How to Make Halloween pumpkins – Crafts 2017

Now coming Halloween we show how to decorate the house for this festival that gradually has become one of the most popular. The Pumpkin is one of the most traditional elements Halloween, so let's show you how to make crafts for obtaining a scary pumpkin, either with a natural pumpkin as with other materials (felt, cardboard, etc.).

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Symbolism and origin of Halloween pumpkin

Have you heard about Jack-o-lantern?

The festival of Halloween is related to Samhain, a Celtic festival celebrating the harvest and the end of summer; the arrival of this celebration to the United States believed that it was around the year 1840 Irish hand.

Well, the name Jack-o-lantern comes from a Irish legend He is referring to the story of Jack, which itself has created other legends around.

house-decoration-for-halloween-potsSome speak of a man tremendously vindictive and evil, so bad I had no place neither in heaven nor hell, so that his soul was doomed to wander the world with the only company of a pumpkin that had a candle inside.

Others say that was a cheapskate, drunk and quarrelsome man who encountered the same demon in an Irish tavern on Halloween night. East he dared to deceive the devil, offering his soul in exchange for a drink, so he did not hesitate to accept the deal becoming a currency with which to pay the drink. Jack, kept the coin in her purse along with a crucifix, which made the devil never return to its original shape.

But he could not have him kidnapped, made a new deal with him to release in exchange for 10 years did not ask her soul. At that time, but he reunited again cheated again and got the devil promised him he would never ask her soul.

At the end, when Jack died he could not go to heaven because he was a sinner and to hell not because the devil had made a promise, who told him that erred in the world of the living along with a lit charcoal to enlighten him, which Jack put in a turnip he was eating.

Celtic continued this tradition of illuminating the graves with turnips, but after the arrival of the Irish to America and meet the pumpkins, turnips changed by them even today.

Emptying a pumpkin without breaking

Halloween pumpkin is the traditional one that has a terrifying face, that if at night you see a shiver down his back. Well, we are going to teach you how to make a pumpkin this style and how empty it without breaking it.

eye! It is apt to do with kids always when there is an adult supervising. The tasks of this type of decoration involve the use of cuter, so that if they are small is better than you do that part.

decorate-pumpkins-for-halloweenTips for buying pumpkin

The pumpkin has to sustain itself at the base, so it is important that you check before paying in cash.

Choose one that has a smooth skin as it will be easier to work tremendously.

How to make a pumpkin for Halloween

To empty the pumpkin sees the back of it and, with the help of a knife or a cutter, the beam Pumpkin top. Knives are less accurate but work well, place in a 45 ° angle to make it easier.

Once opened and separated from the rest of the cap head, proceed to emptied of all seeds and pulp. Area pumpkin have chosen for the face is important to be a little more polished on the inside, with a thickness of 2.5 cm long, so that it is easier to do.

Before you start cutting facial gestures, paint them so you can see if the desired effect or must change something. Once you have it, one can only work with the cutter and knife to cut the pieces.

Overlies the edges where you cut the pumpkin with petroleum jelly to prevent or slow to dry.

If you want to give the final touch, just introduce a candle within pumpkin, turn on and closing the head cover.

Halloween pumpkins with candles

Candles are one of the fundamental elements of Halloween and can not miss. A moment ago we pointed out that you can enter a candle inside the pumpkin to enhance the terrifying face that you have drawn, well, you can also create a ghostly shadows great for tonight.

The candles you can place inside the calabeza can be basic, it does not need to be much less orange. You can also illuminate the pumpkin for about protecting the candles so that there is no accident.

Then I leave a video so you can see how to create a pumpkin for Halloween step (following the directions above) and what effect can offer candle light:

Pumpkin Halloween: Decorating Ideas

In this section we show you some decorating ideas Halloween pumpkins atypical. We all know that can be converted into a terrifying image-and I will teach them later- but you can also get a very personal pumpkin.

