Original rooms. Surprises in your home

While in a previous post we gave you the best proposals and designs minimalist rooms to relax the mind, now we want to be surprised with original ideas to decorate the bedrooms. We espaciohogar see now how are the original rooms. Surprises in your home.

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Rooms original marriage:

  • We have said on several occasions that themed rooms, They are always a good idea if we want to be decorative original, but the truth is that sometimes It does not make the whole environment to focus on the chosen topic.
  • It simply puts something that makes all the style bedroom although it has nothing to do with being in a house. That is why much surprise you (for example, having a rudder as a headboard).

  • On the other hand, if you want to surprise your home either in the bedroom or any other room, it is always better to choose the modern design or performing interior design firms always want to propose structures or furniture as this bed has a canopy as &8220;futuristic&# 8220 ;. Besides, the key of these rooms is that all attention is focused on the furniture design leaving free the remaining space.

original youth rooms:

  • As for youth or teen room, and if you want to be original, we think of solutions that pass through have a space for your child's friends or your daughter.
  • Although it seems a &8220; silly&# 8221 ;, young people focus much of his life in friends, so it's always a good idea that the room of these, besides having a design it is modern or current, count on such as a small couch or a space for friends we are comfortable. Sure your child will be happy with this idea.

  • Also when choosing an original room with which to surprise, we can bet on the idea save space, something that is much needed in the rooms of teenagers. We can opt for solutions like this, a bedroom in which the bed is located close to the wall and then they have placed a table or desk with the computer in front, creating a access input and output with small steps. Spaces to have to place a television.

original children's rooms:

  • For children's rooms, or children are no longer babies, we can choose for originality we can provide beds. In fact there are many models beds with forms of all kinds, and from these, we can get decorate the rest of the room with a similar theme.

  • On the other hand, children can also have original rooms with surprise at home. Although currently modular or those with television characters are fashion, perhaps much more original bet on a furniture, although modern, have some air rustic.
  • So, I propose a room like this, held in wood, and with bunk beds, and also it has a color blue for the walls which makes the whole atmosphere much more striking.

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