants, like dolls and little else. No balls and no stars either. In the photo above you have a proposal Maisons du Monde.

Thus, all the ideas that are going to see then emerge from stores or brands too well known, but do not worry if you do not know what store belong ornaments or wreaths that I will show in the 2017 Christmas catalog because I will let you all necessary information websites and you can always leave a comment with your doubts we will gladly answer.

catalog-christmas-2016-decoration-table-crockery-zara-homeClicking on top of the name, you can see the complete catalogs of the most important stores:

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Christmas tree ornaments 2017

catalog-2016-christmas-tree-decoration-vintage-maisons-du-mondeOne of the first elements that we think when decorating our house every Christmas, is in Christmas tree ornaments and they can not fail us for example Christmas balls and much worn with style &# 8220; retro&# 8221 ;. Those of the photo are Maisons du Monde.

catalog-2016-christmas-tree-decoration-white-maisons-du-mondeIf you go more modern ornaments and follow the latest minimalist trend, anything as choosing a color balls as white, transparent or directly. These you see in the image above are from the new collection of Leroy Merlin. Balls which are transparent but with a small Christmas white drawing. Imagine all your tree with this kind of balls. It is certainly something spectacular.

catalog-2016-Christmas-tree-decoration-zara-homeIn Zara Home also can find decorating style &# 8220; Diamond&8221; as you see in this photo and that I find very original. Tree decorations that give it a touch of elegance to the Christmas decorations of stay. You can also choose animals like birds to decorate your tree. Ikea and Maisons du Monde you can find balls to your tree tones such as red or white but not only that, but also can find one of the fashion ornaments: the reindeer.

catalog-2016-christmas-tree-decoration-traditional-maisons-du-mondeApart from the balls, we've seen many, we realize that many of the trees are decorated for Christmas have hanging like these. Dolls that sell both Ikea and Leroy Merlin and they bring a completely renovated style to your tree. In addition they are so funny that you can harness and hang them on the wall or use them to decorate your also Christmas gifts.


2017 Christmas Wreaths


As for wreaths for Christmas, they take a lot which are natural. Wreaths made from pine leaves and that you can combine with tie it is highlighted as you see in the picture. Christmas markets in florists and find wreaths sure how are you.

On the other hand, simple garlands that recreate such snowflakes, or the more traditional white, as seen in the photo above, is another trend for Christmas. If you like the photo, you have at Maisons du Monde.

catalog-christmas-2016-decoration-tree-Natural-maisons-du-mondealso combination of elements Christmas It takes a lot so that you can bet on garlands of all kinds, formed from pine cones and Christmas balls. Leroy Merlin sell in and if you look, again it turns to white as the main color mixed with brown pineapples is quite ideal.

We have already seen pendants for tree-shaped dolls are trend for Christmas, but so are if bought as garlands. With these you see above, Zara Home your tree will be the most modern of all this Christmas but not only that, but we also think of another idea, what do you think hang this garland to decorate a staircase?

2017 Christmas decoration Mesa

catalog-christmas-2016-table-decoration-red-zara-homeNow we have said that white is a very successful color for Christmas decoration, because it takes a lot minimalist style. Following this trend, for the table you can choose a white tablecloth accented with snowflakes and matching crockery.


He red and gold also they tend to be recurrent for decorating the Christmas table colors, so you can choose it again for the Christmas table this year. also thinks that with a table of these colors will not need much decorating, and you see how well you will meet with a crockery is in white.


But for those who optéis by the most modern decor, you can choose tablecloths prints Christmas items and tableware that although details have a marked simplicity.


And for a Christmas table that is elegant, you can choose tablecloths like this in the detail of the reindeer check all the style accompanying a similar dishes. This decoration is super original and is very popular in Christmas decorations.


Finally, for textile tablecloths and Christmas, I want to show well placemats because not everything will be decorating the table on Christmas Day. These before and during the holiday season days can feel a little Christmas spirit thanks to tablecloths for breakfast or for dinner like these you see above, shaped like a snowflake or star of snow. Do not you seem ideal?

catalog-christmas-2016-table-decoration-detail-zara-homeAll this decoration for the table have at Zara Home.

Christmas candles 2017

catalog-Christmas-2016-candle-holders-zara-homeCandles are also very necessary and recurring in Christmas decoration. In online like John Lewis stores, you can find very nice models in gold candles. Although undoubtedly the most we like, are those of ZARA Home, as they have very original ways, how are you casitas we see. You can decorate them any table or shelf in the house, or cuying various and from these, make a nice centerpiece for Christmas Eve dinner for example.


The candles centerpiece for Christmas as you see in this photo, they are certainly one of the big trends this year. You can buy it in the same aforementioned John Lewis store or Maisons du Monde.

Colors Christmas Catalog 2017

catalog-christmas-2016-decoration-room-white-zara-homeThe Christmas colors usually red or gold. This year we can also opt for the White color and it is also very appropriate for these dates. Candles, Advent wreaths or as if they snowfall, are a great idea for the house &8220; view&8221; the last Christmas.

The silver tones are also trend every Christmas, so this year could not be less. You can buy figures of animals or balls of these colors and candles, and white trees.

catalog-christmas-2016-decoration-candle holders-smart-maisons-du-monde

An idea that I give is to take a few natural pine cones, spray on them in gold spray, and then apply a varnish or protective for the color is maintained. You will be able to make them a nice Christmas center.

Balls, garlands, or stars to hang on the tree too much lead in shades like gray, metallic, or the most elegant blue mixed with gold.

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