Halloween pumpkin-shaped cat

A sensational children to enjoy these festivities or to create something simple option is to use clay.

The image that we present below is an opportunity to create something sweet, a very different decoration typical Halloween that you can see kittens Halloween. They are very easy to make, you just necesiáis dough or felt to make the cat's face on a natural pumpkin.

How-Do-pumpkins-halloween-crafts-2014Another option kittens is this that show you here, it's a big pumpkin pumpkins stuffed with other kittens.

For this you can use different kinds of materials, from fabrics to markers, construction paper, felt, etc. Be creative!

Halloween pumpkin with antifaz

decorate-pumpkins-de-halloween-crafts-2015-antifazHave you seen the movie The Fox? If you go to decorate your house or to disguise movie villains, Zorro or party masks, nothing better than these pumpkins with funny masks.

To create the mask You can use cardboard or felt, what I like. You only have to consider the extent of the pumpkin as if it were a head.

As for the eyes, You can find stickers in craft stores or those of &# 8220; all at a euro&# 8221 ;, or if you see that you are short of time, you can paint them with a simple pen even lose a little grace.

Pirate Halloween pumpkin

Try to do with kids this funny pumpkin which is decorated like a pirate. Some black felt cloth or will be your allies to make the Pirate hat, mustache and patch. To the eye you will need a button.

Halloween pumpkin with spiders

And for that you please pumpkins giving some fear, nothing like spiders decorate them by painting over them.

Even try to paint the pumpkin to lose its natural orange Are you not afraid of black color? To paint pumpkins in this way is best that you use a spray to cover it completely.

Halloween pumpkin &# 8211; Crafts 2017

Make pumpkin Halloween 2017 with a cardboard

If you do not like pumpkins (think you should empty all its contents to decorarlal with a face) you can choose to celebrate Halloween 2017 with some cardboard, fishing line, and glue.
All you have to do is cut cardboard strips as you see in the picture.

Then together and you make a hole so that this can pass the thread so that all straps remain together.

Ideally, you make a single hole for each end of the wordstrips you have cut. Then you can try to strengthen it simply placing a small circle you can also do with cardboard and glue strip both the first and the last.
we pull the thread to latch it tensioned between one end of the cardboard and the other and we can be forming a pumpkin as we see above. With a green paper, close and later add a loop so it is nice to us. Easy and very decorative !.

Video of how to make a cardboard pumpkin:

Make Halloween pumpkin with a felt 2017

Make Halloween pumpkin with a felt 2015
So that you do with the kids, even the smallest, we can choose to make Halloween pumpkins with such recurring crafts material such as felt.

It's easy to catch a piece of orange felt cut it in the shape of a pumpkin and paste it into a mural for children to go sticking, black and green felt, parts of the face and &8220; rabito&8221; pumpkin.

The truth is This material is perhaps one of the easiest to manipulate and so we recommend it as a good choice to make a pumpkin Halloweeen 2017 with your children. They are fun and can teach them how to cut the orange piece of pumpkin shape, and then the pieces in black and green, to be the face and the tail of the pumpkin.
ven can cut felt many more colors so that they give rein to their imagination pumpkins to decorate as they like.

Make Halloween pumpkin with balloons 2017

Make Halloween pumpkin with balloons 2015
Another good idea is to make Halloween pumpkins with balloons which already have an oval shape and can be found in orange so it will be something too easy to get.

If you want &8220; complicate&8221; a little thing, we suggest you do a real pumpkin shape as seen in the video below.

All you need to catch an orange balloon and a little ribbon of the same color, or black color. Tape passes from one side to the other of the globe and then you give a return by the end of the closure, then pass the tape to the other side, and so on until you have left like a pumpkin fuea really. Easier than it looks and a great idea to decorate Halloween 2017.

Halloween pumpkin paper mache

pumpkins-halloween-paper-macheYou will need: balloons, tissue paper in yellow and orange tones, glue or glue, brush, scissors, tweezers rope and hang clothes.

Short strips of tissue paper of the two colors.

After blow up the balloon until you have the size you like, you put it on a glass and start to put glue or glue. Once you have it, go placing strips orange -alternating with amarillas- from the top of the balloon to the knot of it.

If you find yourself left with little color, apply glue or adhesive on said strip (when dry and fixed) and repeat the operation. So around the globe. If you qiueres put a face, it's time to do it with markers or leaving uncovered the area of ​​the globe (before doing so, read everything so that you understand the procedure).

To dry conditions, you can hang balloons from a rope holding them by the knot using a caliper hang up.

Once dry, I click it in an area that does not damage the paper mache. After you remove it and you will have your pumpkin formed.

If you want to illuminate inside, remember that you have to use a candle batteries or electronic.

Photos of Halloween pumpkins decorated

There are many ways you can decorate your pumpkin, sacándole the most out naturally or you can decorate it using other accessories and items that will make push forward the terrifying aspect of them.

In these photographs you will also find more inspiration for you create your own pumpkins with a very personalized decoration. You will see that there are several photographs that you can combine with each other to refine areas scariest, all you have to keep in mind is that more complexity going to require more time.

For this reason, those you want to make your decorated pumpkins naturally, we recommend you to do quite in advance so you can to perfect the result.

Halloween pumpkin with spiders


The spiders you see in the photograph are purchased, you can find in any bazaar for an affordable price. If you want to make homemade way, you can also create them with a felt or construction paper; and if you want to make them edible, you can use Oreos with black licorice.

Halloween pumpkins witch


To make this witch you'll need some green paint, a marker and a fine autumnal leaves that will give you a perfect contrast.

Halloween pumpkins with smoke


In decorating specialty stores you are going to find fabrics that look like spider webs or smoke effect if you know the place well. Light promote this effect, so do not hesitate to try different positions.

Skeleton Halloween pumpkin


For this type of decoration you'll need two types of pumpkins size and a good hand to do different phalanges of the fingers.

Halloween pumpkin centerpiece


Halloween pumpkin perforated


If you look closely, this pumpkin combines two types of differentiated and symmetrical holes. Use a drill so that everything is perfect.

Halloween scary pumpkin


Halloween Pumpkins path


If you have a garden, this will be the best decoration with which to illuminate your home for Halloween.

Halloween pumpkin servilleteros


Pumpkins have been as an afterimage in this case but can be a perfect centerpiece, accompanied by these terrifying servilleteros.

Halloween pumpkins decorated faces


If you have no skill or enough to empty the pumpkin and carve time, you have a simpler option is to paint over it or work with some felt &# 8211; creating different features of face &# 8211; as you see in the picture.

Halloween pumpkins Jack


Owl Halloween pumpkins


Pumpkins with different colors used to create this owl so funny.

Halloween pumpkin cat


Black cats &# 8220; bad luck&8221; They will be perfect for tonight. Completely painted pumpkins and finish decorating with other items: cardboard, felt, pipe cleaners.

Halloween pumpkin clowns


This decoration will also be very simple and quick. Just prepare the face decoration craft tools: cardboard, felt, glue, scissors&# 8230; And if you want, you can look in the shops bazaar items with volume qeu make it more realistic.

Halloween pumpkin bats


A very original way to liven up pumpkins to use felt wings and voila!

Halloween Pumpkin Party


Halloween pumpkin counter days


Not only pumpkins on Halloween night used, can also be the marker of one of the biggest events of the year. Just be aware that the area where you put the paint type number is slate, in which you can write and erase every day.

Pumpkin Halloween cobwebs


Make the most of the glitter to get pumpkins with bright effects What do you think these decorations? Glitter, more glue and a pencil to mark the drawing will be all you need.

Halloween pumpkin lights owls


You can use pumpkins, these same flowers, stones or other shades pumpkins to make the different features of owls-pumpkins.

Halloween pumpkin pedrería


A pumpkins you can hit them stones and other add-ons that give a different or chic look.